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  1. If you look on the website it appears that the ban is made by China and not the Royal mail. The coin i sent was in a NGC holder.
  2. According to the Royal mail website sending coins to China is banned, i found this out just after i posted one to China ! Anyway i had marked it Numismatic item on the customs form and it was received ok without problem.
  3. This is the Royal mail page regarding delivery to neighbours , with an opt out option ! https://www.royalmail.com/personal/receiving-mail/delivery-to-neighbour
  4. This sounds like the old " can you post to another address " Ebay scam and unfortunately Paypal / Ebay will not support you if you have posted to to an address that is not the buyers confirmed Paypal address. Also if Royal Mail leave an item with a neighbour ( which they can with signed for but not SD ) the postie should leave a card giving the address of the neighbour that he has posted to. Someone tried this scam with me a couple of years ago, he used an ex employers Ebay / Paypal account to order the item and then ten minutes after payment sent an email asking to post to a different location over 100 miles from the account holders address.
  5. I always insist on using RM SD, a few pounds more i know but certainly the best option and a little peace of mind. The Dispatches program is a real shocker. The lack of vetting for people delivering your mail is a disaster waiting to happen.
  6. Sold mine a few month's ago when the gold price was lower, i got 15% over spot.
  7. I have several of these sets and recently sold a 2002 prestige set for £2400. One of the SA dealers is currently selling the 1998 prestige set ( with wooden Kiat case ) for £2650 so maybe that is a fair guide, but bear in mind the set's in the leather style cases go for a little less than the prestige sets. Most of these sets are fairly low mintage, my personal favourite is the 2011 Meerkat set, amazing high quality and detailed coins, this coin actually won coin of the year award in 2011.
  8. From experience i will only buy coins from auction that i can view prior to bidding. Seen so many poor quality modern proofs that have often been described as " FDC" by the auction house, a term that i do not like !
  9. PCGS will only remove the coin from the NGC holder when they have inspected the coin and deem it suitable to crossover at the same grade, if not they will just return it to you in the NGC holder, but you must request when submitting that you want the coin to hold it's current grade. The last time i crossed NGC to PCGS the coin was designated by NGC as one of first fifty struck and when i got the coin back PCGS had designated it " first strike " I did not make a request for this and not really sure if this is PCGS standard practise. PCGS currently quote their successful crossover rate is 40% in the last 30 days and 38% in the last 12 months.
  10. Found one or two very good UK deals on gold proof collectables in the last few weeks, i think many potential buyers are maybe keeping their money for a rainy no deal Brexit day so sellers having to drop prices to move them on in some cases.
  11. I had a 2016 and that was 500 so maybe this is the norm in recent years.
  12. I think a good policy when buying coins on Ebay auction or at auction houses is do thorough research and decide the maximum price that you are willing to pay - and stick to it. This reduces the risk of getting ripped off with Shilling, although if shilling is going on there is still a chance that you could pay more than you would have done with " fair" bidding. I have seen so many buyers get carried away in auctions, then regretted it afterwards !
  13. Fivepoundfred

    Import charges

    Yes UPS are excellent when buying USA to UK. I recently purchased a coin from the US and the seller charged me $40 tracked and signed with UPS and it took 3 days door to door and they are very good dealing with the customs side of things. The same coin was for sale with another seller using GSP and they were asking for $200 in shipping and import duties
  14. Fivepoundfred

    Import charges

    Yes with GSP you will get nailed with import taxes which do not apply in many cases. I have raised this with Ebay several times and the reply is always the same - ask the seller to ship using conventional shipping, then you will only pay what is actually due, if anything. Pitney Bowes who sort this element of GSP just apply a blanket charge to everything that comes to the UK with GSP, so if buying gold coins that are stated VAT exempt on UK HMRC notice 701 /21A do not use GSP. Silver Numismatic collectable coins have a reduced VAT tariff, but again if using GSP you will get nailed with the full amount.