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  1. StackerNoob

    PM's in freefall??

    I was happy to stop at 15 oz for this order, however.....
  2. StackerNoob


    An excellent topic and one which we all have our own methods. I have a fairly inflexible budgetting technique. On payday its all hand on deck. I allocate money to my savings, investments and ISAs first, and pay of my credit card balance. Then I send my portion of the rent to the other half. Then I pay the bills and she sends me half the money. By this point, roughly 50% of my money is gone already. Next thing is to look ahead and see what expensive activities I have coming up i.e trips away, weddings, nights out, gift buying etc. I try to pay these things off in advance but if not, I just keep a mental note for now. Now we get into shiny territory. It is only at this point that I will start window shopping and filling my e-basket. The exact amount I have to spend varies quite wildly, could be £50, could be £500 (sometimes its zero too). I have to balance this number with what I think I will need to exist over the next month (food, travel, leisure, a shot on the puggie). I usually leave a couple of hundred quid buffer for small emergencies though. By the end of the month, in most cases, I will not have used my buffer and this goes into the pot for next month. Rinse, repeat. So in summary: 1) Savings 2) Investments 3) Debt 4) Rent 5) Bills 6) Large expenses 7) Shiny! 8 ) Exisiting
  3. StackerNoob

    Turkish lira

    Take profit dude. Things are going to get nasty for the emerging markets
  4. StackerNoob

    John Poletti

    Was in Dryburgh for a wedding recently and will be in and around Gala on a little countryside adventure soon!
  5. StackerNoob

    Girlfriend's Austrian gold coins

    What, some years she got two? Errrrr, dude....... DISCLAIMER: I have no evidence for the undertoned accusations I am making 🙂
  6. StackerNoob

    Hello folks!

    Welcome dude! Wish I had used my money as a teenager to start stacking, but instead I spent it on cars and girls! Haha the god old days!
  7. StackerNoob

    The Attraction to Silver Unboxing videos

    Alcohol + laptop + boredom + obsession with silver = Many purchases that future Stacker Noob has to deal with 😞
  8. StackerNoob

    The Attraction to Silver Unboxing videos

    Too kind sir! I rarely feature at the top of peoples silver channel lists so I thank you kindly! To the original question, its a hard one to explain. I love watching unboxing videos. Mind you I also enjoy watching gamer streams too. Both these things I partake in as well as watch others. I have no idea why but I guess I just like to see what others are collecting and sometimes dream about a day I can afford to have as much as some of the bigger channels do.
  9. StackerNoob

    Most consumer safes are garbage and can be opened in seconds

    I see what you did there 😉
  10. StackerNoob

    Hello all

    @Blockhead welcome aboard!
  11. StackerNoob

    for sale Silver

    @PansPurse this seems like you kind of thing. Just a heads up in case you missed these!
  12. StackerNoob

    Silver Mein Kampf book at auction.

    Ignore the content for a moment, that thing looks absolutely sick! An amazing adornment to any desk Im sure! Remember, you shouldnt be offended by history. You should learn from it. This book is the embodiment of a fanatical, angry and deranged man. Let it be a lesson on how someone could be driven to commit such attrocities and how we can stop them occuring in the future.
  13. StackerNoob

    New Pamp Silver Rosa Bars Released

    The fortuna bars ar elovely but these ones are horrific. Just my opinion but honestly I wouldnt touch them with someone else's!
  14. StackerNoob

    New Cog shaped Coin

    I hope you are planning on making pieces that fit together? And your Dad can produce a box that means you can create a working cog display? Im telling you sets that fit together are the way forward. Ive been saying it for over a year, and look at your tetris set success!
  15. StackerNoob

    Hi from London with delay

    We all know that feeling well. When the shiny bug bites, it hurts bad!