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  1. Will they need to be sent in packaging or not?
  2. **Quote** I will only be placing orders on the weekends. I will not be able to place orders mid week unless there are extenuating circumstances. This is simply because I am a busy person and organising and keeping track of these orders is difficult. **End Quote** He did say Extenuating circumstances which means it will be for him to decide. I think he's done a big favour going out of his busy schedule to help some people out. Top job! @BackyardBullion
  3. It could be the next Swan. You never know The Swan I heard was meant to be a new series. Would this be part of the series or just a random bird though. That's the main question I have about it.
  4. I managed to find them through Facebook. I haven't come across any of the big bullion dealers with any yet.
  5. Nice design I've ordered 2 of them. Missed out on the Swan so glad i've managed to get two ordered this time.
  6. Im in on this one. Need to browse the website and get to you the order I want.
  7. What does everyone think of The Four Generations of Royalty 2018 coin that has been released from the RM today? I've already got the House of Windsor coin from last year and I think they go quite well together with the design of the leaves / wreath going around the side slightly. What do people feel about these proof crown coins, would you say they are a good buy? Or should it be for the people that really want the coin for the design?
  8. Received today thank you Numi... Nice surprise as I was expecting a PF69 for some reason. Very happy today!
  9. Yeah I noticed a different name next to mine but assumed it was to do with the formatting.
  10. I've not had mine back yet... I feel left out seeing all these photos. Couldn't get on here yesterday. The slabs I sent you with the bags were from tesco and they have a perfect fit. If they are the thicker slabs mind it wont fit them.
  11. Hi, any ideas about the Jane Austin I've sent in yet. If they decided to do NCS? Also is there any photo uploaded yet? Not sure in the number myself to have a look on the app. Thanks in advance ? @Numistacker
  12. Have all of the 2018 proof sovs got PF70? Im guessing that mine is linked in the post with the 2017 6p as i sent that in?
  13. I currently have one out to get it graded at the moment. Will make it much easier to view than in the capsule that it is originally.