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  1. No worry will pm you if i sell another one m8
  2. Yer i like to think so. i like to offer a good deal on here. Thanks all
  3. Thats how i do it folks i allways do fair prices thanks all
  4. 1888 Victoria sovereign in capsule weekend special only £295 and that includes special delivery check out my great feedback bank transfer uk
  5. Sovereign.s but i love them. One of the best coins out there
  6. Its a stunning bike gunna do a few things to it lol
  7. Sorry tim sold about 30 mins ago ive been busy running down post office to post them lol gunna update to sold
  8. Thanks tn your a star lol. Yes its 500cc the can is ugly thats coming straight off for loud bad boy pipe lol.
  9. These are the last 2 sovereign.s i need to sell. The honda is paid cant wait lol picture of it thanks all. Ive sold some nice sovereign.s at a great price. All on here. So big thanks