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  1. No need to reverse anything.....just add to the money you're withdrawing anyway
  2. @BullionbillyKey thing when you send money - make sure all the numbers including reference number is right. Go to euro wallet on coinbase then hit deposit button for all details.
  3. No probs, just log into your online banking (on computer, not phone). There's an international payments option - then just follow steps. You'll need to send money to your coinbase account first (which is fee free) - think I sent about £10. Once this reaches your coinbase then your account details will show up and you just click withdraw
  4. Don't suppose anyone on here is selling either the antique or proof version of this coin? I love it
  5. @Xander Coinable doesn't charge fees for the withdrawal from fiat to bank, however bank gives me a pretty sh** rate....standard though I expect.
  6. I withdraw in Euros to my UK bank. Done this several times with no issues, although you'll need to deposit a little first (via SEPA is best). Sepa transfers are free from my account (First Direct). You can't withdraw in GBP unfortunately/annoyingly.
  7. Very true mate, Should have bought and never sold. Which ones are the cryptos to watch at the moment in your opinion? Always on the look out for a good investment.
  8. So to answer my own question.....it was then (and I didn't buy any)
  9. @mondy41 Schoolboy error, lol. Thanks for your help
  10. Hi, I'd be interested in buying 2 boxes, sent to me in the UK. One for 1/4 oz gold and the other for 2oz silver. Do you still have any left? If so can you PM me bank details and I'll transfer funds in Euros.
  11. Hi all, I'm in the position now where I've completely sold all of my cryptocurrency. Made a few grand (although could have made more if I'd kept it in longer). However. I'm thinking now that I really want to buy one whole bitcoin to hold long term. Obviously want to do this at best price possible so big question is what's the lowest price people think bitcoin will go to in the short term? I know....if everyone knew this we'd all be rich. Just interested in peoples guesses (thoughts). Thanks.
  12. WOW!! Love these. How much are they please incl. delivery to UK?
  13. Pretty sure you can get them on Bittrex with BTC