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  1. I have one of these, paid over odds for it but I always wanted one, it is in my safe with my other stuff and haven't looked at it since I bought it!!!
  2. Thanks @BackyardBullion shame as I would like a load!
  3. When will next order take place? Will they have the Chinese Trade Dollar coins?
  4. @BackyardBullion any word back on whether the European mint will be getting the bullion chine trader $ in on their website? I am sure a lot of people would be interested!
  5. When will these be posted out?
  6. Thanks for these replies - it is the fee aspect that annoys me, I get people want to protect themselves from any future litigation but costs are a joke!
  7. Just seen the proof on gs...stunning! I will need to pick up some of the bullion ones when they are released.
  8. Anyone used goldcore before? prices don't seem bad at all - limited range but not bad pricing.
  9. Morning, I have an old final salary pension when I started work, 9 years with an insurance company - I have a transfer value which is circa £135K which I would like to move into my other current pension to create a bigger pot. I know the risks and have been considering this for a while now. Has anyone else moved a final transfer pension? If so what level of fees were you hit for when getting advice? Ally
  10. I was reading this thread thinking sh#t I missed out on my preferred numbers...…...then remembered they are already secured thanks to @BackyardBullion
  11. Love the back....despise the front!....I will however buy one!