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  1. noobcollector


    Well it is hard to sum it up in a brief post. Some key points are: Greek debt has risen from almost 95% to more than double (200%) after the IMF and ESM program. (Some argue that it is because of the slow pace of implementing the actual program, which would be understandable if there were results in the fields that were following the guidelines, but clearly, this was not the case). It is a lie that Greek corporations & citizens don't pay taxes (more than half of what you make goes to taxes, even at the range of 12k/year), they don't work enough, they spend too much, they are corrupted, etc. I mean of course some of them do, but more or less at the same percentage as Italy or France or Spain. This is spot on, KDave: There are major political mistakes, from all the political parties (we have had elections like 5 times in 7 years), which are being done in purpose, so that the parties don't lose all their voters and more importantly to keep their fellow governors out of jail. Greek families have taken a huge blow, many people have lost everything, a lot have left the country and the social crisis is getting worse every day. Seing people eating from the trashcans is something we didn't witness since WWII. Speaking of war, I think that it is great for EU and USA to have a wounded Greece right now, maybe even the Russians. See, the Middle East is as always on fire, Syria, Egypt, Algeria and Turkey have had coups/civil wars etc, ISIS is introduced, and right between all them and EU, there s Greece. So why not have some leverage before asking for anything that has to do with military bases / ports / airports? The Greek crisis is a combination of EU and US lobbies pushing, combined with incompetent politicians who care about their own problems. The people won't revolt since most of us believe in the european vision and besides, we need to keep together against an aggresive neighbour country (who took over half Cyprus last time we were too busy with our domestic political problems). I also think that there is always a crisis. You can't have capitalism without crisis, it is its nature. Yesterday was Lehman Brothers, today it is Greece, tomorrow it will be someone else. Please excuse my English, I hope I didn't make many mistakes!
  2. noobcollector


    Its almost funny reading this thread. Talking about something most don't know anything about
  3. I wish I could have bought 2:) I don't usually buy proof sovs but I needed something special since I am going to be a dad!! So I am keeping mine!
  4. Just thought saying hi would be nice! My name is Nikolas and I am from Athens, Greece. Cheers!