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  1. Its funny how the EU are acting like victims lashing out here. The whole function of the single market is to impose tariff and no- tariff barriers to insulate their own producers from outside competitors. The EU imposing tariffs on another country is in no way newsworthy.
  2. StackerNoob

    St Helena guinea, gorgeous

    Im not sold on this, especially considering the premium. They are nice enough but Im not yet ready to go for them. Just wanted to play devils advocate.
  3. StackerNoob

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    I love how diverse an order this is. So many different coins. Its nice because it reveals that we all like different thig but also we have our favourites as a community.
  4. StackerNoob

    Mint Packaging, or Supplier Packaging?

    I cant be sure but I imagine that is supplier packaging. Ive had a few bars/coins come in these bags and almost always they are supplier packaging.
  5. StackerNoob

    completed 20oz Scottsdale silver bars

    If its still available in two weeks time I fully intend to buy it
  6. StackerNoob

    Which QB 1/4 oz to pick up?

    Absolutely the griffin for me. Its a stunner.
  7. StackerNoob

    I just picked these up last week. 👌

    Are those the monarch set? How you liking them and how well do they fit?
  8. StackerNoob

    Do you buy new or secondhand gold?

    Its an interesting question. Stacking in general is so much easier to maintain when you are happy with your stack. For example, the scattershot of my silver stack was seriously denting my enjoyment of stacking generally. I've now made concerted efforts to tidy my stack and develop a deliberate stacking technique and Im so much more content. The question is does it matter to you if a coin is less than perfect? If so, is that for all coins or only a subset? For me, as long as the gold coin has been well looked after Ill take it. It doesnt have to be brand new, but as close to perfect as possible is what I go for. I know people say gold is gold etc but what fun is there in looking at a beaten up coin when for a few quid more you could get something thats nice to look at too. Sovereigns are different though in that they are mostly in obviously used condition, but thats ok with me as sovereigns are a special coin. In fact I would go as far as saying an uncirculated sovereign looks really odd and not at all attractive, whereas a 100 year old with some wear looks lovely.
  9. StackerNoob

    Monthly Goals?

    I stack whatever I have left after putting a set amount away into savings and paying everything off that I need to. Basically whatever I have left at the end of the month gets moved to a stack account I have for the next month. Its usually between £100 and £200 per month. A quarter of any bonuses I get at work also goes on stacking.
  10. StackerNoob

    New Ebay Nectar Changes

    Got the same email this morning. It wont affect me too much as the most I have ever spent on ebay is £200. Still, bummer for the high stakes rollers.
  11. StackerNoob


  12. StackerNoob


    @PansPurse name drop for you now dude!
  13. StackerNoob

    Wedding Rings ???

    I would also be interested in what people suggest here. The missus agreed to put up with me for life a year or so ago so we are starting to make plans now.
  14. StackerNoob


    My package has also just arrived. Ill do an unboxing video when I get home! Glad to see all was well @ PansPurse.
  15. StackerNoob

    Home Brewing

    Right you are. Pint on me at some point then!
  16. StackerNoob

    Home Brewing

    I'll reserve a bottle and take receipt at the next coin fair please. Whats the going rate?
  17. StackerNoob

    Survey for my article

    Was about to hit the hay but I guess I can spare a few minutes :-) 1) My favourite 1 oz bars are the Prospectors G&Gs poured bars, gorgeous. At 10 oz, although I dont have any, the scottdale cast kitkat bars look amazing. 1kg has to be Umicore cast bars, as a few on the forum would agree. 2) I prefer bigger chunkier pieces for aesthetics, 5 oz upwards, but 1 oz coins and bars for storage and convenience. 3) The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We just call it the UK though 😉
  18. StackerNoob

    Nazi Silver

    It looks that way. Its a shame because the thread was a debate on why its ok to own nazi coins despite the artocities and was completely above board but its about to risk descending into questionable territory :-S
  19. StackerNoob


    Good lad. Mine has also left the international depot here in good ol' Blighty!
  20. StackerNoob


    I assume you created an account with them? My shipping info ends at Frankfurt and Im not sure how to track progress from there. Any ideas?
  21. StackerNoob

    Nazi Silver

    A lovely collection in stunning condition! I too am interested in WWII, but not to the extent you are admittedly. So much history in those pieces and lets not forgot that a Walther was a prized trophy of allied soldiers. Again, we are so focused on making sure people know we are not nazis that some of us will not even contemplate owning such pieces. You yourself felt the need, understandably so, to tell people that you are not in fact a nazi. How sad is that? Surely we should assume first that you are a history buff, secondly that you might be an antiques dealer of some kind, and a very distant third, that you might be a nazi sympathiser? I have the same issue with my copy of Mein Kampf. I was going to take it on my commute to pass the time but thought better of it knowing the looks I would get! EDIT: In fact, I would go even further and suggest that the fear of being labeled a nazi is probably putting some people off posting in this very thread. I guarentee there a a few members reading and wanting to contribute, but are so scared of being associated with the topic they choose not to post anything! Come on in guys and gals! I promise we arent trying to indoctrinate you!
  22. StackerNoob

    completed 20oz Scottsdale silver bars

    A lovely size to hold no doubt! I will be in touch should you somehow not find a buyer by July!
  23. StackerNoob

    completed 20oz Scottsdale silver bars

    Ash would you mind giving us a pic of it in hand so we can get a good idea of size?