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  1. @StackSellRepeat has been selling mystery silver coins for a bargain price. I bought two, and I was not disappointed!
  2. I opened my two tonight. No complaints at all. Paid for the mystery factor but ended up with coins that are definitely worth more than 17.50 each!
  3. You have FAR more than most regular folks and probably a lot more than most on this forum I’d say!
  4. Just a cheeky little experiment on my part. Originally wanted to make a few easy but different xmas gifts (apparently I unknowingly stole this idea from @jonrms, sorry mate!) But i ordered a bit more than I needed to see how easy it was to sell the stuff too. If it doesnt sel then Ive lost nothing at the end of the day! Wish me luck!
  5. Can’t believe this hasn’t sold yet mate!
  6. Just the one mate? How many you got left?
  7. Honestly this sounds ideal. Would love a silverforum road trip!
  8. A lovely chunk! Excellent first attempt nice work! Now do some kit kat pours and you will have my attention 😉
  9. Hey folks, I have come across this little half oz pendant type thing. Was wondering if any of you wizzes could do your thing and let me know what the hallmarks mean and anything else you can think to mention. It looks to be sterling to me. Cheers!
  10. He has fantastic ripples...so they say