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  1. Up for sale a 1/10 ounce gold Krugerrand from 1980 Will come complete with original box Price: £135 incl EU registered shipping (from The Netherlands) Payment: paypal F&F or banktransfer
  2. I think you will start your trip in Amsterdam, there you can try this place: https://www.goudwisselkantoor.nl/kantoor/amsterdam The have more offices in The Netherlands, you can always send them a e-mail before to aks what the will give for your silver.
  3. Received my 100 gram bar today, excellent service from @BackyardBullion as usual!! The No.10 collection keeps on growing!!!
  4. The look great, I would love to reserve No. 10 again!!!
  5. Welcome Cor, there is plenty of info about silver on this forum!!
  6. It all dependents on what you want to buy, most bullion dealers only have a website not a shop in The Netherlands Most coin dealers with a shop are mainly specialized in Dutch coins and sometimes low grade world coins. With the dealers I mention here, you will have a good change to find something: www.theopeters.com (Amsterdam) (Dutch, gold and silver world coins) www.schulman.nl (Amsterdam) (high grade Dutch and world coins) www.kevelam.nl (Garderen) (Dutch , gold and silver bullion) www.henzen.org (great selection of ancient coins) appointment only
  7. Yes that happens often, auction houses buy coins from one auction and sell them at there own sale. Will see if it sells for more this time 🙂
  8. I was looking at a auction catalog for a sale next month, over here in The Netherlands. And one of the coins for sale is a Rare 1926 Sydney sovereign in NGC MS65. It might be of interest for some of you: https://paucs.com/aamuntenveiling/nl/bladeren?aid=29&cid=6072&lid=61973
  9. Weekend bump, final price reduction!!!
  10. It's always good to receive a BYB parcel, especially if there is 6 ounces of silver in it 🙂🙂 First the 2019 1 ounce SFB, for the collection and second an amazing 5 oz groovy round, thanks @BackyardBullion for the great service👍👍👍
  11. Up for sale the most sought after proof Britannia from 2014, graded by NGC in PF70ER, complete with box and coa. The coin has no toning or spots, everything you see is on the holder not on the coin. EXCEPT for a small mark next to F, this is a minting error and not a scratch therefore it's still graded PF70 . I'm a honest person so I wanted to let you know, because its hard to see on the regular photo's I'm looking for £399 £350 incl EU registered shipping Payment true banktransfer or Paypal friends & family
  12. Received some grading goodness back from @Numistacker , thank you for the great service👍👍
  13. Here some of my historical silver coins from The Netherlands: 1 gulden 1897 PCGS MS64 and 10 Cents 1895 PCGS MS64: