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  1. Sure thing. I'll send details tonight Thnx.
  2. Panda6Pack

    wanted 10oz Bar

    I've got some older 10 oz bars. Pm me if still looking. 😊
  3. So … are we not sharing where the correct 10 oz capsule came from ? or did I miss it (as I usually do)
  4. Still learning... How do you label an informative post? I read lots of questions on where to buy, etc. Thanks much.
  5. Wanted prefix to be Expression of Interest. It's not there. I'm an active dealer of most all KOMSCO products. If you have a specific need, please reach out to me.
  6. I'll be putting together an order for the KOMSCO gold soon. Please get a hold of me if interested.
  7. As predicted, completely sold out at the mint. 2019 Niue 1 oz Silver $2 Disney Mickey Mouse Fantasia ✨£24.90 in direct fit Airtite capsule. plus p&p of your choice Only 5 remain This stunning .999 fine Silver coin depicts the beloved Mickey Mouse as the sorcerer's apprentice, from the Disney feature film "Fantasia". There are only 15,000 coins produced worldwide. Payment by PayPal F&F (G&S plus fees) or BT
  8. The popularity of the Aztec Calendar series is undeniable. Here is the bar set All are fine 999 silver bullion. ✨£18.90 - 1 oz ✨SOLD - 5 oz ✨SOLD - 10 oz Buy the set for 🔥£285 Plus p&p of your choice.
  9. South African Big 5 #1 - Elephant ✨£38 ...plus p&p of your choice. Only have 7 left. Thanks
  10. Yes, thank you. Have two available. One if James takes one. Also have capsules available.
  11. KOMSCO Taekwando Coin #2 - Fist Pump 2020 KOMSCO 1oz Taekwando Fine 999 Silver ✨£20.60 in Airtite brand direct fit capsule. ...plus p&p of your choice. Please order quickly before spot goes back up. Thank you all, as always. 2019 Taekwando coin also available. ✨£21.20 in Airtite brand direct fit capsule.
  12. Panda6Pack

    Utah Goldback

    Yes, I'll be selling them on a regular basis. Another large order is on route. Thanks @ilovesilverireallydo