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  1. ChardsCoinandBullionDealer

    How to spot a fake.

    This weeks video is out. Not something we come across often, although it isn't a high quality fake - the obverse is a nice design.
  2. ChardsCoinandBullionDealer

    How to spot a fake.

    The I on the 1918 sovereigns you might've seen is actually for the Bombay Mint ( India ). The London Mint is designated by the lack of a mint mark - they didn't produce any in 1918, hence the non existent fake we have here.
  3. ChardsCoinandBullionDealer

    How to spot a fake.

    This weeks video is now available. Featuring a fake 1918 Sovereign. No exciting background story this time, we received it in a batch from a european dealer - who offered to replace it when we found it.
  4. ChardsCoinandBullionDealer

    Sovereign Errors, Overdates and Varieties

    Without good macro photos it's hard to tell from looking at the features, but as you mentioned the alloy here is a giveaway. The coins colour looks very yellow and is lacking the red tone that copper gives. It's actually much harder to see that colour difference in person but a good photo, particularly a side by side with a genuine Sovereign, makes it much easier. We have a video going up on our channel in a few hours that is quite relevant. https://www.youtube.com/user/Chard1964Ltd
  5. ChardsCoinandBullionDealer

    5oz Perth Mint Lunar Rooster Capsule

    hello, Just seen you had interest in the 5 oz silver rooster. Can I just check where you are reading about the graded coins and capsules? Ive taken a look at the product page and cant see this reference anywhere. Just want to clear up the wording to prevent any confusion for other customers. I'm looking here - https://www.chards.co.uk/2017-silver-year-of-the-rooster-five-ounce-bullion-coin/765 Thanks, Ian
  6. ChardsCoinandBullionDealer

    Chards Sale

    Sale is now live! https://www.chards.co.uk/sale
  7. ChardsCoinandBullionDealer

    Chards Sale

    Just a few! 😂 We're finally down to our last couple.
  8. ChardsCoinandBullionDealer

    Chards Sale

    Here we go! Here's a link to the sale items - https://www.chards.co.uk/sale We're still adding products (including those with free postage) so make sure to keep checking back! Don't forget you'll need an online account to checkout. Sale starts 10am this Monday!
  9. ChardsCoinandBullionDealer

    Chards Sale

    They'll be some proof ones but no bullion at the moment.
  10. ChardsCoinandBullionDealer

    How to spot a fake.

    Our second episode is now available. Much shorter ( 9 minutes ), with much better audio than the first video.
  11. ChardsCoinandBullionDealer

    How to spot a fake.

    @augur Thank you for the feedback. We have improved the audio this week and have a more structured approach. Tomorrows video will feature an 1887 gold five pound / quintuple sovereign. If you want to see if you can spot the fake - the image below shows the counterfeit 1887 gold five pound piece in tomorrows video and a genuine one. If there are any requests for specific coins then let us know, if you have any feedback regarding the video it'd be appreciated as well. There's an interesting backstory to this particular counterfeit. We know it was manufactured in Beirut ( Lebanon ) during the 70s, and distributed by an American Harry Stock who worked in the middle east for an American airline for easy movement across borders. The equipment used were stolen from the mint of a middle eastern country during the 60s/70s during a period of unrest. We don't know which country specifically. Ex mint employees were recruited to engrave and run the equipment to produce a variety of different coins. In the UK several dealers were convicted for dealing in these counterfeits. It wasn’t until we started producing this weeks video and researching a little deeper that we realised the origin of this fake – Lawrence checked for 1887 Five Pound fakes in a trade publication from the 70s that we have digitised and found a match with two of the three identified markers that link to the Lebanese source, although there are more issues than just those mentioned in the publication.
  12. ChardsCoinandBullionDealer

    How to spot a fake.

    We're starting to produce a regular series looking at counterfeit coins. Our first episode is up, it's a little rough around the edges - the audio will be improved for the next episode and we'll try and keep some sections a bit briefer. We'd like to hear what you liked or didn't like so we can improve in future videos.There are timelinks in the video description if you'd like to skip to a different section. The next episode will feature a British gold coin that has an interesting history.
  13. ChardsCoinandBullionDealer

    Chards Sale

    Morning! Quick update on the sale. We've just added a list of products on our blog here - https://www.chards.co.uk/blog/february-sale-2019/494 There's bullion maples, silver lunar coins, half ounce nuggets, etc. There's still a lot more to come! We'll be slashing premiums as well as offering free postage on selected items!
  14. ChardsCoinandBullionDealer

    Today I Received.....

    Glad you like them! Keep you eyes open for some world gold in our sale in February! https://www.chards.co.uk/blog/february-sale-2019/494
  15. ChardsCoinandBullionDealer

    Chards Sale

    Hi everyone, Just letting you know that Chards is having a sale starting 4th February. Unlike our bonanza we’ll be letting you know what’s on offer beforehand – lots of bullion and commemorative items at massive savings! We're currently preparing for the World Money Fair in Berlin, but as soon as we've done a bit more work we'll share the list of goodies on offer!