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  1. I've got them all. The 2020 Koala is on order. Feel free to PM me.
  2. Glad I could help 😊 ... They look awesome in this presentation.
  3. First coin of an annual release. 2019 Germania Mint 1oz Oak Leaf Silver Coin ✨£22.50✨ in mint sealed capsules and COAs. ....plus P&P of your choice. Detail on the coin is quite amazing. I carry most of the Germania Mint coins, so please ask if looking for specific pieces. Thanks much. 🙏
  4. Welsh copper lot Sold Silver coins going down. Will update later.
  5. Selling surplus stock. Once gone, they're gone. Thnx muchly.
  6. Selection of Dragons in silver and/or copper. All silver come in direct fit Airtite capsules. All copper come in plastic flips. 🔥Welsh Dragon Silver - £18.30 ea. x 9 Copper - One lot of 10 - £20 🔥Norse Dragon Silver - £19.90 ea. x 12 Copper - Two lots of 10 - £20 per lot. 🔥Chinese Dragon Silver - £18.10 ea. x 11 Copper - Two lots of 10 - £20 per lot. 🔥Indian Dragon Copper - Three lots of 10 - £20 per lot. Plus p&p of your choice. Payment by PayPal F&F or BT Thank you.
  7. @EddieCeddie PM me with any questions.
  8. ...has to be my fastest post to date. Thanks to all. Well done. 🙏
  9. All sold payment pending - will close this post once payments received.
  10. 5 remain payment pending Added 0 minutes later... Okies
  11. Get Your Kicks on Route 66 1 oz Fine 999 Silver ✨£21 in direct fit capsule. ....plus p&p of your choice. Great quality round. Only six in hand. Payment by PPFF or BT
  12. Next order going in this weekend. Thnx much.