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  1. sgcoins

    πŸŽ… Christmas Prize Draw πŸŽ…

    I would like to offer a omp 2015 silver 50 pounds Britannia to the prize draw!
  2. sgcoins

    Silver Swan 2018 - 5 OZ Proof High Relief

    I love the design, but most of these 5 oz coins will not hold there value!!
  3. sgcoins

    Today I Received

    Received this great looking bar today!! Thanks for the great service @BackyardBullion !!!!
  4. sgcoins

    Hello from the Netherlands!

    There not to many Dutch people on this forum, most of them are collecting euro's or older Dutch coins. But this is a great forum if you are in gold and silver coins!!!
  5. sgcoins

    Today I Received

    Today this swan made it savely across the channel, Thanks @smithy117 for the great service!!!
  6. sgcoins

    Hello from the Netherlands!

    Welkom op het forum !!!!
  7. The copper rounds are cheap, so you can't go wrong on these. But I do not be leave the will become valuable anytime soon. I only buy vintage copper coins in TOP quality, MS64 is the minimum grade I buy. These are collector coins, so for most you have to pay way over spot price. If you pick the right coins with a colorful patina, the will become more valuable then coins without a colorful toning.
  8. sgcoins

    New temple of heaven panda

    Here you have his new website: https://numicconnection.com/
  9. sgcoins

    Bringing Silver to the UK from China

    Silver and gold Panda's are more expensive in mainland China then over here in Europe.( I have been to some coinshops in Beijing and Shanghai) So it's cheaper to buy them over here.
  10. Congratulations on the 3000 subs!! I guess 2222
  11. sgcoins

    St Helena silver 2018 trade dollar

    Did anyone see the proof coin for (pre)sale some where, I think it's a great looking coin!!!
  12. sgcoins

    2018 Trigos Money Show Panda 60g and 300g silver

    I think these medals where struck by the Shanghai New century mint, this is a private mint. I do like last years design better, the details from this year are not so good!!!
  13. Thanks Chris, when I look at my "wanted" advertisement for the 2014 Brittania box I can only edit the last post and not the first (main) one. It does work for the new one with the 2006 panda.