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  1. Look up Numistacker on YouTube. He will show you everything you need to know
  2. 20- 2017 Niue Darth Vader Asking $20 each See photos US Shipping $3.50 UK Shipping $13.99 PP FF only
  3. For Sale OBO 2003- very toned $25 2001- gold rim tone $25 1993- $25 1999- Gold rim tone $30 2000- $35 2012 Dragon Privy $30 2008 1/2 Lunar mouse toned $15 See photos US Shipping $3.50 UK Shipping $13.99 PP FF only
  4. For Sale 10 1948 Mexico Silver Cuauhtemoc Cinco Pesos Really nice condition see photos Asking $28 each 2 -1979 Casa Moneda Una Onza 33.625 Gram silver Asking $28 each 1-1962 Mexico Silver Un Peso Asking $8 US Shipping $3.50 UK Shipping $13.99 PP FF only
  5. For Sale 13 Circulated peace dollars. These are not BU see photos show wear. Asking $17 each US Shipping $3.50 UK Shipping $13.99 PP FF only
  6. Other Investments, kids college fund, more pm throughout the year
  7. I will be listing some stuff tonight. Been meaning to just been lazy lol
  8. Finally got my 2oz Gold Una. Wanted to see what you guys would do? 1- Sell in OMP take the $25k and run 2- Grade with NGC take the $30+k and run 3- Grade with NGC and put it in the safe for 30 years( In my early 30s now) Just wanted to see what the wisdom of the forum thinks... Thanks
  9. Still haven't received mine yet. They're saying it will go out next week. Said they are waiting for packaging
  10. Cool coin but dont think it will come close to the Una coin
  11. I have a couple of 1995/1996 Panda privy in for grading With @Numistacker If youre interested Ill give you a good deal on one of them
  12. Yeah those are all the years. I have the #3 NGC kookaburra set and the coin with the highest points I have is the 1997 Panda Privy MS70
  13. 1995, 1996, and 1997 have Panda privy as well
  14. I wrap the slab in a micro fiber cloth(to avoid shrapnel), and hit the top corners and top edge with a hammer. A few whacks should do. I've done this with at least 20 slabs and never damaged the coin. Good luck