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  1. PAMP has always been very collectable. PAMP 1oz fine 9999 silver UFO shaped silver coin. ✨£62 (give or take) .....plus p&p of your choice. Super low mintage of only 3,000 Serial numbers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-utjJsVqIqM&feature=share
  2. Pre-sale Hunters of the Sky PAMP Red Tail Hawk 1oz Coin Mintage super low 2500 ✨£59 (give or take) ....plus p&p of your choice. If total orders are 50+ , price will drop a bit. Tall order, lol. Orders need to go in as soon as possible. Thank you.
  3. This post kind of went all over the place. I'll put up a post next week on The Giants of the Ice Age. If I forget - someone remind me ...lol.
  4. Thanks for the mention … Yes - bring these in at £22 (give or take) plus p&p of your choice Added 0 minutes later... Indeed. They will be around £22 plus p&p of your choice.
  5. 2019 Christmas/Holiday Rounds 1oz Fine 999 Silver Santa's List Snowman Holiday *(2019 Season's Greetings on the back) ✨£18.30 in Green Ring Airtite Ornamental capsule. ✨£17.80 in direct fit Airtite brand capsule Santa's List Bar x 4 ✨£18.50ea. in Airtite capsule Snowman Sleigh x 2 £18.50ea. in Airtite capsule or add 50p for ornamental capsule. Plus p&p of your choice. £2.30 - up to 2 rounds £2.85 - up to 5 rounds £3.50 - up to 8 rounds ....if 2nd class signed for is ok. Ask for other options. 5 of each Thank you.
  6. It is PAMP, and it is PEZ, it's Winter Snowman, but unfortunately they don't release until mid December I believe, so won't be here in time for Christmas (but can always hope) .
  7. Blast from the past. Gift set comes with dispenser and 6 x 5 gram 999 fine silver "candy" wafers. Looking at around £80 (give or take) plus p&p of your choice. Will be placing orders this weekend so please send a message of intent as soon as you can. This will be hugely collectable. I'm no good at marketing, so please research on your own. Short video to get you started. Thanks muchly.
  8. I'm sure most of you have read about the Apollo 11 Coin Set, so I won't waste time with details. Offering complete sets of eight rounds , in non matching serial numbers. ✨£217 plus p&p of your choice. Great as a gift choice, or for your own collection.