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  1. 3/4 ounce gold coins are very rare, i have one in my collection a 2014 Kennedy gold proof half dollar, not sure how many other 3/4 ounce gold have been produced ? 1/4 and 1/2 ounce obviously found in set's, for example Brits, Eagles and Libertads but i guess quite a few stay in these sets and are not sold separately.
  2. PCGS are currently quoting a crossover success rate of 38% over the last 12 months but does not specify which coins have been submitted. All of the modern gold proof coins i have submitted for crossover have been successful so maybe the older coins do not fair so well ? I have been grading with PCGS for some time mainly using the Paris centre, the service is very good and you can get your coins back in two weeks if you time it right. My only complaint is that i have had debris inside the holder several times, the worst been a 1cm fibre or hair and sometimes the holders they use are marked, but in both cases they rightly reholder free of charge. The main difference with gold shield is that you get a high res photo on the website and PCGS claim that it gives enhanced security.
  3. Some of the pleasure is actually trying to find what you are collecting and with some coins this can be a serious challenge, the frustration is finding one that you want then realising you don't have the money to buy it ! I vaguely remember a post where someone had taken a gold five pound coin to bed with them, this is taking collecting to another level !
  4. 1853 Dollar sold, Sov still for sale at £275
  5. 1872 gold Victoria George and the dragon Sovereign in very nice condition, a couple of edge marks around 8 o 'clock position on the reverse and 1853 gold dollar again in decent condition. I am selling these on behalf of a friend who is not a coin person. tried my best to get a fair valuation and came up with £275 - £350 for the Sov and £100 - £140 for the dollar. Anyway he will be happy to accept £375 for the pair or if sold separately Sov £275 and dollar £120 + postage of your choice PP F+F Coins are stored in a Saflip.
  6. I would try contacting UPS and explain they have taken VAT which was not due and ask them to email you a investment gold declaration form , maybe they will refund you ? I have purchased a few coins from the US mint who shipped with UPS, as soon as i had the tracking number i contacted them and asked for the above mentioned form and once returned to them they delivered no problem without charging the VAT. I doubt if you will get the handling fee back. I have done the above process with Fedex a couple of times and they have refunded the VAT.
  7. These are the current grading standards for 70 coins - PCGS - Fully struck and lustrous, free of visual marks. The PCGS 70 grading standard does allow for “as minted” defects, as long as those flaws are minor and do not impact the eye appeal of the coin. NGC - A coin with no post-production imperfections at 5x magnification I would support the information that SovTracker provided from his database, NGC certainly seem to be more generous when it comes to awarding 70 grades.
  8. The royal mint does have a proof standard - “The general finish is to be excellent, with very minor defects visible to the eye acceptable only if in unobtrusive areas. Lacquering is permissible.” “A small variation in frosting texture is allowable, piece with piece, but in a uniform manner and with the constraint of remaining clearly frosted. Coins forming a set sold together should have a comparable finish of frosting and also colour for the same alloy composition”. So this can make grading a bit of a lottery, if you do receive a coin with minor defects of any sort it will probably be downgraded and of course the mint quality control is not done with 5 x magnification which is how PCGS / NGC will examine your coin.
  9. Hello Guys, had a look with my 5 x mag and can't see any mint marks on either coin, the sov has the standard B P. The milled edge on the sov looks good all the way around, there are a couple of marks on the rim in the 6 to 8 o'clock position on the reverse. The lady that owns the coin took it to a local shop and they offered her spot for the sov, not sure what they offered for the dollar, probably not a lot !
  10. A friend's mother owns the above coins and wants to sell them, they have asked me for valuation and where to sell but this type of coin is far from my speciality so could someone in the know please advise. I believe the Sov is a London mint long tail version, the condition of the obverse is excellent, there are a couple of small rim nicks. The dollar is in top condition with no obvious marks or damage. The photos are the best i can do with my camera. I know the price of these coins can vary so much with condition. Maybe have them graded ? I will be grateful for any assistance.
  11. The mintage numbers of some of the recent RM releases seem to be very low when there is high demand so not sure of their strategy ? Obviously they don't want to over produce and end up with surplus coins that they can't sell but on the other hand they need to satisfy the market considering that the 50p coin appears to now be a very popular choice.
  12. I know they are doing a £5 coin, i presume in Silver and gold. Not sure about sovereigns ?