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  1. 1 gram gold 22k coin lovely little coin £40 plus post UK bank transfer check my fantastic feedback
  2. So ware do people put there posts and is it just for pm.s havent seen a update on this
  3. Thanks guys means a lot to me im so happy im stil mad mick Monday to Friday but Michelle weekends lol
  4. Sorry but dont care if you think im a freak only telling you all cos you dont really khow me not easy to share but im brave and dont really care im so happy now cindy_doll_michelle tell me what you think i wont mind xxxx Added 0 minutes later... Yes thats me mick aka Michelle xxxx im so happy
  5. How much was they why do people edit the price i dont
  6. Thanks sold dont khow why others take the price off when sold i wont dont thanks
  7. On hold til i hear from marc did say uk. But let me khow if interested but to be fair gunna give mark a while to answer me. But need to sell today
  8. Yes marc but are you not in Japan or can i send to numi
  9. I have for sale a lovely gillick sovereign check out my fantastic feedback bank transfer uk only £292 plus just a fiver for special delivery. Only selling to fund new car 24hr sale only. i could sell to Atkinson's for more see picture thanks Added 0 minutes later...
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