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  1. Fivepoundfred

    for sale PR70 Gold Proof Eagle coins

    These coins were from a four coin set, so the box, paperwork and capsules can be included as part of the sale if required - all in immaculate condition )
  2. Fivepoundfred

    Recommendations for S&S ISA

    What are the general views on possible performance of existing S & S managed ISA's over the next 12 -24 months ? A close friend has had one going for about 8 years and seen fairly impressive growth over that period but is concerned because has a plan to retire at some point in the next couple of years and has asked me for my opinion on his best option, sadly my knowledge of managed ISA'S is fairly limited. Personally i have always purchased stocks and shares directly in specific companies He has enquired with his provider who have confirmed there is no closure fee, i know some managed funds can screw you with closure or transfer fees. I guess if he wants to keep his tax free benefits his main "safe" option is to transfer to something like a two or three year cash ISA, transferring to another managed fund would probably incur start up fees which may not be viable for a short term investment. Any views or thoughts appreciated.
  3. Fivepoundfred

    for sale PR70 Gold Proof Eagle coins

    PCGS PR70 graded 1/4 and 1/10 ounce 2014 gold proof eagles for sale, two stunning coins in top condition. £420.00 for both, free UK posting RM special delivery. PP F+F or bank transfer
  4. Fivepoundfred

    1937 Proof Grade Opinions

    I have looked at several of the five pound coins in recent times and the grading can vary a lot between PCGS and NGC. Recently had a very close look at a NGC 62 grade coin that looked a whole lot better on the eye than a PCGS 63 and maybe better than some PCGS 64's that i have seen.
  5. Fivepoundfred

    My first Bronze purchase

    My knowledge of bronze coins is zero, came across this for sale in Hong Kong on Ebay and thought it looked fairly good for it's age.
  6. Fivepoundfred

    buying gold on forum

    Generally you do not see heavily discounted PMs for sale on the forum, just more sensible prices. I buy mainly proof coins and the prices some dealers ask for these are completely ridiculous and i would never buy from them. I have and would in the future buy coins advertised on the forum, never had any problems.
  7. Fivepoundfred

    Royal mint bullion no more screw caps?

    I received a £5 a couple of weeks ago with a screw type capsule, not sure if they are only using them on the £5 ?
  8. I'm struggling a little with the thought of Theresa May in stockings and suspenders !
  9. Fivepoundfred

    Midlands coin fair

    I have picked up a few really nice proof Sovs for a good price and as someone has already mentioned you never really know what might turn up at these fairs so for two quid and free parking it's worth a go.
  10. Fivepoundfred

    Midlands coin fair

    I go on a fairly regular basis and in general i do not see many bullion coins for sale. Below is the link for the dealers intending to be there on Dec 9th. http://www.coinfairs.co.uk/ViewDealers.aspx?ShowDate=Dec 9 2018 9:30AM
  11. Fivepoundfred

    Anyone use Paul Menzies?

    I have sold to him on Ebay, all was spot on.
  12. Fivepoundfred

    European Coins Thread

    The lowest mintage gold proof £5 commemorative available as a single coin ( 1990 -date ) + my other two 2017 coins
  13. Fivepoundfred

    ngc holder bags

    www.ebay.com/itm/10-x-Coin-Protective-Plastic-Pocket-Bags-For-Coin-Slabs-Graded-Holders-NGC-PCGS-/122213304123 There are a couple of other sellers on Ebay.
  14. Fivepoundfred

    gold queens beast series losing its charm?

    Quality control problems seem to be escalating in recent times, personally unless i can view them first i now only buy raw coins from one UK dealer who knows the quality that i expect. Normally i buy gold proof but as a previous post has mentioned there are some bullion dealers who will always make the effort to send you good quality bullion coins and of course many now see the Bullion QB as a collectable rather than just raw bullion. I believe that the bullion QB will always be a good investment with time but maybe not as a short term flip, they really are high quality and very good on the eye for a bullion coin and as long as they are in good nick they will be in demand in the future.