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  1. I would be interested. 1 because i haven't got lots of coins to sell. 2 because it means we could go to have a quick fag lol. Can i say im interested would like to khow if someone else is up for this. It would be fun to be a seller at the lcf and see what its like.
  2. I just like my coins in slabs. Think if you get a 69 or 70 then it puts the cost on the value of the coin.
  3. Got my beast today. Got from the rm. I did buy the first 6 from Atkinson's and was happy they all got ms69 so for bullion coins very good. The last one that came out thought i would pay the £5 more for rm capsule and the hope that it was in top condition. Well did get my first ms70 on that one. So tryed my luck with the rm this time to.
  4. Very nice sovereign i do love young head shields
  5. They had this in there lol.
  6. Seems this porn shop lol. Sells there sovereign.s for same price proof or bullion.
  7. Its mine got for £155 and rm capsule niceeeee
  8. I think it might get 69 or 70 for sure. Paid £155 and got nice rm capsule got to be a good deal they had a 1987 full proof for £315 left that one lol
  9. I have it and dont care i khow its a great price cond is tops to bargain me thinks even got a fiver off and rm capsule
  10. Ive just seen a buttler 2016 proof half sovereign for only £160 in my local porn shop is this a good price looks in great condition
  11. Just seen a proof 2016 james butler sovereign for £160 in my local porn broker.s looks in good cond. In skrew capsule is this a good price
  12. Didnt release that ngc slab thats being given out is 1964 thats my birth year niceeee
  13. Great idea. As you khow i usually go and have meet byb and numi there. Just wanted to say that you can pick up a bargain there. Yes the is a lot of big money coins there and also most of the stalls are expensive. But the is a few good prices if you look around. I have had a few good buys there. Including a sovereign that was bought for not much over spot think it was £260 ish it was a 1918i sovereign. Also ive had young head shields in nice cond for under £300 this was last year. So give it a go and meet numi and fellow forum members i for one will come to the fair. Its a great day out and if you like me love sovereign.s you will see lots of them