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  1. I'm not insulting you. I fully believe you have a trading desk at a major brokerage, your knowledge and insight into the markets is beyond anything I have ever seen before. May I make a suggestion? Your trading office in Hyde Park looks great, but I would push the envelope if I were you and get your trading team to invest in an umbrella, looks like it might rain later. All the best and have a wonderful weekend.
  2. Interesting. Your new Long trade entered yesterday dropped -211 from 1.3215 to 1.3004, currently 1.3043. You're quite good at Buying the tops and Selling the bottoms, I'll give you that.
  3. Trading desk??? I think you've got some apologising to do...
  4. OK Wonger, I think I've got it this time... Is it: The "Care in the community" team let you hold £75 so you could look like a "pro" gambler when they took you to your first football match?
  5. Right, I'm definitely going to guess this before the end of trading today...5th time lucky... Is it: You used to be called Shirley, but changed gender and renamed yourself "Wonger"?
  6. Ok...4th time lucky...definitely got it this time... If it wasn't puberty, If it wasn't you stopped using crayons, and if it wasn't your mum allowed you to play with the big boys but had to be back by 5pm... Is it: Daddy removed the stabilisers from your bicycle?
  7. Wait...I've definitely got it this time... Your mum allowed you to play with the big boys, but you had to be back by 5pm?
  8. OK, let me guess again, I've got this... You stopped using big crayons and being taught through the use of puppets?
  9. Wonger's not trading. He's actually helping his mum do the dishes ATM.
  10. How's that working out for you? You're only -106 points...I think I'll decline your help. Currently @ 1.3109
  11. We are enjoying Wonger's wanging, passes screen time. He's trading Necks and is currently Short Giraffe necks and Long Dwarf necks 🤣