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  1. Dont want mine anymore willing to take a small loss. Both not been out there capsule.s bank transfer uk only. Buy both for only £105 plus post
  2. 1957 please have sent pm. Thats 2 tyres lol
  3. Its a shame they put it in the slab that way round. My one is one of the mistake ones its pr 70 im keeping it that way. Anyway good luck with the sale good price lovely coin
  4. Dmpl whats that lol. Ps nice coin one of my favourite
  5. Think a real one is about £198000 Richard millie but is a eta swiss movement and only £280
  6. Not pm.s but im well happy today got this.
  7. Not ware i live. They were £300 last month before the spot price even went up. Can get them cheaper on the net
  8. Cant believe this hasn't sold there lovely sovereign.s ive got 4 allready
  9. Sorry lll better picture will help