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  1. Hey folks, I have come across this little half oz pendant type thing. Was wondering if any of you wizzes could do your thing and let me know what the hallmarks mean and anything else you can think to mention. It looks to be sterling to me. Cheers!
  2. He has fantastic ripples...so they say
  3. I agree with some of the recent comments here. We have been creeping towards dangerous territory gradually, but I think that if anything other than us leaving on the 31st occurs, it will be breaking point for 17.4 million abandoned voters, who will feel, quite rightly, that they are sneered at, that they are in no way in control of what happens to their lives, and that they might as well ignore democracy as a means to an end. What option do people have if you take their voice away. How else will they be seen and heard? Its not advocating violence, its basic logic. I don't agree that the electorate will let this slide, ever.
  4. Haha no worries mate! Glad to have helped you find the place! Welcome!
  5. I buy the odd bit of gold here and there. I’m mostly a silver guy, around 400 oz now, but have about 1.5 oz gold too. I actually need to rebalance a bit, would like to reach 2 oz gold by the years end
  6. A total stunner, just can not justify a purchase at this time. I would be biting your hand off otherwise and I’m shocked this hasn’t been snapped up already
  7. Can confirm RAH is a fantastic venue. All seats are excellent. @Shinus73 also had my graduation from ICL there, quite a spectacle!
  8. I have a lot of family in St Pete and Hillsborough County so I know Tampa very well! Welcome!
  9. Yeh, this will be a problem for you 😂. Welcome!
  10. That 1911 Indian head is beautiful. If I hadn’t just bought a 1/4 QB griffin I would have taken him!
  11. Ok rant of the day for me. The media on on Dominic Cummings' back now spewing faux outrage at his comment that public rage against brexit delay should be expected. I dont understand the angle the media are gunning for here. It seems that even an obvious statement of fact is now grounds to be "outraged". Personally, I love the new "**** you" attitude the goverment and Cummings are adopting, its the perfect reposte to the 3 years of money-backed procedural tinkering **** yous that remainers have been giving Breixt. I know its not very parliamentarian, or conventional or even diplomatic, but the government have tried to get parliament to fall in line with implementing what the people voted for , and what parliament agreed to, and they have behaved appallingly. Even going as far as to not allow the Tories to have their conference. I didn't notice any of the remain parties trying to smash down the doors of the commons when their conferences were ongoing! They made a serious error there. No matter what you think of Brexit, that right there cannot be defended as anything but hypocritical.