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  1. I'm more a collector then a stacker, but for 2020 I want to buy more panda's (gold/ silver) for the collection. -Older Dutch coins in TOP quality (MS64 > ) -Some nice BYB silver - Any gold/ silver bullion, if there is money left 😉)
  2. Received my Christmas gift from @SilverSnake today!!! Many thanks for the coins and galaxy chocolates, great way to end the year!!!
  3. @Bullionbilly I Think 39 should be @sgcoins 🙃 Have a great Christmas day!!!!
  4. Received this 1989 panda today from @ali187 for the collection 👍👍
  5. Box with Christmas goodies (and coin) is ready for shipping!!! Now I have to wait 3 days, for an address☺
  6. I will have one '89 panda from you 🙂
  7. Bump Price reduction!!! Shipping from the Netherlands, I'm not in the UK anymore.
  8. Had a look in my silverbox and for this year I can offer: 2015 WMF 1 oz silver proof kookaburra & some Christmas chocolate's
  9. Weekend bump. I can ship from the UK at the end of week (Friday), if it helps anybody out!
  10. Up for sale a 1/10 ounce gold Krugerrand from 1980 Will come complete with original box Price: £125 incl EU registered shipping (from The Netherlands) Payment: paypal F&F or banktransfer
  11. I think you will start your trip in Amsterdam, there you can try this place: https://www.goudwisselkantoor.nl/kantoor/amsterdam The have more offices in The Netherlands, you can always send them a e-mail before to aks what the will give for your silver.
  12. Received my 100 gram bar today, excellent service from @BackyardBullion as usual!! The No.10 collection keeps on growing!!!
  13. The look great, I would love to reserve No. 10 again!!!
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