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  1. "Exploiting the market " LOL aka running a profitable business. In the UK they'll be lucky to make 200$ profit at that price
  2. The other 20 will most likely be for a complete set of the Engravers series in a special packaging.
  3. Same had 2 computers going in cart on both and counldnt complete check out
  4. Don't waste anymore of your time with the seller. Just go straight to opening a claim. If Ebay claims dont work file a paypal claim. Copper spots are extremely common on Gold coins of all sorts. Especially high purity gold coins. These are just areas of copper concentrated on the surface during the rolling of the strip prior to the stamping of the blanks.
  5. The forum is a great resource for people looking to sell items at a reasonable price. However many people especially in the US sections list their items for ridiculous prices. Most people here on the forum are fairly seasoned stackers/flippers, and will not pay outrageous prices. So I would just say if you are looking to sell stuff at a reasonable price it is a good place. If you're looking to get absolute top dollar for each item I would say not the place.
  6. I would highly recommend not purchasing these. They are usually not given a numerical grade, and are graded GEM BU. From my experience these are coins that were submitted for bulk grading by the big companies, and they did not get a 69/70 so they don't slab them and put them in a roll graded GEM BU. From what I understand Gem BU is MS65-MS68. I don't think these coins are worth buying as they usually have a ridiculous premium attached. I actually meant to make a thread about this.
  7. Griffin $70 Dragon $65 Unicorn $55 Bull $55 Yale $50
  8. https://www.providentmetals.com/featured/specials.html https://monumentmetals.com/5-oz-silver-round-germania-britannia-allegories-2019-bu.html https://www.lpm.hk/promotional/britannia-germania-rounds.html?utm_source=website&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=britgerm
  9. Here it is directly from NGC site says 1955-date
  10. The label Mexico Label is only available for modern coins. Since this coin is dated 1947 you won't be able to get the Mexico Label. The coin will show up in the registry within a few days
  11. Depends on how many you have. If you have multiples I would try to put up both individuals, and sets. I had a similar situation a few months back with the same coins. I just looked at the last sold price and lowered it by $5 on ebay buy it now. All sold in 24 hours. Really depends how rainy it is. Hope the weather brightens up. I always try to keep Gold and Silver eagles around for when it rains but was buying a property so had to sell a few other things
  12. I wrap the slab in a microfiber towel and hammer the top with a few good wacks. The slab comes apart easily after, and no mess to clean up. Done it at least 15 times. Never had any damage.