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    High quality, gold HM Queen Elizabeth coins

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  1. danmc82 I went for a half for my date run.. currently with Numi for grading
  2. Change is coming... Our 'strike your own coin' design will be changing in December 2019. https://www.royalmint.com/the-royal-mint-experience/strike-your-own-coin/
  3. I am sadly unable to make this, but would be great to see / hear a report of some forum treasure
  4. I cancelled my 5sov order.. the cost just didn't equate to the numerous quality problems from the Royal Mint I am not paying top dollar for a sub-standard product I real shame because IMO the matte finish (on my 2019 sotd sov) looks great in hand
  5. This thread maybe of interest // set a bar for an FDC 2005 proof in OMP..
  6. Hi @morezone, may I take 2 packs of 2" saflips with paper inserts (& a card holder). Thank you 👍
  7. £535 inc. RMSD within UKPP FF or BT accepted
  8. Always appreciate the opportunity of a discount 👍 I wonder if this voucher can be used on tomorrow's (19th March) midnight release of the 2019 Peter Rabbit coin?
  9. https://www.thecoinconnection.co.uk/product/2019-matt-finish-sovereign-coin-box-and-coa/ £355 Using coupon "FEB19" bags this puppy for £356.40 (inc. tracked postage) ..gotta love TheCoinConnection for their dedication to top QA and value for money 👍
  10. https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/ranges/sovereign/the-sovereign-2019-brilliant-uncirculated/ for £365 https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/ranges/sovereign/the-sovereign-2019-brilliant-uncirculated-congratulations/ for £370 (including a piece of congratulatory card)