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  1. I can help if it can wait until morning 😊
  2. Hi FFKook, No disrespect taken. Just a timing issue. The Golden Ring Series come from the same supplier. As far as pricing, I had already posted these on Facebook, with what I believe to be a fair price. As you'll notice, I haven't edited my post on prices. I hadn't seen this thread before. And I hope I answered this in the right place. Still learning how to navigate here.
  3. THE GOLDEN RING SERIES - A pre-order **Info Released today** I'll only be ordering on prepayment as these are very exclusive. First photos show the characteristics of the coins. Most likely will take delivery of these mid to end of May. Fingers crossed. They are priced as follows; All coins are 2019 Fine Silver £31 each Perth Mint Kookaburra Koala Wedge Tailed Eagle Chinese Panda £30 each Canada Maple Leaf Austria Wiener Philharmonic Austria Wiener Neustadt Perth Mint Kangaroo Royal Mint Britannia USA American Eagle Please add p&p of your choice
  4. Hey DJ, Sure that's fine. Let me know. All the best on the op. Take care of yourself.
  5. Hi... I've got these if you're still interested. They are all in capsules and most are from tube to capsule. Britannia 1oz - 2007 Britannia (laying lion) £26, 2014 Horse privy £22 , 2016 £21, 2017 Trident privy £20, 2018 £18, 2018 Oriental Border £19.50 2019 Kookaburras 1oz £18 Spartans 1oz £16.50 in direct fit capsule Anything Dragon related 1oz (World of Dragons, Aztec Dragon £18.50, Welsh Dragon £18) Royal Mint Two dragons £21, Perth Mint 2019 Dragon bar £18.50 in capsule, Perth Mint Tiger and Dragon £22, Cameroon Imperial Dragon (in Scottsdale Mint Blister card) £19 I can provide photos of course if any of these interest you. Thanks.
  6. KOMSCO LINE UP (South Korean Mint) All 1oz Fine 999 Silver in direct fit capsules CHIWOO CHEONWANG 2016 - 1oz ✨£78 2017 - 1oz ✨£27.50 2017 - ½oz ✨£14 2018 - 1oz ✨£23 2018 - 2oz ✨£41.50 ZI:SIN 2017 Gallus ✨£24 2018 Canis ✨£22.5 2019 Scrofa ✨£21 2019 Scrofa Ghost £38 2019 Taekwondo 1oz £19 Payments by PayPal Please add p&p of your choosing
  7. Hi... Webster Custom Metals. They are very nice in hand. The hammering makes them sparkle. Thanks
  8. Handpoured Beauties WCM rounds All with great character and appeal. No two pieces are the same. I've priced them to reflect my costs so not all the same. Hammered Round 2.6 oz - £48.10 Polished round (subtle pour lines) 3.4 oz - £61.20 Add p&p of your choice
  9. Handpoured Beauties WCM loafs All with great character and appeal. No two pieces are the same. I've priced them to reflect my costs so not all the same. Hammered Loafs 1.6 oz - £29.60 2.2 oz - £40.70ea x 3 2.3 oz - £42.55 - SOLD Add p&p of your choice