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  1. StackerNoob

    My plan to stack PMs

    This is far better advice that “don’t diversify”. No one in their right mind would stack just one type of silver. Stacking silver is supposed to be a diversification of your assets, so why stop applying the very sensible rule of diversification to your stack? I agree with the general idea of buying what you like. So pick a few candidates and go with those. You are allowed to enjoy your stack you know, it’s not supposed to feel like a chore!
  2. Unlike for Annie, tomorrow did arrive for me! A nice fat package has just landed on my desk, looking forward to dismantling it on camera tonight!
  3. StackerNoob

    New member

    @aggiyama Welcome to the forum! Although you are playing it safe, you will learn very quickly that the royal mint is astronomically expensive compared to many other vendors. Keep an eye out in the trade section on this very forum for some great deals!
  4. Has the forum been really quiet lately? I dont know, but it seems to me as though there has been a real slow down in the pace of the forum over the last few weeks. I can only attribute this to the fall in silver prices. Are we really that fickle?
  5. Yeh I know Im asking alot, but Im getting major FOMO here!
  6. Checked with our postroom just now...nothing :'-(. "The sun'll come out, tomorrow! Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun..."
  7. Fingers crossed the post lady fills the spot on my desk I have ready for my package today 🙂
  8. StackerNoob

    Is it just me, or.....

    I too have fallen foul of the search engine on a couple of occasions. Maybe needs tweaking. I think that you have hit the nail on the head. The proportional share of quality threads has decreased somewhat recently.
  9. StackerNoob

    Is it just me, or.....

    Now waiting for someone to create an account named "BYB's Table", for trolling purposes only.
  10. StackerNoob

    Is it just me, or.....

    Cool! A whodunnit for the digital age. I was in the drawing room holding the letter opener, honest i was officer!
  11. StackerNoob

    Is it just me, or.....

    Haha! But thats what I mean. I want quality bants and the roflcoptor seems to have lost altitude. You could even say there as been a lolacaust. In any case, I'm probably just imagining it. Ignore me.
  12. StackerNoob

    Is it just me, or.....

    This is definitely true. But are those members translating into new content? This is also definitely true and I have noticed lots of new trade posts recently. Maybe I am imagining things. Or maybe Im spending too much time on TSF myself and so Im getting through everything and sitting waiting on someone posting something. Just seems sometimes I can be waiting hours for a new post. I assume there are analytics available in the back office somewhere?
  13. StackerNoob

    Silver is for collecting, Golds for stacking!

    How do you know that "100's of kilos" isnt what @sixgun weighs? 😄
  14. StackerNoob

    Want to say hi and thanks

    I can tell you are going to be my kind of guy. Welcome to the forum! @vanderPoot!
  15. StackerNoob

    I am a YouTube Millionaire!!!!!!

    Nice work man! Im with @AgD, on your tail with a massive 34,000 views ans 132,000 watch time minutes (Im secretly quite pleased with that actually, thats 3 months, not bad!). My other YouTube channel has 6 years worth of views so Im with you on that weird feeling thinking about how much time people have spent watching your content. Your channel has exploded over the last year and I'm pleased to have been able to watch it grow from the early days. I now have the same number of subs that you had when I subbed to you (circa 500), so I fully expect to have over 7000 subs next year! (fat chance!)
  16. I started stacking silver with the intention of running a YouTube channel to document my progress. There were alot of very experienced stacker channels out there and I felt like a complete noob in comparison. So I called my channel Stacker Noob UK. I guess the British propensity to talk yourself down played a factor.
  17. Then you're doing it wrong mate 😉
  18. StackerNoob

    Here we go again - eBay UK 10% off

    Honestly struggling to find any good deals. Im in the market for a 1/4 oz gold coin, either a lib, maple or eagle, but cant find anything. Seems all the best deals have been snapped up already. Same with silver, no good deals!
  19. StackerNoob

    Made My First Silver Video (be gentle)

    Nice work mate. Good call thinking about the 10 oz beasts, they are pretty cool!
  20. I disagree with the effect on the £, I think its being overplayed myself. But I do agree with you re: the Corbyn risk. In fact, I'm working on quite an involved video on the venezuelan hyperinflation as we speak. I hope to have it published in the next week or two.
  21. Since this is a PMs forum, I always quite surprised to hear people talking negatively about Brexit. Presumably, if you buy PMs you know a thing or two about how the financial system works and by extension how economics works, and how the Euro is in a seriously precarious position. The risk of high inflation is real for GBP because we printed a load of money after 2008, but hyperinflation risk is minimal. We stopped printing money a few years ago here, but the ECB only just started tapering their asset purchase program. Moreover, there is a real risk of Italy removing itself from the eurozone, whereas no part of the UK is seriously considering dumping the £. If you think the chances of the UK going to the wall because of Brexit are high then you have been seriously mislead by MSM. Look at the fundementals. Everything points to Euro weakness. We are in a position of enormous strenght, but out leaders have been cucked beyond belief. Also as an aside, the media in this country like to talk down the £, without realising that 75% of the moves recently are down to dollar strength. Almost every currency has declined 5-10% on the dollar in the last 5 months.
  22. StackerNoob

    Cheeky so and so

    SOOOO last month, you have been away too long. All the cool kids have moved on to starting sentences with abbrevs.
  23. StackerNoob

    Chards - VAT Free Silver

    I wont be making a purchase on this occasion, but any more bullion coins that come up at £13 and I might consider it. Guys credit where its due, £13.15 is an unbelievably good price for an oz of silver from a UK based dealer. I think you'd struggle to find anything cheaper. EDIT: Just noticed thats for vaulted storage. God damn it, sucked in by the smoke and mirrors.
  24. StackerNoob

    Big hello from ireland

    I always say to folk that Edinburgh is the perfect city for students. Its big enough to feel like a proper city, but small enough that you can get blind drunk and be able to walk home instead of trying to find a taxi! I miss home 😞 Oh, welcome @silverdocket 😉