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  1. StackerNoob

    Resting bitch

    I enjoy dairy fudge
  2. StackerNoob

    The Coin Couch GAW win!

    Its alright guys, I still remember the days when you had to "activate" the text messaging feature on mobiles 😄
  3. StackerNoob

    The Coin Couch GAW win!

    Giveaway. Showing your age mate 😉
  4. StackerNoob

    goldsilver.be very dodgey

    My two pennies. People need to stop giving this company pass after pass after pass. You shouldn't have to stay civil just to get what is lawfully yours. I'm not saying go mental, but as a paying customer you would have every right to be insistent and ever so slightly forceful in your demands. It worries me how many people out there who are less confident may have succumbed to their attitude of omnipotence. I dont know what has happened to them as I also had a few decent orders from them. I had one issue that was small enough that I never bothered to highlight it. I'm not going to go around bad mouthing them, but they should understand that the PM world can be a small one, and what goes around comes around.
  5. StackerNoob

    Yale of Beaufort - Queen's Beasts

    That is horrific....ly beautiful! Love it!
  6. StackerNoob


    Go on then I’ll reserve a 10 oz Brit too then!
  7. StackerNoob


    Are we able to officially reserve pieces with you or will it be a case of snapping them up on the day?
  8. StackerNoob


    Why did you have to go and confuse me again. Now I think I want a brit bar!
  9. StackerNoob


    Damn what to choose!? How can I quench my thirst and still eat? I eventually want the 5,10 and 20 oz set of rough cast Scottsdale bars but do I ask for some of those or a 10 oz Britannia to start? I guess I’m more hungry for a 20 oz bar, so if any of those are coming I’d love to have my name against one.
  10. StackerNoob

    Royal Mint Britannia bars

    You are quickly becoming my favourite member. I will be contacting you ALOT! Haha
  11. My first goal of 2019 is to fill a tube of britannias. I've been waiting for a chance to strike a good deal here on the forum and found one! At £14 oer oz, I went halfers on a tube of mixed brits with @caloundracats from @fiveshotdon Cheers!
  12. StackerNoob

    Hello everyone

    I would be really grateful if you could give us a guide price on these now, just a ballpark figure would be great. Cheers
  13. StackerNoob

    Hello everyone

    Ah of course, the tombstone nuggets are awesome! I completely forgot about those. Would love to collect that range.
  14. StackerNoob

    Hello everyone

    @MrScottsdale Will be watching for your sales with great interest. I really like the cast bars, especially the 20ozr they do. Can you get a hold of those?
  15. StackerNoob

    completed 10oz QB Red Dragon of Wales

    Hey guys, Before I go out an purchase one from a dealer, I just wanted to check if anyone had a spare 10oz QB Dragon that they wouldnt mind parting with? I'd be willing to pay between £150-£160 plus postage depending on condition. Let me know, Cheers
  16. StackerNoob

    completed 10oz QB Red Dragon of Wales

    No one want to help a brother out? I'll order online tomorrow if not but if you have a spare one that you would like to give a new home let me know asap!
  17. StackerNoob

    completed 10oz QB Red Dragon of Wales

    Fell through. I’m back in the market if anyone has a spare for me. Cheers
  18. Definitely noticed an uptick in shrinkflation over the last 5 years. Have you seen the size of multipack choccie bars now? I could inhale the entire pack and I wouldnt even cough!
  19. StackerNoob

    for sale rhodium 1/2 oz

    Extra cheeky bump :-)
  20. StackerNoob

    How do you enjoy your gold/silver?

    I think most of us blokes will understand this 😄
  21. StackerNoob

    How do you enjoy your gold/silver?

    I'm quite partial to a random "lets have a play with the silver" session. I'll spend maybe 30 mins or so just looking at whatever I happen to have in the house at the time.
  22. StackerNoob

    Responce to how to stack, plus my logo

    Stack what you like, and like what you stack! Its a very simple rule! I get a little annoyed when I get questions on my videos asking why im not stacking generic rounds. Everything I buy is bought for a reason, and those reasons are MINE. Great chat dude!
  23. StackerNoob

    My £5000 haul!

    So my spreadsheet tells me that I have now spent a cumultive £5000 on my silver and gold. Small fry for some but a firtune to others. It also coincided with my two year anniversary of the first piece of silver I ever bought. Enjoy!
  24. StackerNoob

    My £5000 haul!

    Haha I know what you mean, but I spend a few minutes going over the main points in my head before I start. Im far from perfect, I sometimes slow to a halt to give myself time to think, I get mind blanks when it comes to remembering words when Im speaking, always have!
  25. StackerNoob

    My £5000 haul!

    The predators are pretty cool, especially the cats! They are still dead cheap!