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  1. Hello and welcome to the forum . Enjoy your hobby finding enough gold to support this hobby collecting more
  2. Someone been shopping in what is known to me as the milking parlour. I have got some really good coins from there so I can’t complain.
  3. Hello and welcome to the forum
  4. Hello and welcome to the forum
  5. I was wondering where is 2019 version, here we go 😁
  6. Hello and welcome to the forum
  7. Hello and welcome from this side of the pond
  8. I nearly bought a safe from a American shop over here (stack em high kinda place) I then looked it up on the internet and was put through to utube then watched the video. Glad I didn’t buy it I was horrified at the thought that a burglar could get into it quicker than I could if I had the keys. I’m looking for a safe but will not be placing it where it will arouse any curiosity. I am lucky enough to live quite close to the royal mint so I can use their facilities for storage. Safer than any bank. If nothing else this unfortunate person from Hull has provided us all with the stark realities of life. I am truly sorry for your circumstances. I won’t be buying any hookey coins.
  9. Hello & welcome to the forum from Cardiff
  10. Hello & welcome from wales
  11. Hello and welcome from Wales Sovereign's are amazing
  12. Hello and welcome to the forum from wales perhaps you can manufacture us a new sovereign (biochemically)