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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    High quality, gold HM Queen Elizabeth coins

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  1. Some lovely graded silver for your consideration: Lion of England 1oz Silver proof PF69 SOLD Red Dragon of Wales 1oz Silver proof PF69 £105 £85 Unicorn Of Scotland 1oz Silver proof PF70 SOLD Unicorn Of Scotland 1oz Silver proof PF70 SOLD Postage of buyers choice. All slabs come with OMP. Will consider offers for multiples. Thanks for looking 👍
  2. I have this 2017 one I could let go.. PM me your offer
  3. ..ah yes, the 2019 matt BU sov was originally £365 (I paid £355 from CoinConnection) before the recent RM price increase
  4. The 2020 matt BU sov has a max mintage: 12000 (compared to 2020 Proof sov max mintage: 9905) _____________ Whereas the 2019 matt BU sov (same price) has a max mintage: 25000 https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/ranges/sovereign/the-sovereign-2019-brilliant-uncirculated/ ..and achieved 77% NGC MS70 grades https://www.ngccoin.com/census/world/great-britain-decimal-1968-to-date/sc-350/1sov/?c=1670
  5. danmc82 I went for a half for my date run.. currently with Numi for grading
  6. Change is coming... Our 'strike your own coin' design will be changing in December 2019. https://www.royalmint.com/the-royal-mint-experience/strike-your-own-coin/
  7. I am sadly unable to make this, but would be great to see / hear a report of some forum treasure
  8. I cancelled my 5sov order.. the cost just didn't equate to the numerous quality problems from the Royal Mint I am not paying top dollar for a sub-standard product I real shame because IMO the matte finish (on my 2019 sotd sov) looks great in hand
  9. This thread maybe of interest // set a bar for an FDC 2005 proof in OMP..
  10. Hi @morezone, may I take 2 packs of 2" saflips with paper inserts (& a card holder). Thank you 👍