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  1. I would buy the grand deal if there are any 5oz rounds left? If not I would settle for the 2 silver 1oz rounds and the one 1oz copper. You can add it to my previous order that I sent through private message. Cheers 👍
  2. Are your Star Wars coins in presentation boxes or loose coins? I would leave them alone if they are in a box with coa etc, far more appealing to collectors if you wanted to sell them. If they are loose coins, it might be worth grading them but they really need to get a 70 grade to make it worth the outlay. I love Star Wars and think the New Zealand ?? Coins are great. Have you seen the pre slabbed versions by NGC with the special labels? Not sure if the public can ask for a Star Wars label when grading coins? Probably exclusive to APMEX etc? Remember these coins have a high premium for their silver content. You need to store them well. Somewhere fairly warm, dry and stable. Silver coins can spot and tarnish. Spotting is hard to avoid as it’s due to the minting process. Check out Shadowstack on YouTube, he shows how to store silver properly. He uses air tight barrels, silica gel packs and anti tarnish strips for maximum protection. I personally think coins sweating in lofts or garages isn’t good either. Metal conducts heat really well and condensation can appear on coins to add to their list of problems. Have fun collecting, but remember, most high mintage collectors coins may not be the best investment?
  3. Antiqued Piedfort Burnished! Right, from now on BU means Burnished Uncirculated! ?
  4. Let's have a proof Piedfort using a worn out die and call it enhanced finish or even better brilliant uncirculated again! BU can just about mean anything. They did this with the sovereign. There's a YouTube video to show you the difference between BU, BU, and proof coins.
  5. The Royal Mint are very confusing. How many silver bullion coins can they release in one year? There's the standard radial sunshine bullion 1oz coin. Then the same coin with a trident mark (20th anniversary) then you have this 2017 coin yet again with privy marks. Now you have a BU coin that means brilliant circulated this time not BU for bullion that has a plain mirror field. So a perfect ms70 bullion 2017 radial sunshine silver Britannia is a BU BU lol???
  6. Untouched gold proofs should be ideal for grading. Depends on your motives/situation. If times are hard you've gotta do what you have to do to get by but if times are better and you are thinking of a long term investment/strategy then enjoy what you have either as a set in the mint case or slabbed if you prefer. I have pure gold and silver bullion coins that I handle for kicks and also have pristine proofs that I will never touch. I'm new to slabbed coins so I'll have some fun with stuff I just like and then move onto better investments. My point is: just go with it and enjoy your stacking/numismatics. It's not all about making a profit, you can have some fun too, even if you make a loss! Who cares? Endulge yourself in your hobby ??
  7. How did you feel about the 2005 & 2012 designs? I rather like a change now and again. Good to have a shield-back reappear in 2002. The 1989 rose sovereign is very beautiful. I know what you mean about other producers like The Pobjoy or Tower mint. Some of the designs are awful and the mirror fields on their proofs are nothing like the Royal Mint's. I am quite intrigued by by this coin though. It's good to hear different opinions from more seasoned collectors. Can't beat the original Pistrucci! Great to see the broken spear back in St.George's hand for the anniversary this year (poor dragon ?).
  8. I agree that it is a more feminine image but that kind of fits well as a female Pistrucci has created this new image.
  9. Thanks for the picture sixgun?
  10. I've just seen an interesting coin soon to be released at The London Mint Office. Angela Pistrucci, the great-great-great grandniece of Benedetto Pistrucci has been commissioned to recreate the classic Saint George?and the Dragon ? design 200 years on from the original. I rather like her new version of the reverse and wondered what your thoughts were? Not sure of the mint used to produce this coin, Pobjoy? They are releasing it as a full and half Gibraltar proof sovereign with mintages of 4,999. Sadly there seems to be a huge premium on these coins as the full sovereign is being retailed at £795 and the half sovereign is going out at £396. Maybe I'll wait to see how they do and pick one up hopefully cheaper on the secondary market. I do really like the concept of a member of the Pistrucci family redesigning the sovereign. Sorry I couldn't get a picture up as my iPad is not playing ball.
  11. Have you bought and sold much on this forum?
  12. I'm going to upgrade to premium membership this month to see what's on offer. Have you bought and sold much on the Silver forum?
  13. Sounds like a nightmare, maybe I'll leave it to the big boys and pick up coins from good sellers on eBay instead.
  14. With the Swiss ?? purchase, how were you charged for the extras? Billed through the post?
  15. Hello there, SilverStar here with some newbie questions??? I'm just starting out in the U.K ?? and would like a little advice on buying from overseas mints/bullion dealers. I have bought silver in Britain ?? and I've used Silvertogo ?? with no problems. I have seen many items from USA ?? (APMEX) etc & Perth Mint ?? that interest me. I have read up on shipping which does seem expensive from America ?? but I'm worried about currency issues & customs/V.A.T rules. What are your experiences? Who have you used? Who/where should I avoid? Are Commonwealth countries like Australia ?? problem free?