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  1. World of Dragons #3 The Chinese Dragon 🐉 ✨£16.80 ea. for the Silver in direct fit Airtite capsule. ✨£2 ea. for the copper in plastic flip. ...plus p&p of your choice. Limited quantity. Once they're gone they're gone. Sorry. Also have limited supply of #2 - Welsh Dragon (silver & copper) Very limited supply of #1 - Aztec Dragon (silver & copper) Payment by PayPal F&F (G&S add fees) 🙏
  2. Hi Jvw, Send me a message. I've got some.
  3. 1oz Sealed OPM bars 999 Silver Only 9 remain ✨£15 plus recorded p&p of your choice. Payment by PayPal F&F (G&S add fees)
  4. Hi, I'm getting some in. Think they might go. But the extremely limited mintage is only on the silver proof and gold coins. Didn't see mention in the bullion.
  5. I'm in regular communication with the supplier, and there is no information currently on a 2019 release. If there are plans to release another 1oz Tiger - I'll get information on it. The tiger has been released by KOMSCO for quite a few years, but always in different weights and different metals, thus not being considered a series or set. Sorry I couldn't give a better answer.
  6. If I may, I have most of the KOMSCO coins for sale. I'll be carrying the 2019 bullion as well as the proof. Let me know if I can help.
  7. Hi Rob, Not sure what a realistic price would be. I've got a good stock of them. I carry most of the KOMSCO coins in stock. I have a listing here somewhere. If interested please send a PM ...see what we can do.
  8. 2019 Space Blue Collection ✨£43.50 ea. Same process as given to the 2019 Germania Space Blue coin. ¾ of my stock has sold out. These remain. American Silver Eagle x 2 Britannia x 1 (SOLD) Chinese Panda x 1 Perth Mint Kookaburra x 1 Perth Mint Koala x 1 Awesome Strong Bold Colour. My amateur photos don't do these justice. 💥Mintage of only 500💥 P&P of your choice Payment by PayPal F&F (G&S plus fees) Oh yes!
  9. I can help if it can wait until morning 😊
  10. Hi FFKook, No disrespect taken. Just a timing issue. The Golden Ring Series come from the same supplier. As far as pricing, I had already posted these on Facebook, with what I believe to be a fair price. As you'll notice, I haven't edited my post on prices. I hadn't seen this thread before. And I hope I answered this in the right place. Still learning how to navigate here.
  11. THE GOLDEN RING SERIES - A pre-order **Info Released today** I'll only be ordering on prepayment as these are very exclusive. First photos show the characteristics of the coins. Most likely will take delivery of these mid to end of May. Fingers crossed. They are priced as follows; All coins are 2019 Fine Silver £31 each (estimate) Perth Mint Kookaburra Koala Wedge Tailed Eagle Chinese Panda £30 each (estimate) Canada Maple Leaf Austria Wiener Philharmonic Austria Wiener Neustadt Perth Mint Kangaroo Royal Mint Britannia USA American Eagle Please add p&p of your choice