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  1. Good price m8 I've got one pf70. Should sell for that price good luck and free bump
  2. Goldmick

    completed 2 x 2017 piedfort sovereign NGC PF70

    Thanks arshimo can't wait to get one 😎
  3. Goldmick

    Gold/Silver ratio?

    I used to buy some silver but sold for gold and swapped some on here for gold. I just didn't get that same feeling about silver when I looked at my gold sovereign.s. I know that silver is a good buy at the moment so will buy a bit
  4. Goldmick

    RM 2018 Paddington Bear 50p Spotted

    I'm not buying one 😎
  5. Goldmick

    24h le mans

    Yes yes they done it
  6. Goldmick

    24h le mans

    Same here. Still don't really but will give him points for racing in the 24h le mans and he did do well. Now Hamilton he is class top top f1 driver he love.s the fans and came from not to far from ware I live. When he needs to put in a fast time he nails it lol
  7. Goldmick

    24h le mans

    He did a fantastic job
  8. Come on Toyota you can do it. 2 hours to go
  9. Goldmick

    2012 & 2005 Sovereigns for Investment

    I have all 3 of them and yes the 2005 is the best. I've just sent off one to ngc hope to get a good grade. I think the price will go up for all of them
  10. Goldmick

    Finding 2% Gold at the Londong Coin Fair!

    Lol didn't think I sounded good keep on butting in on byb. Don't think I'm a you tube star lol
  11. Wow just wow I love to hear stuf like that
  12. Goldmick

    London coin fair June 2nd

    Must not forget to show off the lovely byb bars I got today at the coin fair big thanks to byb for taking them for me
  13. Goldmick

    Today I Received

    Also got these a bit late buying them but got them from byb at the London coin fair today so no post to fuss about lol. They are so cute love them
  14. Goldmick

    Today I Received

    London coin fair buy. Got today