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  1. Fivepoundfred

    Midlands coin fair

    I go on a fairly regular basis and in general i do not see many bullion coins for sale. Below is the link for the dealers intending to be there on Dec 9th. http://www.coinfairs.co.uk/ViewDealers.aspx?ShowDate=Dec 9 2018 9:30AM
  2. Fivepoundfred

    Anyone use Paul Menzies?

    I have sold to him on Ebay, all was spot on.
  3. Fivepoundfred

    European Coins Thread

    The lowest mintage gold proof £5 commemorative available as a single coin ( 1990 -date ) + my other two 2017 coins
  4. Fivepoundfred

    ngc holder bags

    www.ebay.com/itm/10-x-Coin-Protective-Plastic-Pocket-Bags-For-Coin-Slabs-Graded-Holders-NGC-PCGS-/122213304123 There are a couple of other sellers on Ebay.
  5. Fivepoundfred

    gold queens beast series losing its charm?

    Quality control problems seem to be escalating in recent times, personally unless i can view them first i now only buy raw coins from one UK dealer who knows the quality that i expect. Normally i buy gold proof but as a previous post has mentioned there are some bullion dealers who will always make the effort to send you good quality bullion coins and of course many now see the Bullion QB as a collectable rather than just raw bullion. I believe that the bullion QB will always be a good investment with time but maybe not as a short term flip, they really are high quality and very good on the eye for a bullion coin and as long as they are in good nick they will be in demand in the future.
  6. Fivepoundfred

    Has anyone encountered tarnishing from encapsulated silver coins?

    Keep cool and dry with some packs as the previous post mentioned. Sometimes with the very best storage they can still tarnish. I have a few stunning silver proof coins that after many years are perfect and one or two new from the mint that i added 18 months ago stored in the same way / place went downhill after a short time.
  7. Fivepoundfred

    2018 India Gold Sovereign

    These coins are now on the PAMP website. www.mmtcpamp.com/products-services/minted
  8. Fivepoundfred

    Coin identification assistance required

    Mystery solved very quickly, thanks for that, i will inform the owner.
  9. Fivepoundfred

    Coin identification assistance required

    Anyone have an idea as to what this coin is ? I get lots of people handing me coins and asking for info, hopefully a nice 1937 gold proof £5 will come next ?
  10. Recently Graded MS67 2014 Indian Mintmark Sovereign In brand new clean holder. The coin has a few small marks on the Queens cheek, hence the 67 grade. £310.00 PP F+ F free postage to the UK Also Royal Australian mint 2013 Pavo "domed" silver proof coin NGC PF69 in new clean holder. Mintage 5000, sold out at the mint very quickly. £99.00 PP F + F free postage To the UK
  11. Fivepoundfred

    withdrawn 1989 Proof Sovereign - PCGS Graded with BOX and COA.

    Looks like a new seller ? But you never know on Ebay, so many people have numerous accounts !
  12. Fivepoundfred

    withdrawn 1989 Proof Sovereign - PCGS Graded with BOX and COA.

    This coin is for sale again on Ebay, now £979.00 best offer.
  13. Fivepoundfred

    eBay is it worth it?

    Condition of coins can be a big issue on Ebay, i would always suggest sending a message to the seller asking clear and direct questions about the coin prior to bidding / buying and ask for more photos if you are not sure. And of course i guess there are quite a few selling coins on Ebay who are not really " coin people " who consider a coin to be very good condition but by our standards it is far from it. You only have to look at the wild prices people ask for some coins on Ebay to judge that they are either hoping to make a quick buck from the unsuspecting or have very little knowledge of the market. There are some very reputable people selling good quality coins on Ebay but also some not so good, you just need to be careful, have a good look at feedback and don't rush into purchases that you think may be a bargain because in reality they are probably not !
  14. Fivepoundfred

    Value of three coins dated 1853, 1872 and 1927 ?

    Now had a chance to research these coins, i estimate the sov £250 - 300, the dollar £100 - £200 and the China silver £50 - £150 ( if genuine). Good quality graded versions going for higher prices.
  15. Fivepoundfred

    BullionByPost thoughts?

    I would be cautious buying gold proof coins from them unless you can actually go to look at them first. I have had one or two very nice proofs from them but have seen some very poor ones being sold with a high premium.