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  1. Alymac

    completed 20oz Scottsdale silver bars

    Without ambushing this thread...truly recommend picking these up, truly immense chunky bar and not easiest to get in the UK.
  2. Alymac

    Nazi Silver

    On a side point my uncle passed away two years ago, he had quite the collection of ww2 firearms like Bren guns, one with blown barrel but intact fire mech and another with an intact barrel and blown fire mech....all taken away by Greater Manchester police following his death along with other guns plus ammo. He did however also have a German UBoat war badge, confirmed by auctioneer as being genuine. https://www.heartsanddaggers.co.uk/german-imperial-and-world-war-2-militaria/432-ww2-german-third-reich-u-boat-badge.html looks like this
  3. Alymac

    My stack so far :D

    I see my favourite bar, 20oz Scottsdale....chunky bar of epic ness
  4. Alymac

    **Updated** Forum Back Up

    Just to add....this is really my own photo...my Bengal was out for a walk around garden and decided to try climb side of house!
  5. That’s a nice touch posting these.....I can see my bar 47!
  6. Alymac

    Excel spreadsheet

    I really fearing what I have spent on things like my PAMP bars!
  7. Alymac

    How much silver is too much silver ?

    Safe under stairs, decent sized safe which was a total f**ker to put in place, I had it delivered to my brothers work as was paranoid about it being seen being delivered to my house and had it moved in later one night, would love to see someone try to move this thing now!
  8. Two things to buy for when you do need to do hands on, buckets with grit guards and good quality lambs wool mitt, I use two when need to clean mine but truly try my hardest not to even touch the paint so do overdose with snow foam! One guy to look up near you is Defined Details in Cambuslang, ran by guy called Gordon who will happily talk to anyone about detailing, he has all the toys like paint gauges to see how much you have to work with.
  9. The ceramic glazes are amazing, I have it on my Audi and basically means all I need to do is take hose over car and it’s brilliant white again, I usually give the guy I use my cars when I take delivery so he can strip them back, correct any swirls from dealers butchering it before delivery and means it’s started off on right foot.
  10. Alymac

    How do you track your stack?

    Password protected excel document.
  11. Alymac


    I am around 5,000 grams of 999 Silver between bars and coins.
  12. Alymac

    Help identifying what this is! Silver belt?

    The only marks I can is a c as shown below along with what seems to be numbers.
  13. This is something my mum has had for decades and I am not sure where it originally comes from but suspect from one of her aunts.Anyone able to help me work out where it is from and likely age? She also has a matching section which was used as a pendant for a necklace. Sorry photos not finest! Alos just to confirm nothing on back of any of the pieces.
  14. Alymac

    Where Do you buy your Bullion?

    Mainly at moment from on here! @BackyardBullion is worth looking up!