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  1. I didnt see no one lol. Ps he welcome to have mine
  2. Yer no worrys just didnt understand it not moaning. I never win nothing anyway lol
  3. Yer a bit strange way of doing it who is gunna keep it for all this time i thought it was gunna be drawn soon after the fair thats why i asked on here
  4. Thanks it will lol. Ps im lucky the postman didnt make me sign for it it was in my door when i got home from work
  5. My Christmas draw prize what a great bloke @AndrewSL76 is came with 3 surpriss.s big thanks dude
  6. @AndrewSL76 big massive thanks m8. Will buy a drink with that ยฃ10 and think of you m8. Have a great Christmas im chuffed
  7. Thanks got my gift today wonder what the surprise is will post soon lol
  8. Wow if thats true i would 100% sell mine if i had one.
  9. @AndrewSL76 has also sending a surprise lol. Nice of him. Will let you all try and guess ha ha