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  1. Welcome! That 100 oz bar looks very interesting, I've personally never seen one like that but other on the forum will be better placed to give you some background. Looks to be APM like the 10 oz bar above it, but I get the impression that the 100 oz bar is going to be somewhat rare just by looking at it.
  2. hey folks, back with my first video of the year! Changed my setup ever so slightly and now use one of TSF intros too. Hope you enjoy!
  3. Annoyingly I'm not going to be around this time, would have liked to as seen first hand how this went!
  4. As a Scot living in London, independence is that absolute last thing I want. It would absolutely break my heart and at the moment my personal experience is that support is 50/50. It could go either way. The one ray of light I am holding on to is that the SNP are essentially adopting an anti-democratic stance posing as democracy. Much like EU remoaners (not to be confused with people who simply voted remain), they refuse to acknowledge the results of once-in-a-generation referenda that do not produce the result they want. They claim that Scotland has the right to decide its own future. While this is fair, they forget that this issue was settled 5 years ago. Scotland voted convincingly to remain part of the UK. Then, the UK as a whole voted to leave the EU. The SNP position has always been "well if something changes in the relationship then we want another referendum". Slimy tactics. With this line, the SNP were always going to shout for another referendum whenever anything changed that THEY did not personally approve. First it was the Tory majority of 2015 remember. The people of Scotland really need to wake up. The SNP have a single agenda, yet have positioned themselves as the ONLY voice of Scotland. This allows them to arrogantly claim that the people of Scotland want X, or think Y, and nobody challenges them. My solution would be to create purely Scottish parties, much as Northern Ireland has. These can be aligned to Westminster parties if they choose, but should be seen to be fairly independent. The principle of democracy must absolutely start with honouring votes that have already been held. The SNP are rabid anti-democrats much as the LibDems became these last few years. My hope is that people understand that once you start re-running referenda, every other democratic process becomes meaningless.
  5. @StackSellRepeat has been selling mystery silver coins for a bargain price. I bought two, and I was not disappointed!
  6. I opened my two tonight. No complaints at all. Paid for the mystery factor but ended up with coins that are definitely worth more than 17.50 each!
  7. You have FAR more than most regular folks and probably a lot more than most on this forum I’d say!
  8. Just a cheeky little experiment on my part. Originally wanted to make a few easy but different xmas gifts (apparently I unknowingly stole this idea from @jonrms, sorry mate!) But i ordered a bit more than I needed to see how easy it was to sell the stuff too. If it doesnt sel then Ive lost nothing at the end of the day! Wish me luck!
  9. Can’t believe this hasn’t sold yet mate!
  10. Just the one mate? How many you got left?