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  1. Fivepoundfred

    Import charges

    Yes UPS are excellent when buying USA to UK. I recently purchased a coin from the US and the seller charged me $40 tracked and signed with UPS and it took 3 days door to door and they are very good dealing with the customs side of things. The same coin was for sale with another seller using GSP and they were asking for $200 in shipping and import duties
  2. Fivepoundfred

    Import charges

    Yes with GSP you will get nailed with import taxes which do not apply in many cases. I have raised this with Ebay several times and the reply is always the same - ask the seller to ship using conventional shipping, then you will only pay what is actually due, if anything. Pitney Bowes who sort this element of GSP just apply a blanket charge to everything that comes to the UK with GSP, so if buying gold coins that are stated VAT exempt on UK HMRC notice 701 /21A do not use GSP. Silver Numismatic collectable coins have a reduced VAT tariff, but again if using GSP you will get nailed with the full amount.
  3. I would start with the 2002 or 2005 which will probably cost you the least.. None of these sovereigns are rare, you see plenty for sale but of course it would be good to get them in nice condition. You may get lucky and pick up a bargain but unusually low prices can indicate condition issues.
  4. Quarter and Tenth ounce sold, half ounce still for sale.
  5. 2011 gold proof Britannia three coin set for sale at a fairly low premium. This set has a low mintage of 250 sets and contains the half, quarter and tenth ounce coins all graded PCGS PR69 DCAM The unmarked box, case, c of a number 015 and capsules all included if sold as set. £999 PP F+ F or BT plus £10.00 UK posting RM SD. May consider selling separately Half £610 Quarter £305 tenth £129 all plus postage of your choice.
  6. Yes still for sale, i will consider a reasonable offer for these coins.
  7. https://www.assetsure.com/ I have used them several times, they specialise is coins and valuables. But i guess you never know how good an insurance company is until you make a claim.
  8. Price reduced, £149 each or £290 for the pair - free UK posting.
  9. Still for sale, prices now include posting to UK.
  10. Nice clean high grade 1989 gold proof sovereign, PCGS PR69 DCAM. £985 including RM SD posting. PP F+F or BT Any questions please ask
  11. 2015 and 2016 silver proof five ounce panda's with original unmarked box, case and c of e. Two very attractive coins that i have owned from new and they have been kept in dry and cool storage. £160 each + posting charge of your choice or £310 for the pair + posting. PP F&F or BT Any questions please ask.
  12. 3/4 ounce gold coins are very rare, i have one in my collection a 2014 Kennedy gold proof half dollar, not sure how many other 3/4 ounce gold have been produced ? 1/4 and 1/2 ounce obviously found in set's, for example Brits, Eagles and Libertads but i guess quite a few stay in these sets and are not sold separately.