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  1. Nothing. Everyone needs to chill the hell out. Hysterics are being whipped up by those who don’t want us to leave. Open your eyes and watch the hysteria on the news. You are being told to be scared. Choose not to be.
  2. Its really no surprise. People are defending the right for their country to exist as a sovereign entity and to retain a sense of national identity. People like to belong to a group, and your nationality is fundemental to your personal identity. Look which countries are highlighted. Italy and Hungary: gateway countries to the EU dealing with thousands of economic migrants attempting to just walk into their countries, invited to do so by the leader of another country that they dont even share a border with. Germany, where the people are taught from a young age to be ashamed of themselves for the sins of their great grandparents, and where millions of migrants from another culture are making their presence felt and threatening the national identity. The UK, where towns of the north and rural communities have been decimated by EU business rules, implemented by faceless bureaucrats paid for by lobbyists and whose institution is net funded by the UK taxpayer. This is the result of pushing collectivism, multiculturalism and globalism on ordinary people who dont want it and have never wanted it. People in these countries are identifying firstly as people of their nation, and then people of Europe. Trying to swap that order will never work.
  3. StackerNoob

    **NOVEMBER** Group order

    So jealous, I couldn’t join in this time unfortunately, but if anyone has a spare 10 oz QB dragon for me ye shall get a fair price on payday!...Anyone? Aww ok 😞
  4. StackerNoob

    U.S. Elections

    Our MSM are a joke. The entire coverage from a few weeks back until now has been how the Dems were going to win this seat and that seat etc. Literally 90% dedicated to talking Dem strategy. If that is not a clear indicator of bias I don't know what is. Here's the truth. For a sitting president, Trump absolutely smashed these elections. The Dems have done nothing but cry and throw sh1t at Trump and his staff/picks for the judiciary and none of it has stuck. For all the apparent scandal and "disgraceful" behavior of Trump, they barely managed a ripple, let alone a wave. And now they have literally come out saying they will block everything Trump wants to do. What an amazing thing for elected representatives to say. Everything? EVERYTHING? Just for the sake of it? So the context of what he wants to do doesn't matter, because its what Trump wants? They have precisely zero ideas other than "f*ck Trump!". That is what that country's democracy has become. And people will want to blame Trump, when the real problem is the entitled, snooty, arrogant perpetual martyrs that are the Dems. Its got to the point of such derangement that they are prepared to support a caravan of illegal immigrants simply walking into their country unvetted. What self respecting nation would allow that? Its not racist to want to know who is crossing your borders. I have skin in this game, my fathers side of the family are American, and Im over there a few times a year. I see the division first hand and honestly, the problem is not the average republican voter, its the AVERAGE democrat voter.
  5. StackerNoob

    Is London all that great?

    I've lived in London for 7 years now and I honestly hate it now. At first it was an adventure, and I initially came here to study. But the misses' mum lives here and shes reluctant to move away. We cant ever afford to buy here so we don't really have any choice but to leave, and I couldn't be happier about that. It wasn't actually a very good place to be a student at all. Its far too big and everything is miles away from each other. 20 miles in London is a two hour journey easily. Plus, when I was studying there was no night tube, so getting home after a heavy sesh was awful. Now that I'm a professional I am forced to interact with the rudest and most inconsiderate group of people you will ever meet; the rush hour commuter. I actually despise 50% of people who use the tube in the mornings. This place is not what I imagined. London being such a draw for all peoples has suffered from importing the less admirable qualities of other cultures and the place is now full of inwardly looking people who only think of themselves. Queue? What queue? Elderly or pregnant lady needs a seat? Forget about it. Wow, that was a rant and a half, maybe I needed to get that out of my system!
  6. StackerNoob

    Hi Everyone from the UK!

    Its very easy, just dont ask @BackyardBullion for any BLOODY KRUGERRANDS! Welcome btw! Nice to see more UK stackers on the scene!
  7. StackerNoob

    Order has been stolen

    Outstanding stuff. I've loved reading this thread from start to finish, it was like an epic novel, twists, turns and a whodunnit for good measure. Glad its getting resolved, hopefully the knob that stole it will be caught in the end.
  8. StackerNoob

    Cash is King

    NASDAQ down 4.5% bloody hell. It'll be interesting to see how asia reacts tomorrow.
  9. StackerNoob

    **NOVEMBER** Group order

    Time to go shopping! I have saved this months allocation up and will combine with next months. I'm excited! Glad to see the EU mint are price matching most bullion, means I can give them my money and vote with my feet as I hoped to be able to do.
  10. StackerNoob

    YouTube Trolls Funny Comments

    Apparently this guy thinks I'm the next Hunt brother...
  11. StackerNoob

    Complete noob saying hello

    @Nemo86Welcome aboard, glad you have come across my videos!
  12. StackerNoob

    Silver Deals.....

    Indeed that is a great price. And it does included all fees and VAT, and you pay direct into a UK bank account so theres no cost there either! Again, these guys do not get enough credit, I just wish they had more stock!
  13. StackerNoob

    The Influence of YouTube

    After suggesting this topic for @BackyardBullion a few weeks ago, I finally get round to chatting about this topic from my perspective. Let me know what you think!
  14. StackerNoob

    The Influence of YouTube

    Thanks very much! I'll be completely honest here, this is all done with an iPhone 6. I have changed the video capture to 1080p 60fps and it results in surprisingly good video quality. iPhone camaras are by default 720p 30 fps but there is a hidden setting to change that. The audio is from the iPhone too! I do have a seperate mic for my other YT channel adventures, but I tend not to bother using it as its a bit of a faff. My tripod is actually the worst part of my setup. I used to use a tripod I made myself, but I bought a cheap one on ebay recently. Its fine except you might notice a bit of camara wobble and the base isnt too stable. Something I need to change for sure.
  15. StackerNoob

    Newbie stacker

    Im yet to use auragentum. Shipping is reasonable. Any hidden costs there? Like to they accept £ or do you have to pay in euros?
  16. StackerNoob

    Newbie stacker

    Im in London myself although I cant claim to be a native! Sounds like you have quite a sizeable stack already! gs.be are certainly one of the cheapest, but other good sellers include europeanmint, coininvest and eldoradocoins. I have used them all and have been pleased. Glad to have you aboard!
  17. StackerNoob

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    Oh I know. It’s the reason I keep coming back, I love this place. I happen to have a PhD myself. I’m simpny saying that probably 10 members have commented in a typically predatory lawyer type of way, the kind that don’t care for the the circumstances, but only for finding the one clause that will mean they win. End of the day, no matter how you frame it, this was an astoundingly poor show from gs.be from the start.
  18. StackerNoob

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    Having read the entire thread and in full possession of the facts, I will not be using gs.be again. I understand that the OP was the one who broke the contract and that therefore a cancellation fee would be incurred. However, I have a real issue with the fact that this was not explicitly communicated with the OP until after the order had been cancelled. Gs.be are hiding behind their terms of service, which technically they are allowed to do, but in reality this is awful practice. And I’m it sure what the law says about holding a second contract to ransom because of a previous contract breach, im pretty sure that IS illegal. If they weren’t happy they should not have agreed to the second contract which they have done by shipping part of the order and taking his money for it. I have checked and around the time of the 8-10 hour wait between the order being created and then “cancelled”, the price of silver fluctuated between £11.70 and 11.87 per oz. Or in other words, 1.5%. So at the very very most, they could charge a fee of around 150 euros (let’s pretend for the sake of argument that they actually lost anything, which they didn’t at all, the stock didn’t magically get up and leave and return lighter the next day). That would include a small admin fee (I won’t accept anyone trying to tell me that glancing over a shoulder and checking they still had the stock on their shelves cost them anything, they hadn’t shipped the coins so at worst they moved a couple of boxes around a bit). Im sorry but I have worked in many customer facing roles in my youth and would be sacked on the spot for dealing with a complaint like this. There is zero requirement for this attitude. Seems we have quite a few armchair lawyers in here tonight, and I’m quite shocked that many of you are willing to deal with a business that might talk to you like that if things go wrong. Anyway that’s my two cents on the matter. I’m still besties with you all 🙂
  19. StackerNoob

    wanted Looking for lunar

    I can source a 1/2 rooster if interested. PM me if you want to.
  20. StackerNoob

    Help needed. Is this a proof Canadian Silver Maple ?

    Why am I getting deja vu over this image? I feel like this has been posted before?
  21. StackerNoob

    Silver Deals.....

    Indeed. Cannot recommend them enough. One of the best suppliers in my opinion. They just need to up their game in terms of stock.
  22. StackerNoob

    Latest Tuvalu Marvel Coin - Deadpool

    Hmm, Im collecting these too, cant say im that impressed by this one. Could have chosen a better pose, thats what he's good at after all!
  23. StackerNoob

    Hi👋 Guys Newbie here

    Welcome@NuCoin! Plenty of lovers of older coinage on here! I'm more bullion myself but each to their own!
  24. StackerNoob


    Welcome @dannybook, you've made a wise choice. Bullion by post is rarely the best option for buying. They have the odd deal but it is rare. Look on the for sale section of these forums for good deals!