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  1. @BackyardBullion any word back on whether the European mint will be getting the bullion chine trader $ in on their website? I am sure a lot of people would be interested!
  2. When will these be posted out?
  3. Thanks for these replies - it is the fee aspect that annoys me, I get people want to protect themselves from any future litigation but costs are a joke!
  4. Just seen the proof on gs...stunning! I will need to pick up some of the bullion ones when they are released.
  5. Anyone used goldcore before? prices don't seem bad at all - limited range but not bad pricing.
  6. Morning, I have an old final salary pension when I started work, 9 years with an insurance company - I have a transfer value which is circa £135K which I would like to move into my other current pension to create a bigger pot. I know the risks and have been considering this for a while now. Has anyone else moved a final transfer pension? If so what level of fees were you hit for when getting advice? Ally
  7. I was reading this thread thinking sh#t I missed out on my preferred numbers...…...then remembered they are already secured thanks to @BackyardBullion
  8. Love the back....despise the front!....I will however buy one!
  9. I have two pensions, one a final salary scheme which had for 9 years and 13 years with defined contribution. I have no children and no married partner. What would happen if I passed away prior to my pensionable age? Would the funds accrued be passed to any estate or are any sums just lost to the state? My parents and brother are still alive so do still have some family! Apologies if this was a stupid question but was discussing it at work with a colleague who is about to retire and wondered!
  10. Any idea whether these coins vary in size over the years or remain the same and what size of capsules they take?
  11. A friend who well has too much money has a few of these but bigger versions, some of them are really smart and make for good ornaments in his flat. He also collects Supreme for investment purposes and amazing how much he can make in profit on some of these things.