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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Silver coins/rounds. Poured silver

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  1. Trumar

    What to collect

    @motorbikez Thank you. I see that the Queens Beast are favorite on here! Yeah I couldn’t stretch to gold or proof also the 10 oz bullion coins! The biggest weight I got is 100 grams bars and I have 3 of them lol.
  2. Trumar

    What to collect

    @Fastnick Thank you. Definitely know what you are saying about 2 oz Queens beasts, but I don’t think I could afford them now!
  3. Trumar

    What to collect

    @Pete Thank you. I do understand no-one can predict the future, but there is a lot of people on here that knows way much more than I do, like the information you have given me. Them 2 oz Queens beast are some of the best looking coins on the market, but I don’t think I could get the money for them now.
  4. Trumar

    What to collect

    @Martlet Thank you. With this Lunar set would it workout cheaper if I got them from Australia direct as I have family out there?
  5. Trumar

    What to collect

    @TonyS Thank you. Haha Bulk Britannia’s that’s one word I will never be using when describing my stack. I would love collecting all the Britannia’s but not sure if I could afford to get them all. @TonyS is it right that the 2020 1 oz Britannia is the last to be made with the design on it now?
  6. Trumar

    What to collect

    @SILVERFINGER thank you. Yeah I have looked at the marvel coins, I wasn’t to sure about collecting them as there is so many made of each! Is there marvel coins dating back to ww2?
  7. Trumar

    What to collect

    Hello everyone hope you are all good! This is my 3rd year as a member on The Silver Forum. I have enjoyed reading people’s posts and sales posts. I have seen silver bars and coins I never new about, also sales posts that just blows me away. I stack as and when I can afford to. Before I bore you all into stop reading this this is my question... is there a collection either coins or bars that is out now or coming out that is worth collecting and putting away that will increase in value over the years? I’m only talking 1oz coins/bars as couldn’t afford bigger weights?
  8. Whatever I can find out about these 2 I will post on here.
  9. Thank you @HelpingHands appreciate the info. Didn’t think of auctioneers!
  10. Hello everyone, how are you all! Is there anyone on here that is into antiques? I am after some help with 2 wood carvings I have! My grandfather was a Royal Marine in WW2. He was posted to Egypt where he stayed for most of the war. When he came back he brought some items back with him as you do lol. I have these 2 wood carved statues (not sure if statue is right). I’m just asking if there is anyone knows what they are and if they are worth any money? I’m not thinking they could be worth big money (but would be nice) I am the only person who likes them who has seen them. Can anyone help please? Many thanks Mark
  11. Welcome @Miganto to the best silver people and silver site!! 😎
  12. Final reduction £50.00 each + postage of your choice
  13. Congratulations @jonrms 500 is massive! Love them stickers worth entering comp just for them.
  14. PRICE DROP £55.00 ono. Plus postage of your choice.