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  1. Yer i khow there cheap but 9 is enough for me. Cant be bothered trying to buy and sell for say a tenner each and most on here khow how much they are now lol.
  2. Yer i had 9 of them but i used my girlfriend and mum. Need to use your nut lol. Spot price high at the moment worth buying them now
  3. Just got these lovely coins from @Marc from on here love them. He is a great member to deal with. There rare coins with low minted coins only 1950
  4. Yes im in. Will be looking for young head shields lol. We need to work out a way to meet
  5. Think full sovereign.s fit that if so would take that mate
  6. No worrys m8. Gunna keep it. Good luck getting one.
  7. Might change my mind. Its a stunning box. Lol. I will fill it
  8. Might sell that one in picture. Will let you khow if i do. If i do it would be £55 plus post. Cost me a bit to buy the rm capsule.s wil make up my mind asap
  9. Good price. Can do well if sent to ngc and get a few 70.s good luck
  10. Last time i was there i got a 2005 4 coin sovereign set. Paid £2500 sent it off to ngc got a pf70 cam on the 5 sovereign. Now worth say £2000 on its own. Pf69 on the other 3 so well happy with that. Ps got it from the bloke upstairs that has about million pound stall lol the one with loads of modern coins. Think the is a four coin set on here for £2500 its a 2002 proof set. Good buy worth picking up and grading.
  11. Only selling because had to go to liverpool for new passport for my holiday next week. Turkey put stamp on my photo in my passport and its not valid now had 5 years left on it. Its cost me over £250 to sort out. £175 for fast track £45 petrol £50 for hotel lol not my week.
  12. @PansPurse ive got another one anyone else didnt put in post but will do special delivery for only £5
  13. Ive allways priced everything i sell at good price peeps on here want a good deal. I have got another one left lol
  14. Sold pending payment. Thats how you do it lol.
  15. Lovely condition 1981 sovereign check out my great feedback. Proof coin. Bank transfer uk only.
  16. I will be there. Ngc uk will be there so taking some coins for grading. Do like the london coin fair lots of sovereign.s there
  17. Cant believe my luck last time i went to Turkey they stamped my passport on the photo page not on photo but on that page. Well its now no good ive checked and i go back next week. So ive had to drive from essex to liverpool and pay for new one fast track same day ££175 and petrol and hotel over £200 bet they wont pay me anything back
  18. Thanks mark. Low mintege of only 1950. Lovely coins dont see these around much
  19. Big thanks to @kneehow2018 stunning coin. Mint cond. Might even grade this. Didnt think i would like it as much as i do lol.
  20. This one. Buy it now. It will go m8. Just have another look at them pictures lol.
  21. Lol you just dont khow lol. I prefer ngc slabs and holding out for that plane edge matt one this month but is nice coin.