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  1. I'm somewhere in between. As nice as it is to smell clean air, hear the sound of silence and not have to commute, its not pleasant seeing people so anxious and tetchy. Also, I am not prepared to sacrifice personal freedoms such as the ability to go where I want when I want, for any longer than is necessary. Financially I am well ready for this as many of us here will be, but whats the point if we cant do anything with it?
  2. Too right. Me and misses Noob are currently in the process of buying ourselves. Despite the turmoil, we are still pressing ahead. If prices tank 20-30% it'll still be worth it to get out.
  3. It depends why you are doing it. If you are worried about a shortage of physical cash, then perhaps. But if its because you are worried about the solvency of banks, then its a no. I'm not a fan of the banks by any means, but the banking system is not the problem here. The markets are tanking but there isn't really any threat of funding freezing, especially with all the money that's being created right now.
  4. I dont think it would cost all that much to streamline a few bits here and there. And to be honest most of my gripe is with the payment and delivery process. That what I'd want fixed. As BYB says its this way for a reason but I still feel there are a few fixes they could implement that would make it far easier to buy from them. But this is their model, its obviously works for them so they have no reason to listen to me, I'm just voicing an opinion that I know is not uncommon among members. A little investment now would pay dividends quite quickly, I believe.
  5. Please do, I'd love to use them I really would, but I'm a lazy sod at times and if any ordering procedure (including shipping, I think long term they need to properly sort this out) is too clunky I just give up!
  6. Thats the real problem with Eu mint. They dont make it easy to buy from them at all. I'd rather pay a little more in item cost to have an easy checkout procedure.
  7. I dont understand. The delivery cost is an additional charge that has nothing to do with the price of the stock a dealer carries. Can we not work out delivery costs on an individual basis? For example, I would be happy to take all your kangaroos as mentioned previously. has these at £15.02 each.But they insist on huge deliver fees to cover themselves with insurance. And they charge a card use fee. You dont have to do either of these things. So is it possible to set the price to match those shown online and then sort postage? If falling into loss territory is an issue then we can talk about that too. You dont want to set a price but you know what price you will break even at? Im not trying to cause any issues, I actually trying to ask questions I know alot of us will now have. Cheers
  8. Chuck me down for both the silver libertads once you've got a price for them And the kangaroos too, that'll start my next tube off perfect
  9. This was literally a story on the BBC end of last week. If that is the plan, its bloody genius.
  10. How have you uncovered my master plan?! Who are you!? What do you want!?!?
  11. @MrScottsdale any chance of a spare 10 oz capsule mate? Really need one!
  12. Great point. It’s a demonstration of the god complex central banks have. You can’t force people to buy shite they don’t want.
  13. Guys on Bloomberg are uncharacteristically jumpy right now. The anchor just went on a full on rant about central bank inaction. They are worried, clearly.
  14. I have been systematically stealing single toilet rolls from work for over a month. Got a lovely little supply now but no doubt itll be gone in a couple hours if the missus has to stay home. Women go through that stuff like oxygen
  15. Another set of predators sold. 1 remaining. Added 0 minutes later... I’d be interestiled in the 2018. PMd
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