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  1. CarlosSilver

    Silver in London

    Plus one for the silver vaults. I've been a few times, just window shopping really as I found the pieces I collect massively overpriced. Well worth a visit though.
  2. Get yourself down to the silver vaults at Chancery Lane. Some amazing stuff there. Most of it massively overpriced but to see and hold some Hester Bateman pieces is well worth a visit.
  3. CarlosSilver

    Gillete advert

    I preferred this type of advertising from Gillette. Then again I don't shave with a razor.
  4. CarlosSilver

    Brexit status ...

    Talking of subtitles.
  5. I was 16. It was the late 80s. My monthly salary was just over £200. I spent it on clothes, and nights out.
  6. From the snooker club.
  7. CarlosSilver


    I don't mind the cold, I grew up in a pub built in the mid 18th century with no heating and ice on the inside of the windows. Hate the damp drizzly weather though. I also hate the house being too hot. I'm currently sitting here in shorts and a vest because the memsahib has the heating on full blast.
  8. CarlosSilver

    1992 10pence piece

    There were nearly 1.5 billion of these minted and it's by far the most common 10p in my bucket of change.
  9. CarlosSilver

    Royal Mail “Progress”

    I assume we should expect a strike by the luddites then?
  10. CarlosSilver

    You know what grinds my gears?

    Business buzzwords Change managers 99.9% of my work "colleagues" Yes, I've had a bad day at work.
  11. CarlosSilver

    Lets talk watches!

    Here's my watch. It's the same as it was on the last watch thread.
  12. CarlosSilver

    Poppy Appeal Charity Raffle 2018

    Outstanding effort. Well done silver forum members and Mr & Mrs BYB. A worthy cause indeed.
  13. CarlosSilver

    Source for junk silver in Europe

    I love the Dutch 2.5 Guilders. I have a small collection of a dozen.
  14. CarlosSilver

    UK Gun Ownership

    Chavs, wannabe gangsters and people who can no longer settle an argument with old an fashioned straightener in the car park. Who are yours? Just this weekend a woman was shot in my city, in what sounds like some loose bullets intended for some doormen.
  15. CarlosSilver

    Initiative Q

    I have a few spaces left if anyone hasn't signed up yet https://initiativeq.com/invite/Bg5Mjoyn7