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  1. StackerNoob

    Whats the " Poshest " brand/sought after/most collectable Gold/Silver?

    There is no contest. UK & Europe
  2. StackerNoob

    My favourite silver stacking Youtubers

    Thanks alot, pushed my pretty basic editing skills and software to the limit!
  3. StackerNoob

    My favourite silver stacking Youtubers

    Why thank you! Glad you enjoyed and please do check those guys out, some top drawer stuff!
  4. StackerNoob

    My favourite silver stacking Youtubers

    Thanks dude! You've been a top fiver for a long time! Keep pouring videos coming!
  5. Hi guys, Bit of a different one here. I spent quite some time editing this one so hopefully you enjoy. Its a rundown of my favourite stacking channels. There are some controversial picks and some that others will hate, but these are my picks for entertainment value more than anything else. There may or may not be a cheeky mention of one @BackyardBullion, but you'll have to watch to find out! Cheers
  6. He does get quite a few trolls on his live streams for some reason, I dont remember exactly what the subject matter was but he had people spamming his chat and creating new accounts to get around the banning.
  7. StackerNoob

    Today I Received.....

    I’ll just leave these here a wait for the likes 😉
  8. I echo these two picks. Lynette is excellent and I always tune in the live q and a sessions they have. I like maneco64 too and have spoken to him a couple of times, he even asked me to moderate his love chat once. Nice guy and well informed.
  9. StackerNoob

    SHTF Hypothetical

    Hyperinflation requires central banks to print new money into oblivion. If all the QE money finally trickles into the real economy we might get very high inflation but not hyperinflation, not yet. Sterling will be one of the last surviving fiat currencies IMO
  10. StackerNoob

    My Mexican stack

    Beautiful stuff man, real nice effort! A tube of libs is on my list this year, and I would love a 50 pesos piece one day.
  11. Recieved mine yesterday morning as promised. Will do an unboxing this weekend but Im sure all is well 🙂
  12. StackerNoob

    withdrawn 1/4 oz Queen's Beasts Lion and Griffin

    Aww you charmer 🙂 It is a good feeling though right, organising the stack? Stops impulse buys too (having said that my last two buys were impulse and cost me £500 quid 😞
  13. StackerNoob

    for sale 14 x 5 Reichsmark

    I assume no tracking or insurance?
  14. StackerNoob

    withdrawn 1/4 oz Queen's Beasts Lion and Griffin

    Oi, I coined that phrase, this is intelluctual (questionable how intelluctual) property theft! 😞
  15. StackerNoob

    Sovereign or Quarter Britannia?

    Agreed they are the preferred choice for most, but I still dont like em 🙂