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  1. Thanks mate. Yes I thought it was rather fitting! Easily one of my favourite pieces but it deserves to be seen and held by someone new!
  2. Having reached 1000 subs, I've decided to give something back to my loyal followers! Check out the video on how to enter! @BackyardBullion your 1000 subs bar is going to a new home!
  3. My latest unboxing for you, and a nice gift from eldoradocoins.de who I will continue to shout for. Cheers!
  4. No it is not. At least not in my opinion. That sentence is a clear and direct incitement to violence and should be illegal. Unless we agree that such speech is not ok, the authoritarian PC types will continue to make the case, and have evidence for banning alot of other forms of speech. Advocates of free speech must hold this line with vigour if we are to protect the principles of free speech.
  5. I personally draw the line at inciting damage to person or property. Anything else should be completely legal. That way, if you are a racist nutjob everyone around you will know you are exactly that. You will be able to tell anyone you want what you think of group X or person Y, but don't expect them to be you friend afterwards.
  6. Only Mrs Noob knows where I store my stack. Only my father and brother (who both also buy) have any idea of my collection. I know about there stuff and so while I trust them with my life, should anything suspicious happen, there will be mutually assured losses.
  7. Libertads, they have a tiny mintage and command a premium but appreciate very nicely
  8. So in order for me to feel like I have properly completed a tube of Krugerrands, I had to buy the 2017 PU edition too. But they are so overpriced its ridiculous. However, somehow I snagged this beaut for a very reasonable price! I'm pleased!
  9. Cheers to all of you who have supported my efforts on YouTube! You guys rule! Maybe I'll do a little giveaway now...
  10. Glad to see you had a good experience! Lovely choice of coins btw!
  11. I'm not sure, do ladies consider "sturdy" to be a compliment? Let me think of an alternative...robust, stocky, well-built, well-crafted, strong-legged, resilient <--- there you go, got it!
  12. Haha I dont think so, I have a glass table, not nearly as sturdy as the old girl of @BackyardBullion
  13. @BackyardBullionI guess as long as you can show that you don't actually gain anything that could be deemed a business asset then you are fine. Having said that I think you once mentioned that you keep the packaging materials and reuse them for your parcels, but unless the VAT man is interested in your packaging then you will probably be ok. The only thing I can think of that might be an issue is the tubes/monster boxes you end up with that I imagine you sell on (totally fine with us here of course), or maybe the tips people give? I have no idea, you should probably not listen to me and just listen to your accountant!
  14. You will sell it mate, just bad timing, it’s the middle of the month and everyone is skint or close to skint. Wait two weeks and people will be fighting over it!