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  1. Thanks to all who have been in touch with offers. I am now spent for the month and have managed to source some quality items! Stay tuned for next month!
  2. I certainly don’t mind! Thanks for sharing. I do t want people coming in pointing out the inaccuracies though, this is simply a very top level basic mind experiment. Not intended to be 100% accurate!
  3. I think the drill test is the issue. I would have snapped this up myself were it not for that. I think Mike knows this unfortunately. Such a nice piece otherwise!
  4. Mexican 50 pesos gold piece. That thing is absolutely lethal.
  5. Tempter. Let me have a think about it a little more. 🙂
  6. I have actually checked out your listing on a number of occasions but weirdly it’s the facts it’s slabbed that’s putting me off! Good price though no doubt, I will have to think about that one! How much you need for the 2012 Brit? That I would definitely be interested in.
  7. Hi All, I'm hoping this won't get me in trouble. I'm after a number of items and so this seems the easiest way of doing things. So not so long ago I set out my goals for the year in a video on my channel. I listed a number of items that I was in the market for and in order to source some of these, I thought I would do a largish WANTED thread on the off chance that some of you might have the odd piece lying around that you are prepared to part with. Some of these will be harder to source than others, and some of these items may already be available somewhere in the listings, but this is just my way of doing things. I will open and close this thread as I flip between having funds and not. My prices are ambitious but not unfair. If you think you can come close please make me an offer! So if the thread is in WANTED status, I have cash on hand to spend, where it is in EXPRESSION OF INTEREST I don't have cash right now but still need some items on my list. I will only COMPLETE this listing when I get everything I want! So without further delay, here is my current list! 1) 6 1 oz silver Britannias (any year outside 2015-2017 preferred) PAY UPTO £16/oz depending on year 2) 8 1 oz silver Libertads (any year outside 2008) PAY upto £18/oz depending on year 3) 10 1 oz silver krugerrands (2019 preferred) PAY UPTO £14.20 per oz 4) ****10 oz silver Canadian Royal Mint bar PAY UPTO £165 depending on condition **** - SOURCED 5) 1/4 oz Gold Libertad, any year PAY UPTO £300 depending on year 6) 1/4 oz Gold Queens Beast Griffin PAY UPTO £290 depending on condition 7) 1/4 oz Gold Maple leaf, 2015 onwards preferred PAY £275 😎 1/4 oz Gold Perth Mint Kangaroo PAY UPTO £290 depending on year ***=current must have piece
  8. I'm aware those are quarters not dime but I did mean dimes. Do you not have them in tubes also? Thanks
  9. How many mercury dimes in a tube mate?
  10. Thanks mate, like I say its my attempt to give us lowly channels a bit of a boost! I'll likely do a whole video on all the nominated channels
  11. Thanks mate. Yes I thought it was rather fitting! Easily one of my favourite pieces but it deserves to be seen and held by someone new!
  12. Having reached 1000 subs, I've decided to give something back to my loyal followers! Check out the video on how to enter! @BackyardBullion your 1000 subs bar is going to a new home!