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    Silver coins/rounds. Poured silver

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  1. Final reduction £50.00 each + postage of your choice
  2. Congratulations @jonrms 500 is massive! Love them stickers worth entering comp just for them.
  3. PRICE DROP £55.00 ono. Plus postage of your choice.
  4. Is there no jm collectors on here? These do not come up for sale much! Also the condition of these bars are like brand new. I have serial numbers 504, 508, 509, 510, 511, 512. You can buy all 6 or just buy 1 of these highly collectible and will increase in value.
  5. Hello @JunkBond thank you for answering @diesel for me. Very much appreciated
  6. Hello @diesel apologies for just answering you, I have been away. @JunkBondhas answered you correctly. There is some on eBay at a lot higher price.
  7. Rare Vintage sn 1 x 5 gram silver oil rig love Heart bars sn 000512. The condition of these bars are like new and still in there original protective sleeve. £60.00 Plus postage of your choice.
  8. Ticket 10 Feedback left 29/11/18 @ChrisSIlver not sure if I’m right?
  9. Trumar


    Time before Christmas might be the problem. But I will let you know when I go.
  10. Trumar


    Hello @nazarkovn