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  1. One time only price drop to 700 euro incl. shipping to the UK, Belgium, The Netherlands & France.
  2. For sale: Libertad 1 KG Silver Prooflike 2017 Price: 750 euro Incl. shipping to the UK, Belgium, The Netherlands & France. Payment with bank transfer or Paypal F&F.
  3. 1/4 Gold Dragon of Wales Gold Proof coin sold pending payment. All other prices are slightly negotiable so feel free to sent me a message!
  4. Looks great! Love it!
  5. I wonder the exact same thing my friend @mr-dead thank you for the effort!
  6. Thank you Ryan. Yes @rob6 i have the rounds for sale. You can find pictures in this topic: I'm open to offers so feel free to contact me by private message!
  7. Up! Great price for 2 fantastic and very hard to find silver rounds!
  8. One time price drop on everything. Come on peoples, these are great prices!