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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bronze-pennys-halfpennys-farthings/163600549024?hash=item26175a44a0:g:5NkAAOSwxoJchEZK Cracking price for postage.
  2. Random question - have the prices jumped up from yesterday on European mint? I am sure this was 15 euro something yesterday. https://www.europeanmint.com/2019-1oz-australia-silver-dragon-coin-bar/
  3. Truthfully I wouldn't waste your time with this...I would suspect most coins/bars will be delivered to your normal address, I would spend your cash on a safe for your house. Suspect if you got pulled by cops they would be very interested in why you had one! Welcome btw - I work in the land of the weegie during week but live down in South Ayrshire.
  4. Anyone ever tried vacuum sealing coins? Just thinking I have a sous vide and with that use a vacuum sealer quite a bit but wondering if could place coins in bag and vacuum seal it and maybe save them from milking. On a side point....do silver bars ever milk up?
  5. I will say count me in.....I would if possible like to get 47.
  6. Alymac

    What gold bar to buy

    Do the gold bars come sealed or like the silver ones just well open.
  7. I forgot I have one of these, they are nice but yeah too expensive for the weight.
  8. Definite - it was the orientals and 2019 dragons I went for and was tempted to order more today - will see what my bonus is at end of March!
  9. Can I say a USA trade deal - that would be beyond epic for some of the pieces I want from states!!! If all goes wrong maybe SNP will turn us into a tax haven - for once that would make me vote for them. On a side point - thanks again for doing these orders, saved all who have done them cash and as I have said to you directly your customer service is impressive.