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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Silver coins/rounds. Poured silver

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  1. Trumar

    Today I made.....

    Hello @PansPurse how do you do what ever you have done to make a coin into a ring? Bloody amazing
  2. Trumar

    for sale .999 silver

    Hello @DaveWheat89 All paid. Sorry for delay, me bloody iPad is a pain once battery runs out then I have to wait to recharge before I can use the bloody thing. Many thanks mark
  3. Trumar

    for sale .999 silver

    Yes that will be fine, thank you very much please send your PayPal
  4. Trumar

    for sale .999 silver

    How about £38 Delivered??
  5. Trumar

    for sale .999 silver

    Hello @DaveWheat89 what would be the lowest you would take for these 2 bars Venezia and credit suisse please?
  6. Trumar

    for sale .999 silver

    Hello @DaveWheat89 any chance of a better picture of Venezia and credit suisse 20g bars please?
  7. Trumar

    John A -- Give-Away -- OVER --

    I'm in please
  8. Trumar

    wanted 1oz art bar capsules

    Hello @SilverStan @Stu73 @mr-dead Thank you all for getting back to me. I have tried the 5oz capsules and yes they are well to big. Also for the price they go for I would have to put extra money on each art bar I want to sell. Hard enough as it is lately trying sell silver art bars. lol. Thank you all.
  9. Trumar

    wanted 1oz art bar capsules

    Hello everyone I need some 1oz silver Art bar plastic capsules? I got the 55.8mm Long capsules I need the 56.88mm? Can anyone help I got 10 x 1oz art bars that are to big for the 55.8mm capsules. I have looked and tried asking, if there is bigger capsules, but none has got back to me. That's why I'm posting on here. admin If not allowed please just remove?
  10. Trumar

    Plastic capsule

  11. Trumar

    Plastic capsule

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to find if there is 2 different sized 1oz Art bar plastic capsules?
  12. Very nice @BackyardBullion I love the look of the 1oz -100g bars.!!! Definitely on for the same for 2018. Love your work. Happy new year to you and mrs byb.
  13. Well done @BYB brilliant idea and Top charity to donate proceeds to. Also nice one to all who donated prizes.
  14. Can I have 1 please @byb all paid ppff.
  15. Trumar

    Scary pour - pyramid of doom!

    Hello @BYB just watched the pyramid pour. I really thought it was going to spit at you. It seemed to take a age to settle down. You make the videos enjoyable to watch. Just looking at them pyramids you can see they look heavy and the detail is so sharp. I will one day buy one of them pyramid bars. They have to be the best 10oz bar anywhere!!!! Brilliant work. Cheers Trumar