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  1. Picked this up from the folks at Auction World Japan. A well-graded RD example of a fairly recent (well, if 100+ yrs old is recent) issue. I didn't have this year so a nice addition to the Farthing collection at a great price even with the BP and shipping from Japan. I'd rather not have the smudge to the left of the king's nose but it's not a scratch so I can live with it until a better example comes up for sale/auction.
  2. Question for the group...I bought all the Edward VII silver I sent to Numi for submission from the well-known, well-respected British coin dealer Michael Gouby. Michael's always been a straight shooter and even made exceptions to sell and send coins to me in the US. My concern is a good number of those coins came back from NGC in Details-Cleaned. None of the coins were described as such on his site. I honestly don't believe Michael was attempting to be deceiving but I did pay good money for those coins. Is it possible that even a seasoned dealer such as Michael wouldn't have known they were cleaned? And now, I guess I need to watch the YouTube videos of how to break coins out of slabs as I'd planned to sell/auction these after grading but unless it's a rare/highly desirable coin, a Details grade is pretty much a dagger in the heart. Thoughts?
  3. After stepping back from the Forums a few years ago, I swore off all modern coins/rounds and began putting together a high grade British Farthing collection from 1821-1956 when the coin was removed from circulation. Below is my latest pick-up and I couldn't be happier. Amazing toning on this copper cutie and in-hand, the toning is swirls of purple and blue (which you can kinda pick up on the obverse photo).
  4. Good Afternoon Gents...back from the grave. I think Steve is correct. Like so many modern rounds and coins, this was the flavor of the month for a brief period of time and then it wasn't. There was one more release after Sobek and that was Khnum, the ram-headed god of the Nile River. That was a little over a year ago. I checked on Provident's page this morning and a collector left a comment in April asking if they planned to release additional rounds but no response from the dealer.
  5. I think I prefer the non-antiqued version more but as I'm mulling it over while on Provident's site, the vile words keeping creeping up in my mind...milking...spotting... Maybe that's not an issue with these rounds but if there is a chance, the antiquing would certainly help to mask those imperfections that could pop up later?
  6. No, you weren't mistaken. Good catch buddy. I was looking at the slabbed/graded options they have that have been individually edge numbered: U001-U500. So I guess, it's in essence the same round that's been graded and edge numbered...not sure that distinguishes it enough from the raw version to justify the additional premium. Although I guess grading the rounds is fair game if government-issued medals can be and are graded.
  7. I think you hit the nail on the head. Beautiful works of art. The raw coins go for around $60 each. So not astronomical premiums ($30/ounce) but certainly nowhere near spot. Only 500 rounds were minted in each format (they have an antiqued and non-antiqued option). The first two have appreciated some but these won't be your homeruns. Beautiful additions to a collection no doubt.
  8. Agreed. I thought the same thing regarding Elemetal. Happy to hear Sunshine has picked it up. I do think it is just the pic that makes it look different than the other two. With Cleopatra and Anubis, you're looking at images of the actual coin. Not sure they've minted any of Sobek yet.
  9. You wouldn't be able to get that label if you submitted the raw coin to NGC although it does make for s great looking presentation.
  10. I think to get the dramatic high relief these rounds have, they'll probably stay with 2 oz. As of now, I haven't heard any mention of a 1 oz version.
  11. OK, that's it...I'm going to have to pick all three of these 2 oz .999 Silver Ultra High Relief rounds now. They sat forever with only Cleopatra and Anubis available but Provident just announced they're finally releasing the third round in the Egyptian God series and it looks hawt. Damn fine minting for a round. Provident shared that Sunshine Minting will be taking over for the remainder of the series. Here are all three with Sobek yet to be released (expected early to mid-December). Cleopatra Anubis Annnd...Sobek!
  12. Saw these available for pre-order on Govmint.com Nice looking bullion as always...
  13. Did I say don't mention a grade? If the TPG graded it UNC Details then selling it as an uncirculated coin is in no way dishonest. Take good pictures and be willing to answer questions and you've done your part. If you're going to buy a coin from eBay and not bother to ask the seller probing questions then that's on you. If someone does ask probing questions, which again you should be doing, and you're misleading then that falls squarely into dishonest selling practices. I'm currently selling a beautiful 1910 6P in its slab that came back UNC Details - Surface Hairlines (that was purchased raw from a very reputable British dealer who was selling it as an UNC 1910 6P) so I was just providing another data point. Good luck with your sales.
  14. If you decide you no longer want it because of the grade/condition assigned by the TPG AND you want to be able to live with yourself as an honorable, trustworthy person (we all should be striving for that), break it out of the slab and sell it only referencing the overall grade tier. So if it was graded as UNC Details, you could truthfully sell it as an uncirculated coin.