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  1. I'm not sure, do ladies consider "sturdy" to be a compliment? Let me think of an alternative...robust, stocky, well-built, well-crafted, strong-legged, resilient <--- there you go, got it!
  2. Haha I dont think so, I have a glass table, not nearly as sturdy as the old girl of @BackyardBullion
  3. @BackyardBullionI guess as long as you can show that you don't actually gain anything that could be deemed a business asset then you are fine. Having said that I think you once mentioned that you keep the packaging materials and reuse them for your parcels, but unless the VAT man is interested in your packaging then you will probably be ok. The only thing I can think of that might be an issue is the tubes/monster boxes you end up with that I imagine you sell on (totally fine with us here of course), or maybe the tips people give? I have no idea, you should probably not listen to me and just listen to your accountant!
  4. You will sell it mate, just bad timing, it’s the middle of the month and everyone is skint or close to skint. Wait two weeks and people will be fighting over it!
  5. Hahaha! She’s not wrong though is she!? I haven’t been the biggest defender of gs.be but I may have to start ordering from them again soon!
  6. Personally if this extension Tusk is proposing goes through I will relish the EU elections in May. It will send a signal loud and clear, easily over half of our members will be Brexiteers.
  7. Despite this being only a bullion bar (hence poorly packaged for shipment from the mints and prone to damage) I think this bar rivals the beauty of the PAMP Fortuna. Thanks to @MrScottsdale for sourcing this for me and giving me a good deal. I may yet buy another!
  8. I've been buying all the way down and bought quite a bit during this latest sideways period. This pop is welcome news for me. I've never given up on crypto and during the bear market I adjusted my portfolio to only include projects I believe have a realistic chance of success, namely: BTC, LTC, NEO, EOS, OMG, ADA, KCS, ICX, ONT and NANO. All have use cases/interesting technology/prime placement etc. I especially loaded up on KCS, as I believe Kucoin is a viable exchnage that will see alot of use during the next bull run. These were priced at $17 once upon a time, so I bought a bag at $0.49. Already above $2 now and will continue upwards.
  9. Hey folks, My latest unboxing for you here. I picked up 10 2008 libertads and I'm pretty pleased. I knew full well that some of these were spotted and toned, but a little TLC can fix all of that I think! What do you reckon, bargain? Libertads are always a safe bet, 2008s sell for £25-30 on ebay without issue, so even if in less than perfect condition, I think Im on to a winner!
  10. I actually want to cry this is so pretty, and I of course cannot afford any more purchases until the end of April 😞
  11. @PansPursedo threads like this make you smile just a little? 🙂
  12. Hi everyone! In my latest video, I take you through my meidum term intentions for my stack, what I'll be adding and which sets I'll be continuing to pursue. If any of you happen to have anything Im after please let me know! I'm closing in on 1000 subscribers, so if you havent already, please sub, and get in the comments! Cheers!