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  1. Just found out that the new push type capsule.s are not the same size as the screw type one.s. just tryed to put one in a sovereign box. And its a bit bigger
  2. Only ordered this yesterday at 1.45 pm came today. Royal mint well done.
  3. Now that would look the nuts. Would cost about £3500 to £4000 for raw coins. Ive got 2 proof 2005 sovereign.s that are graded pf69 and pf67 would look very good
  4. Now thats a good idea m8. I was born in 1964 so a 1964 mint sovereign in the middle
  5. Or just put a 2016 90th birthday in its place lol
  6. Oh my god. Just seen the first head prices lol. £15000 in marsh. Gutted might have to be bullion lol
  7. Junkbond thanks for your help. Like a challenge im gunna go for all proofs lol.
  8. So if im only looking for the missing head 1985 to 1997 is the head im looking for. Ps can i get all the 5 heads in proof easy ive got one.
  9. What years are they. Ps could i get all 5 in proof did they do all 5 in proof thanks
  10. See my post in general peeps need help with my box lol
  11. Hi all got this lovely sovereign box today from @MikeSol what would you put in it. Ive got a box for my young head shields. As you can see it holds 5 sovereign.s im thinking all 5 queen Elizabeth.s heads thats what ive got so far. The one in the middle is a 1981 proof. The is a 2012. 1967. 2018. What head is missing not sure what year from and two. Also think i might swap my bullion ones for proofs. Any thoughts peeps