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  1. Not bad results ms70 on my yale its just a bullion cool. Pf70 on matt sovereign. Oh well 69 on the 2015 bullion sovereign and 69 on the krugerrand im happy
  2. This is his Facebook ps a few watches he has loads
  3. Yes not cheap. My omega was £100 and my new one £200 he sends to uk to.
  4. Well just bought this stunning watch from my friend in Turkey before anyone says lol. This is great watch is aaa quality he has been selling watches for years and has a great Facebook page. People have watches they have had for years off him. Yes you can buy them in Turkey for next to nothing but Chinese bad. These bad boys are stunning he does everything even box and papers the omega i got last year and wear every day but check out my new one
  5. Thanks for help. Someone i khow just asked me what it was
  6. Hi peeps anyone kjow what this is any info see picture thanks
  7. And rhis is what they are paying
  8. Check out how much a sovereign is on Atkinson's with this high spot price. No wonder some on here are selling gold Added 0 minutes later...
  9. Bang on your so right. But i khow how hard it is to just make the move lol
  10. Well £1380 for gold Griffin.s on here gb sales. The is 4 of them. Think if i had 4 i would sell 2 and see how the premium.s Go. Lovely looking coin.s in great cond to.
  11. Wish i khew lol. I only have a1oz lion. But would be happy with that price bullion by post are asking. I have all the 1/4 bullion ones graded ms69 so far and have 2 more 1/4 lion.s. even the 2oz silver qb.s are doing well. I often think about selling mine but cant help thinking be good to have the whole set.
  12. Well did drop a bit but back on up peeps
  13. No worrys looks nice good price 2 good luck
  14. Whats that above the date looks bit different is it just my bad phone picture
  15. Nice coin ive got one at ngc right now will have results very soon. Good luck free bump lol
  16. There lovely coins. I have all the 1/4 gold all graded ms69. I have 2 raw lions as well. Very nice coins love them
  17. Would buy a qb 1/4 or a young head shield. Can get both of these for £300 each if you look around
  18. Nice coin ive been watching it for days now lol. Looked in nice cond.
  19. Wonder what year that sovereign was lol