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  1. I wonder the exact same thing my friend @mr-dead thank you for the effort!
  2. Thank you Ryan. Yes @rob6 i have the rounds for sale. You can find pictures in this topic: I'm open to offers so feel free to contact me by private message!
  3. Up! Great price for 2 fantastic and very hard to find silver rounds!
  4. One time price drop on everything. Come on peoples, these are great prices!
  5. 1.) British Trade Dollar St. Helena 2018 Proof 1 OZ Silver Perfect condition, no spotting at all. Price: 65 euro 2.) Perth Mint Silver Swan Proof 2017 1 OZ Silver Perfect condition, no spotting at all. Price: 80 euro 3.) Royal Australian Mint Kangaroo Series 2018 Fine Silver Proof Coin (1 OZ) Perfect condition, no spotting at all. Price: 40 euro * Payment only with Paypal F&F * Prices are excl. shipping
  6. I have to look that one up for you. I will check it and will let you know. Sorry my late response, i was very busy the last couple of days. I get back to you as soon as possible.
  7. Not available anymore at GS.be at this moment. So yes, i guess when they will be available again, they will have an extra premium...
  8. This is pretty spooky... And i thought that Halloween was over... 👻