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    Goldmick reacted to JunkBond in Today I Received   
    Second pickup was a 2014 Gold Buffalo.
    The depth of strike on this coin has to be seen in the flesh!
    Turned into an expensive Sunday!

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    Goldmick got a reaction from JunkBond in Gold/Silver ratio?   
    I used to buy some silver but sold for gold and swapped some on here for gold. I just didn't get that same feeling about silver when I looked at my gold sovereign.s. I know that silver is a good buy at the moment so will buy a bit 
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    Goldmick reacted to austack in Gold/Silver ratio?   
    Hmm I was thinking of buying a full sovereign and something like 2 1oz Silver coins.
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    Goldmick reacted to JunkBond in Today I Received   
    1852 Half Sovereign. Lovely obverse, bit of a scratch on the reverse but pricey nicey. 
    Ebay seller turned out to be a local coin collector and delivered it to me last night. Lovely chap, we chatted for ages, much to the wife's annoyance!

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    Goldmick reacted to richatthecroft in Good investment or not?   
    Thanks @SILVERFINGER I have decided to wait and have a look for a 2017 Sovereign.  
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    Goldmick reacted to sixgun in Worst-looking 1oz gold coins   
    Come on surely we can do better than the miserable offerings so far for the worst gold coin ever?
    Here's one for starters. 

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    Goldmick reacted to Silverhunter in 24h le mans   
    He was in the same class at school as my wife's cousin  in Stevenage I think they were friends. But he's such a moaner when things are not going his way undoubtedly he is the best In qualifying at present but if you compare his race wins he is not the brightest star. 
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    Goldmick got a reaction from boon in 24h le mans   
    Come on Toyota you can do it. 2 hours to go 
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    Goldmick reacted to CosmikDebris in Today I Received   
    Recent acquisitions from Baird & Co and Hatton Garden Metals. 

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    Goldmick got a reaction from Silverhunter in 24h le mans   
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    Goldmick reacted to Lindeman in Today I Received   
    As a Fathers Day gift today: Marsh “The Gold Sovereign” 😊
    what a great book - don’t know how I have survived so long without Marsh...Now i dont have to Google up the branch mintages! 

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    Goldmick got a reaction from MikeOxlong in 2012 & 2005 Sovereigns for Investment   
    I have all 3 of them and yes the 2005 is the best. I've just sent off one to ngc hope to get a good grade. I think  the price will go up for all of them 
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    Goldmick reacted to Provvidenza in Today I Received   
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    Goldmick reacted to KevinJam in Today I Received   
    Hello, received quite a few coins this week. The last package was from an Australain eBay seller and included the proof 2002 1/2 sovereign, 1990 silver £1 proof coin, the 1995 £2 2nd world war silver proof and the 1986 U.K. BU coin collection. A bit of a mixed bag and was really only after the 1/2 sovereign but the others are nice looking coins. 

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    Goldmick reacted to engire in Today I Received   
    I just got my lastest order from @BackyardBullion It started with the silver globe, one of which I managed to get hold of. Really love how it looks, with the finish and the base (props to BYB senior). Added another silver forum bar, a ripple square and some copper coins (because of the dragon design 😊) to my order. I really love the ripples on the square. It's a bit difficult to properly photograph, but it's a cool effect in the lighting.

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    Goldmick reacted to CadmiumGreen in Today I Received   
    Also received some gold...
    Added a first to the gold sovereign collection. An 1866 Sydney Branch Mint Queen Victoria Australia One Sov.

    An 1887 Jubilee Head (London Mint) Gold Sovereign from an eBay auction...
    And a “lucky dip” 1957 Gold Sovereign from APMEX.
    Overall a good spread of sovs added to the collection!
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    Goldmick reacted to onlyroadtoheaven in chard   
    Chard do laptops now? No wonder their customer service has gone down hill. Clearly spreading themselves to thin. 😀
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    Goldmick reacted to mustynewb in Half sovs   
    Getting close to the time i'll buy another half sov. Before i jump on the dealers sites is anyone looking to shift any at the moment? Not too sure the ages but i do quite like the older ones  i normally just grab a random year.
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    Goldmick reacted to Seasider in 2012 & 2005 Sovereigns for Investment   
    They say the 2012 looks a lot better as a proof - but they go for lots of money.  The 2005 is a bit cartoon-like but I agree it is a nicer bullion coin than the 2012.  You may want to think about the 2002 as well.
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    Goldmick reacted to Foolssilver in 2012 & 2005 Sovereigns for Investment   
    Hi All, as you will be aware the sovereigns from 2005 and 2012 are a different design. With this in mind I wanted to ask whether you guys thought that in the long run they could be better investments than the average modern year sov? It seems possible to pick them up for a low premium so I’m almost inclined to look at them over “random year” or “best value” coins. 
    Keen to hear eat people’s thoughts. Tom
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    Goldmick reacted to PansPurse in Worst-looking 1oz gold coins   
    I'm still kinda fond of the 2017 proof. It grows on you... like greyscale...
    Surely not as bad as the Canadians' portrait?

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    Goldmick reacted to PansPurse in Today I Received   
    Griffin courtesy of @seXes