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  1. Fivepoundfred

    Ebayer Tosser - CMAPCHARTS

    The original address shows up on this webpage with a phone number - http://www.posharp.com/solar-photovoltaic-system-companies-in-the-world-in-alphabetic-order-z_renewable.aspx?ptype=solar_solar-electric_pv-system&ntype=D&xtype=ntype&pg=9 If this person changed their address after you sent the item surely they have no case, plus a card would have been left with an option to collect from the PO sorting office then if not collected the return to sender process kicks in, but this does take around 3 weeks. I would recommend calling Royal mail to check the status. I have had one failed change of address scam attempt, but they asked to send to another address before i posted which of course was refused. On Ebay it shows this buyer as a member in the USA?
  2. Fivepoundfred

    Problems with RM capsules

    Good news RM sent new coin with inserts in case to stop capsule opening, worked very well, bad news 1 cm scratch on coin !! Off we go to the post office again. I am a massive fan of the Royal mint coins, the fantastic designs, the cases, booklets and so on but this is just complete garbage, it really diminishes the desire to collect coins sometimes. Anyone looking for a quality control job ? Just seen Numistackers youtube video of the gold proof QB, you really should not be having to conserve brand new gold proof coins prior to grading !
  3. Fivepoundfred

    Problems with RM capsules

    Last week i received a gold proof £5 from the RM and when i opened the case the coin was loose and out of the capsule and on close inspection had marks as a result. Obviously it was sent straight back and i had a rant at my account manager. This also happened with the previous £5 i purchased from the RM so they were well aware that there was a problem. Not sure about other coins but the £5 have been coming in push fit capsules, not screw fit as with previous issues. When i closed the capsule myself it appeared to fit fairly tightly so i am not sure if they are just not closing the capsules correctly or they are working loose in transit. This is really not good at all, these are very expensive premium low mintage coins, i really do not know what the mint are playing at. The replacement is en route and to say that i will be examining this coin extremely closely is understatement of the year. If this happens again i will not buy from them and look for dated versions that i can get in better condition.
  4. Fivepoundfred

    Pandas Scam on ebay- Paypal protection ?

    Yes the old " can you post to a different address" trick is a typical Ebay scam method. If you sell in the future put a note on your add saying that you will only post to confirmed Paypal address and no other. I have had someone attempt this once and clocked it straight away. On investigation i found that this person was a ex employee of a company with a grudge and had hacked their Ebay / Paypal accounts to buy and pay for the coin and asked for it to be sent to an address 200 miles from the company. Also i had a girl buy a coin who had a UK address on Paypal but had since moved to another European country and asked me to post there. I told her to change her address with Paypal then i will send, she did, i sent and all was ok, but even this could have been a scam attempt at the outset ?
  5. Fivepoundfred

    CGS to NGC crossover - bad idea :(

    The NGC website says that it will only crossover PCGS coins and will not accept crossovers from other grading companies and they will only crossover at the same grade or lower. I know the graders inspect the coin in the holder then only remove it if it can be crossed at the customers grade request, if not they return it in the original holder, If you send for example a coin graded in a CGS holder i presume they would remove it from the holder and grade it in the same way as a raw coin. In reality it may be better to remove the coin from the holder yourself and submit it as a raw coin, thus removing any possible implications of grading company rivalry. I have only crossed the other way NGC to PCGS twice and both held the PR70 grade.
  6. Fivepoundfred


    I do not like " sourced " coins, i like to pay my money and take the coin. There seems to be one or two dealers appearing that use a " sourcing " method and there have been problems with people actually not getting what they have ordered because the company could not find stock anywhere to "source" and i am not quite sure how RM "sourcing" works and what quality you are guaranteed for example with a ten year old " sourced" proof coin ?
  7. Fivepoundfred

    for sale 2008 gold proof one ounce krugerrand - PR69DCAM

  8. Fivepoundfred

    Royal Mint return process waiting time..is this normal?

    I think the number of returns they receive has increased dramatically in recent times. I can't remember the last time i got a problem free proof coin at the first attempt, but have always received a good one second time after a rant. From my experience there seems to be delays processing the returns when they initially arrive back at the mint maybe owing to volume.
  9. Fivepoundfred

    5 dollars The Earth and Beyond serie 2018 Australia

    Yes this coin is the first of a series of three.
  10. Fivepoundfred

    for sale 2008 gold proof one ounce krugerrand - PR69DCAM

    £1095 PP F+F or transfer, free posting UK.
  11. Fivepoundfred

    5 dollars The Earth and Beyond serie 2018 Australia

    Very Nice coin, extremely unique. I believe the Royal Australian mint have made this coin for the first time with the colour on the convex side which is opposite to the Southern / Northern sky series and they normally have a limited mintage of 5000.
  12. Top grade US mint gold proof eagle coins in perfect condition graded PR70 by PCGS in new / unmarked holders. $10 1/4 ounce of gold, $5 1/10 ounce of gold. These coins originally came from a 4 coin set, happy to throw in the box and certificate from the set if required which is also unmarked. £475 for both, Paypal F & F or bank transfer, free posting to UK address. Any questions please ask.
  13. Fivepoundfred

    Proof coins for investment - worth it?

    I would say there are quite a few coin people who would say that they are both collectors and investors. They have a personal interest in coins and see their coin purchases as a safe place to " bank" their money and probably hope to see that investment grow a little over time. Lowlow commented that a lot of collectors buy coins without having a thought of how to get out of the investment which is true, but to a pure collector investment may be of no concern to them, they could pay any price for that special coin that they want whilst having no thought at all of selling it in the future or for what price they could get for it if they did. However if the financial aspect of coin buying is relevant you certainly need a strategy including a "get out plan" if you need to sell in the future and buying wisely in the first place.
  14. Fivepoundfred

    Proof coins for investment - worth it?

    It was a 1993 40th anniversary of the coronation gold proof five pound. Got it from one of the dealers i know who normally only sells silver and notes at the shows, he just had this one gold coin, luckily in perfect condition so sent to PCGS last week for grading. Yes as it has already been mentioned low mintage proof coins are not guaranteed to be more valuable / profitable than others and the value of some proof coins sometimes rise dramatically owing to demand. A good example of this is the 1999 Diana gold proof five pound which had the highest ever mintage of a commemorative RM gold proof coin at 7500 and have been selling for 3K + and fairly recently the RM themselves were trying to sell one for 6.6K ? If you shop around you can buy a very nice 1998 GP Prince Charles five pound for maybe £16 -1700 but only 773 were minted ? I guess this may be a reflection of the popularity of some members of the Royal family, but you have to admit she does look better on a coin than Charles !! Another example is the 1937 gold proof's, the prices have rocketed over the last couple of years, Jon Blyth selling a nice five pound on Ebay right now if you have a few quid to spare ? It will be interesting to see the final selling price for this coin, a similar one sold in the USA for 16.5 K earlier in the year.
  15. Fivepoundfred

    Proof coins for investment - worth it?

    I generally only collect proof coins and have been doing so for many years. I guess first of all it depends how much you pay for them in the first place. Some of the five pound coins that i collect can be seen for sale on Ebay for extremely silly prices but with a little patience and knowing when and where to buy from you can get them for much more reasonable prices and then stand a fair chance of an increase in value from your original purchase price if you look after them well. Of course condition is very important with proof coins in particular when you think about selling, it can take some time to find specific coins for the right price in top condition. I was looking for a particular dated £5 in top condition for about two years and found one by chance at the recent London coin fair for a very good price. The main problem that you can get buying silver proof coins is that even with the most careful storage they can often develop spots and haze which of course will reduce the value in most cases. Generally you do not get such problems with gold proof coins.