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  1. I am one of those people that hates shaving but gets itchy after a few days of not shaving. Did a not shave for a month for a charity which was torture, my misses said i looked like a t**t with a beard so shaved it off after the month.
  2. The most recent additions to the Fred Collection
  3. I have used RM international tracked and signed numerous times without problem, however i think the max compensation is £250. I used it in haste the first time and sent a coin to a banned country but they recieved it anyway, so you need to read the conditions closely if using this service.
  4. Had PB's for many years, won £25 numerous times but never more, even when i had the max.
  5. Yes i am aware of the current demands on the system but i have had this issue for some time.i think that my slow download speed is a computer related problem.
  6. I can only get 60 mbps download speeds on Chrome which i prefer to use but when i switch to Explorer i get 200 mbps. I only have one extension on Chrome and keep it clean so i am baffled by the slow speed ? My son also gets 200 mbps on his wireless laptop and he has Firefox. Anyone experienced this or have any ideas ?
  7. I had a couple of managed stocks and shares ISA'S that did very well but moved them to safer ground prior to the Brexit fiasco. Now i just dabble in shares directly if something takes my fancy. Unfortunately the sheer enormity and speed of the recent crash leaves the best of fund managers diving for cover with nowhere to go, now they have what i suspect will be a long and tough recovery mission.
  8. That is not good and not acceptable, more issues with quality contol ! I stopped using PCGS Europe after they tried to send me several coins with bad holders, then i had a 1cm hair or fibre in the centre of a holder, then what looked like a piece of cheese on the next submission.
  9. There is an article published by the money advice service that explains many financial implications of the virus. Looks like the self employed are bottom of the pile right now, hopefully they will sort something better out fairly soon. There is currently a government petition running to give self employed SSP
  10. I was trying to find the mintage numbers for a gold proof commemorative five pound coin and looked on the RM website page - Dated UK Commemorative Coin Sales Below is information provided by the RM in response to a FOI request for mintage figures For information and perhaps clarity the term “mintage” for a particular coin, as applied by The Royal Mint, means sales of that particular coin less returns. It is critical, we think, from both a collector and valuation perspective and also to preserve the integrity of any secondary market, that there is transparency as to the number of coins, of a particular type, in the market, that could potentially be bought or sold. This definition of mintage supports these objectives The RM do not publish how many returns they receive of a particular coin (or what they do with them ) so how can you ever know the true number of coins that are out there in the market ? The RM also said in the FOI For Commemorative coins: We may on occasion mint coins after the applicable release year but only up to confirmed maximum issuance limits. Which further confuses the matter, do they then adjust the sales figures accordingly ?
  11. James and sons auction ( the saleroom ) on March 17th have a 4 coin set for sale.
  12. The quality must be fairly good, just looked at the PCGS census - 281 graded, 237 PR70 and 44 PR69 .Not sure if any have been graded by NGC?
  13. Just been looking at V coins that has recently sold one on behalf of Sovr, it says produced as a Alderney coin by the commonwealth mint.
  14. Obviously the " stampede" for and dramatic price rise of this coin was due to the 1839 connection and maybe people relating in some way to the current value of the originals.. However i think that the 2019 Commonwealth mint five pound Una is a better coin, and of course this is actually a five pound coin, not a two hundred pound coin. Not sure what the issue price was of the commonwealth mint coin but they seem to be going for 5K + now which for me is far too much for a 2019 modern five poundcoin. Also the quality of the £5 was very good in general. Anyway the old saying, buying any coin is a personal choice and will sell for a price that the buyer deems suitable.
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