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  1. CarlosSilver

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    Ophir, fentimans connoisseur tonic, slice of dried orange and half a dozen juniper berries. Thank me later.
  2. Russia and Serbia double to qualify from their groups at 2.9 I only usually bet on the in play goals markets but I'll have a dabble here and there during the world cup in order to make it slightly less boring.
  3. CarlosSilver


    A phone card helped to save me from serious injury during the world cup in France in 1998. Long story short, if my brother hadn't had a phone card to make an emergency call to get our host to pick us up there is little doubt we would have been badly stabbed up by knife welding locals.
  4. CarlosSilver


    I used to collect football programmes and ticket stubs but sold the lot a few years ago. I collect antique silver salt cellars and spoons although I haven't bought any for a while I am a member of a club that has a get together once a month. Tradition dictates that we wear a chosen hat each month, decided by a members poll. This often means me buying a new hat when I am attending the meetings. I currently have about 25 hats ranging from deerstalker to fez to pith helmet to smoking cap.
  5. CarlosSilver

    Nazi Silver

    I say buy what you want and great bolshy yarblockos to anyone who might disagree. My daughter has a German great grandfather and a British great grandfather. I'm thinking of putting together a collection of the medals they both won.
  6. CarlosSilver

    Som fun reading

    Very good. They've got a hint of "time wasters letters" about them. Excellent books if you've not read them.
  7. CarlosSilver

    London coin fair June 2nd

    Indeed (says the chap with award winning facial hair)
  8. CarlosSilver

    London coin fair June 2nd

    A coin fair, geeky? No way!! I would pop along, just to meet @BackyardBullion but I'm washing my moustache that day, plus it's the wife's birthday. Maybe next time.
  9. Can you imagine how much that would cost to administer given the clear incompetence of NHS senior managers. It would almost certainly have to be means tested adding another layer of bureaucracy. I agree with your first point about the massive waste in the NHS. I would start with cutting the amount of "diversity" managers and teams which cost about £8 million per year and cut some of the 30,000 management posts. If you've saved hundreds of millions with better procurement and I've saved 15 million with better management, let's say that's 400 million, we've save ONE DAYS worth of NHS funding... ONE DAY!!! A quarter of a million quid a minute it's costing.
  10. CarlosSilver

    hands up those without tv

    I've got a TV, well I say TV. It's a projector with a 109 inch screen. Great for football and films.
  11. CarlosSilver

    "Random Year" Coins

    The last 4 lucky dip / random year sovereigns I bought from ATS have been 1963, 1930, 1927 and 1912.
  12. CarlosSilver

    Roll up! Design your own useless privy coin!

    A classic cartoon cock and balls, 3 spurts.
  13. CarlosSilver

    Stacking old British Silver

    Very nice. I've got a small stack of old silver circulated coins. Mainly British but also Swiss, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese.
  14. CarlosSilver

    The End of Progress ?

    All of them.
  15. CarlosSilver

    The End of Progress ?

    I've got one word in response to this thread. Fidget spinners End