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  1. Depends on how many you have. If you have multiples I would try to put up both individuals, and sets. I had a similar situation a few months back with the same coins. I just looked at the last sold price and lowered it by $5 on ebay buy it now. All sold in 24 hours. Really depends how rainy it is. Hope the weather brightens up. I always try to keep Gold and Silver eagles around for when it rains but was buying a property so had to sell a few other things
  2. I wrap the slab in a microfiber towel and hammer the top with a few good wacks. The slab comes apart easily after, and no mess to clean up. Done it at least 15 times. Never had any damage.
  3. Did you have these gilded yourself or is there a company in europe that does it? I know they had guilding for 2004-2008 but wow what a cool set!
  4. Some of my Rarer Kooks from my NGC Registry set (Not necessarily rare by mintage but by grade)
  5. We must secure.... A future for our gold and silver✌✌✌😉😉😉
  6. I think I have one with the tower label. I'll check when I get home asking $199
  7. Hi Numi, Do you have a link where I can follow my Rhodesia Proof set through the auction? Thanks
  8. 1966 Rhodesia Proof Gold 1 Pound We'll see how it looks in person. Have a feeling the photos are altered
  9. Just my opinion but typically that haze will not come off through conservation on silver. I just had a coin go through with a similar hazing and it didn't come off. It did not get a details grade though. Don't take my word for it just opinion
  10. Don't Know if I'm to supposed to post this in this thread or not but I just got back some really Nice Grades from NGC on my 2 Rhodesia proof Sets. Including some top pop coins
  11. I Sold 4 PF70 1/4 proof Dragons for $1200 each and 1 $800 on Ebay. Have 2 left that have been sitting for a while at 800$
  12. Thats what I did. They come in roll of 20 coins.
  13. 2oz Libertad deal at JM Bullion 3.99 over spot. I collect bullion 2 oz liberatads and this is the cheapest Ive ever seen them!