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  1. PolarPanda

    Today I Received

    It's a good day today....! My order from GS.be finally arrived! Some content: - Silver Krugerrand 2018 B - Full Nordic silver series - Rwanda Year of the Pig proof - Gold Libertad 2018 (1/20 + 1/10 + 1/4 OZ) - ...
  2. PolarPanda


    Also one for me please
  3. PolarPanda

    wanted Privateer silver coins

    PM sent.
  4. PolarPanda

    wanted Privateer silver coins

    Hi everyone, I know i'm very late to the show, but i'm thinking about starting a Privateer collection if i can still find the coins for a decent price. Does anyone have one or more of these coins for sale? Please let me know! Thank you in advance!
  5. PolarPanda

    Bullion Book: Silver Coins for Collectors and Investors,

    I agree, a very good book for every collector!
  6. PolarPanda

    Today I Received

    Indeed 48, enough to make it my life goal 😛
  7. PolarPanda

    Made My First Silver Video (be gentle)

    Congrats with your first video! Looks great. Keep up the good work! I subscribed professor! 😊
  8. PolarPanda

    Has anyone ordered this week from GS.be?

    Have done already, no reaction so far. If there is an issue with my order at least they could let me know what it is and when it will be processed. But yeah...
  9. PolarPanda

    Has anyone ordered this week from GS.be?

    Really? Then i really don’t understand anymore... Ppff.
  10. PolarPanda

    Today I Received

    It's a must have for every Libertad collector... It's also on my wishlist, but so are a lot of other things unfortunately... 😛
  11. PolarPanda

    Has anyone ordered this week from GS.be?

    I checked, but no i put to ship the orders after payment was received.
  12. PolarPanda

    Has anyone ordered this week from GS.be?

    As far as i can tell yes...
  13. PolarPanda

    Today I Received

    Received my two ordered boxes today from @Alun! Very good looking and great quality. Shipping went super fast and very well packed. Now i have to start to fill that Sovereign box...
  14. Hi all, Has anyone ordered this or last week from GS.be and was your order shipped? I have place two pretty big orders (for me at least) from which they received the last payment on monday and untill now i still didn't had any shipping notice. The status from 'Payment received' is already unchanged from monday in the morning. I tried to contact the customer service but what you expect? No reaction ofcourse... Does anyone know if it's normal it takes so long? Also i noticed that my two orders that i paid both have a different color. For one order the notice 'Payment received' is in green and for the other one it's in red... I don't think this makes any difference but still... I'm not really worried, maybe just a bit impatient, but it never took this long for GS.be to ship an order... Normally it's even always within 24 hours... Very strange... Thank you!
  15. PolarPanda

    for sale Wooden coin boxes

    Still available at GS.be... And still pretty a lot if i check the amount of stock.