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  1. Forgot to mention @5huggy was right! Our bullion palladium premiums are 1%. Amy
  2. Ooh that's an error on our site. They were originally issued from 2005-2007. I've corrected the page 👍 For selling to us, it depends what it is. We try to keep our buy-back prices competitive. You can always ring us for an up-to-date quote (01253 343081). Amy
  3. Thanks @Serendipity! Glad you liked the coins and the candy canes!
  4. Hi. Sorry for the late reply! I can confirm the bank details have changed as of last Friday. Account Details
  5. It's been announced that the The Royal Mint will release a Queen coin next year, likely celebrating the 50th anniversary of the band being formed. We had our photographer make a mock image and we loved it too much not to share (obviously Queen Elizabeth II will be on the real coin!) The actual design will feature "a keyboard, drum, bass and electric guitar accompanied by a microphone and the inscription QUEEN.
  6. Hi everyone. Just to let you know we have an ongoing offers page here. There's gold, silver and palladium, with premiums as low as 0.9%! We're also trying to add a mixture of low and high value, and bullion and numismatic items. We are adding to it daily so make sure to check back. If there's anything you'd like to see in the offers, let us know and we'll see what we can do.
  7. Good morning forum, We have recently put our palladium products on offer which you may be interested in....... These are all second hand and sold on the margin scheme which means VAT is substantially less. All of our premiums here include VAT and given the price has come down from its peak a few months ago and gold is on a rally it just might make them a good choice. Usually palladium premiums (inc. VAT) can be upwards of 25-30% so we hope these deals are well received! Palladium 1 Ounce Maple @ 10% 1 Ounce Palladium Bar Our Choice - 10% 500 Gram Palladium Bar - 5% Let me know if you have any questions, Ian
  8. Good afternoon, Good timing with the question as we were in the process of updating the page to include extra content, the test results and more photos. We also added a conclusion and what we could learn from the process given that the ultimate destructive test by SAO was somewhat of an anti climax ....... Happy to get more thoughts and if you do find references for the historical issues we list do let us know.l A google search has failed to find anything ..... Ian
  9. Hi I have updated this post as we need to discuss with our director before making a final decision on what we are doing. Will provide an update in due course. Ian
  10. @sovereignsteve really appreciate the feedback and I will certainly take it to the management meeting for consideration. In an ideal world we would always deal in person as much more can be achieved with a conversation and viewing the coins in person. The internet in general is amazing but it does make communication slightly more tricky. We will review this with an aim of simplicity and consistency in messages we send out.
  11. Good afternoon, I have now seen the coins in question and can confirm they will be sold as "grade C" as they do not qualify as bullion. We used to accept any condition coin as bullion as long as it was within the weight tolerance but this generated too many complaints as customers expect high condition coins even for a bullion purchase. Post wise I will certainly strive to make any more posts more accurate. If it is any consolation I have taken on board the feedback and updated the selling pages to explain the quality check and make it more obvious to call us prior to sending coins in. Hopefully this prevents re-occurrence. Ian
  12. Hi @HelpingHands Yes we can only pay the price if we can re sell them as bullion sovereigns often coins come in too damaged to resell as such. I must ensure my wording reflects this as normally we write "up to 100%" so my first message here was not ideal. We do write "up to" a price on our selling page @sovereignsteve this is under the product but perhaps I need to write this out underneath to. We try our best not to mislead anyone..... I cannot comment on your exact coins as I have not seen them here today but my team advise me we did pay 100% for some of them. When customers call up or speak to our staff prior to sending in coins we always explain this (I hope we are consistent) and you received this service please confirm so I can feedback accordingly. Thanks, Ian
  13. Ok apologies my comments took the conversation this way it wasn't intended at the outset. The points made have been taken on board for the future. Ian
  14. Appreciate your comments, it is not a reaction at all to any discussion here and its not an attempt to bad mouth anyone as I have pointed out the original sovereign ad was in fact a good deal. Aggressive marketing is just not our thing but each to their own .... respectively we don't use pushy tactics and price competitively on many products where we can. Ian
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