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  1. arcglide

    Numistacker Appreciation Post

    Here here..@numistacker and his youtube channel are very much appreciated [emoji106]
  2. arcglide

    Queen's Beasts series. Has the capsule changed?

    Yes, my recent silver bull proof & 10p proof purchases all arrived with the cheap push fit capsule.
  3. 2x via PPff from son and i ))
  4. arcglide

    Platinum Wedding Anniversary SOTD Sovereign

    Think i've missed the deadline.. but probably worth asking [mention=378]numistacker[/mention]'s opinion.. do you think this is viable?
  5. arcglide

    Platinum Wedding Anniversary SOTD Sovereign

    This BS has left me gutted & sad.. My 2017 Sapphire Jubilee SotD - purchased primarily because of the date (proximity to birth of son) is now no longer distinguishable as such AND as purchased open on the aftermarket - no longer gradable!
  6. arcglide

    2017 Indian sovereign availability?

    ..will let you know Sorry - its the "refer a friend" (via email address) that provides the £10 off (over £250 spend)
  7. arcglide

    2017 Indian sovereign availability?

    TheGoldBullion currently have 47 in stock at £284 https://www.thegoldbullion.co.uk/buy-gold-sovereigns/british-full-sovereign-2017-gold-coin-in-certicard/ Referer code removed
  8. A NEW Sir Isaac Newton 50p is being released this week and will the rarest coin in circulation, as the Royal Mint celebrates the 375th anniversary year of the scientist's birth. "As well as undertaking pioneering work in the fields of physics and astronomy – work for which he is widely known - Isaac Newton was also Master of The Royal Mint for three decades, so we couldn’t think of a better place to issue a special release of [375 of] these coins than Woolsthorpe Manor, Newton’s birthplace.” - Anne Jessopp, RM Director of Consumer Coin
  9. arcglide

    Numistacker sent me

    Welcome, welcome..
  10. arcglide

    A newbie from the hills of Wales!

    Welcome to the forum [emoji106]
  11. arcglide

    The 1923-SA Sovereign story

    Wonderful history & coins. Delightful to see the 1/2 & 1sov stay together [emoji106]
  12. arcglide

    Gold Unicorn - Queens beast!

    Had to check this out.. 1oz Lion BU https://www.royalmintbullion.com/Products/Queens-Beasts/Gold/QB16L1CP ..vs.. 1oz Unicorn BU https://www.royalmintbullion.com/Products/Queens-Beasts/Gold/QB1801U
  13. arcglide

    2017 Indian sovereign availability?

    Nice one @Goldmick.. not buying at the current price