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  1. Here some of my historical silver coins from The Netherlands: 1 gulden 1897 PCGS MS64 and 10 Cents 1895 PCGS MS64:
  2. If you want some really sharp and clear pictures, a DSLR camera is your best option. The cheapest available is good enough for this, your lens is the most important. For this picture I did use a 9 year old Canon EOS 50D, with a professional 100mm 2.8 L series macro lens. This coin was in a PCGS slab and I was using natural daylight(I always do), a flash is not good for photographing coins in slabs (and proof coins in general) As a background I always use a regular A4 printing sheet, also with raw coins. my aperture was a little to high with f2.8 it's best to use f3.5 or 5.6.
  3. Congratulations on your growth, it's well deserved👍 I think most costumers don't worry about the 20%tax , these are quality premium items anyway!! (saying that, i'm happy that I payed already for my April orders 😉)
  4. Thanks @Numistacker for looking this up, I'm really happy with the results 🙃
  5. Any news on the December coins that went true NCS (incl 6 of mine), it's already week 13 of the new year so the would be ready in normale circumstances (maybe December was a busy month for them)
  6. This bar looks amazing, it is indeed a shame that gold is so expensive!!!
  7. Received some panda goodies from Andy over in Singapore and a lunar ox from @motorbikez, great looking coin as well!!!
  8. I would like to have number 10 again!!
  9. Great to see an other Dutch guy here, welcome to the forum!!!
  10. Received this great looking Britannia today from Quicksand005
  11. Good to see my first coin did arrive savely, hope the other six will follow soon!!!
  12. I would like the 2010 Britannia please
  13. I'm pleased to see that my 1957 gulden graded a ms65🙂 looking forward to the other results!!