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  1. That is the best opening line to a first post on this forum. Welcome
  2. Brilliant. I love this. Also, some of those old school colognes were fantastic. Masculine as opposed to the poncy flowery rubbish being churned out by some houses now. I still wear a fragrance that I first used in the mid 80s. You would be amazed at how many people compliment me on it.
  3. I used to have a ridiculously large football programme collection but I sold it a few years ago. I collect antique silver salts, salt spoons, cufflinks and moustache wax. I have a lot of hats but that's not a collection as such, more a necessity of a club I belong to that has a different hat requirement when we meet each month. These range from pith helmets to a fez to a smoking cap and everything in between. It will be deerstalkers tomorrow.
  4. When the wife hears the @BackyardBullion YouTube music she calls me a silver geek. She will often watch them with me even though I refuse to watch her hairstyling videos.
  5. I never thought of that but I've collected a parcel addressed to Carlos Von Hairyman before without the postie giving me a second glance.
  6. 😁 I think I gave the Rt Hon Sir Monk D'Wally D'Honk last time.
  7. I've got a few well worn Victorian groats (four pence). I'll get a picture when I have more time. Same size as the 3d I've got loads of pre 1920 thrupenny bits. In fact I use one as my golf ball marker.
  8. Paddos and Paddies? Logs off.
  9. My local auction house sometimes has real bargains on .925 silver items.
  10. Blimey. That could be me if he had a better moustache.
  11. Plus one for the silver vaults. I've been a few times, just window shopping really as I found the pieces I collect massively overpriced. Well worth a visit though.
  12. Get yourself down to the silver vaults at Chancery Lane. Some amazing stuff there. Most of it massively overpriced but to see and hold some Hester Bateman pieces is well worth a visit.
  13. I preferred this type of advertising from Gillette. Then again I don't shave with a razor.