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  1. Let's all admit, we gave Ronnie, director of the Buckingham collection a break since he admitted his faults and wished to provide compensation to those affected by his bad company. It seems to be, we were very correct in our orginal assessment.
  2. I believe that every man and woman is created equal. I am not racist. I am not homophobic. I believe in freedom of religion, as long as the religion followed does not cause harm to others, nor hinder other's freedom to follow their own religion. I do not believe young impressionable children should be indoctrinated with LGBTQ in primary school. I believe politicians tell lies. I believe in holding the government to account, seeing as WE elected them as our representatives. When they have been discovered to have covered up serious child abuse within our communities they must be exposed, even though they try to silence the minority through intimidation tactics such as "labels" like "right wing" etc. I believe in freedom of speach. I believe that the UK should be independent of EU control. My above listed beliefs label me as a danger, right wing, and a threat to the narrative, so of course I must report myself to prevent or another government authority for a visit to a re-education camp. Hopefully upon my return from re-education, I will know that the government is always correct and my views are incorrect. Long live Boris the B* stard! And they all lived happily ever after.
  3. So let me get this right...The teachers hand down LGBTQ political policy from the government, as a school boy you don't agree that boys are girls and girls are boys...so expelled/punished/excluded? Government must be correct and obeyed. George Orwell 1984 is here.
  4. The teacher is basically trying to say "Listen kid, I know you are right, but please just agree with the narrative because I want to keep my job"
  5. Yes, that's why they were demonstarting. The primary school demonstrations have been banned by the government now and D-listed. There is an injunction in place. The media tried to make it look like it was just Muslims complaining in order for everyone to think it was a "muslim" problem. There was silence surrounding the white Christian demonstrations at primary schools and only reporting on the majority muslim school for good reason. We do live in a fairy tale land.
  6. They have already begun rolling it out across primary schools in the UK. The books shown are the ACTUAL books that will be taught. It will be compulsary next year in ALL primary schools. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/11/12/primary-school-pupils-should-taught-means-lgbt-royal-college/ "Primary school children should be taught what it means to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, leading doctors say. The Royal College of Paediatricians and Child Health (RCPCH) is urging ministers to go further in their guidance on sex and relationship classes, which will become compulsory from 2020. Draft Government recommendations say schools are free to determine how they address lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues, ensuring teaching is “sensitive and age-appropriate”. But senior doctors are calling on the Government to be more upfront, saying that primary school children should be given clear information about different types of sexuality."
  7. Yes, it's depressing, but true. This has happened in almost every primary school in England, the teachers do not have to inform the parents beforehand. It's a EU mandate. As for War, that may be upon us soon enough. We haven't been to War with France for a while, they're definitely due one 😁
  8. Thank you for pointing out many of the things I missed, your views are most welcome in this never ending fairy tale. I forgot to mention what life was like for the workers in this make believe, pre-leaving the EU, once upon a time, land very near… Mummy and Daddy were sitting down for dinner discussing how everyone’s day had been. Mummy and daddy had a little girl, Sarah, and a little boy, James. “Daddy, Mummy why aren’t you eating, where is your food?” asked little Sarah, with a puzzled look on her face. “Because we ate earlier” Daddy replied, and he watched tenderly as his children ate. Mummy and Daddy didn’t have the heart to tell the little ones that although they had both worked 50 hours each that week, and every week, after paying their bills there was not enough food for everyone. Daddy had heard the news from the BBC that day, saying employment was up, the economy was doing well, but Daddy couldn’t help but wonder if maybe this wasn’t true. He had heard this day after day, but a visit to the local food bank to collect their food yesterday made him question what he was hearing. Why were all the shops boarded up? Why were there so many people sleeping on the streets? He even saw an old friend of his who used to run the factory floor, in rags, begging. The factory had closed many months ago. He also saw another friend, a full time nurse in the queue for food. The foodbank was an interesting place. The BBC “informed” people that food banks were for the homeless and vulnerable. The government even announced in 2018 that they would be sending employment support “officers” to the food banks to help people back into work. Daddy wondered why most people he saw at the food bank were in fact in full time work, but not actually “full time” so to speak, it was now called zero hours contracts. As daddy became lost in his thoughts, little James stated quite proudly: “I am now a girl. You must call me Janet and let me wear girls clothes from now on!” Mummy and Daddy were confused. Deep down they knew the state had determined children MUST be allowed to pick their own gender. The state had sent transvestites into the classrooms across the land to tell the children about how it was OK to be who you want to be. Little James had brought back a book from school, one of many which his class was reading called “A tale of two Daddies”. Little Sarah, having finished her dinner, put down her knife and fork, pointed at little James and said: “But you are a boy! Boys aren’t girls!” “No I’m not, from now on I’m a girl. My teacher was very happy. Some of my friends are becoming girls too! So there!” Little Sarah looked at her father sadly, “Daddy, I’m 6, do I have to become a boy when I’m James’s age?. I don’t want to be a boy!” Mummy decided to take charge of the conversation, “Look, the teachers are right, if a boy wants to be a girl, or a girl wants to be a boy, it’s fine. The government encourage it and we must go along with what is happening. Now, James and Sarah, you can both leave the table.” Mummy told Daddy sternly “You know that if we don’t agree, social services will get involved and we could be investigated for child abuse. We must let the children be guided by the government and the teachers!”. Daddy, was in turmoil. The government had said that the economy was fine, but he knew it wasn’t. The government had said that homelessness and hunger were because of drugs and people too lazy to work, but he knew this wasn’t true. He had to make a trip to the food bank every week just to provide food for his children...and they were both working and could possibly be homeless themselves soon. Now the government was allowing teachers to teach young vulnerable children that they could be whatever gender they wished to be, but Daddy knew this was also a lie. A child should be brought up firmly and with guidance until they are old enough and responsible enough to make their own decisions. Daddy cast his mind back to the news he had read everyday on the BBC website, even they ran one piece everyday on their website front page about LGBT. Was the BBC saying what the government wanted it too? All the programs he watched on the TV always had an element of at least one character who was gay. He walked out of the kitchen, sat down in his favourite armchair, stared at the ceiling and pondered. Could no-one see what was happening to their children? Couldn’t no-one see why people were going hungry? Was the UN correct in saying that our government was out of touch with the people, and in denial that child poverty and destitution was at a record high in our Country? Was the BBC correct in saying that Brexit was a bad thing and would cause poverty and chaos? What was he to do? Where had this all come from, Daddy questioned. Who was telling the government what to tell the people? When he was a boy, there was no “A tale of two Daddies”, it was “The farmer wants a wife”. Where did it all go wrong? Maybe if he questioned too much, he would be labelled a racist, fascist or some other “be silent and don’t question” term. Daddy had voted to leave the EU, hoping that it might bring about change. He thought that maybe the UK was following a narrative fed by Brussels, as he had heard the same thing about children picking their own genders was being taught in schools throughout the EU. For now though, Daddy had made up his mind. His children were going to stay the same gender they already are until they finished school, they were too young to know what they wanted and must be nurtured. The EU, UK government, and teachers were very wrong and Daddy was going to fight back. Daddy looked at his laptop...”I wonder what the internet has to say about all this? I wonder if Brexit is also being controlled?..."he whispered to himself. He typed in slowly, not using google, but a Virtual Private Network...”Alternative media” Part II of this fairy tale coming soon….”The peasants revolt in a land very near"
  9. Once upon a time, Brexit... Once upon a time, in a land very near, in a castle on a hill, there was a poker game between the UK and the EU. The first game against the naughty step-mother Theresa May was in the EU’s favour, they had the advantage of May showing them her cards and actually helping them to win the first round. The EU sat back, smiled, patted May on the back and congratulated her on what a great player she was, whilst slowly taking her poker chips. But evil May was kicked off the poker table for being a wicked step-mother by the fairy God-mother, and turned into a shoe. With a flick of the fairy God-mother’s wand and the words “Bring forth a man who can play poker!”...along came a man called Boris the B*stard. Boris the B*stard demanded new sealed decks of cards and proceeded to play wearing one-way sun glasses, doubled the EU’s bet and sat back with his cards covered with one hand whilst giving the EU the finger with the other. Boris then finished his last goblet of the kingdom's finest Brandy, threw all his poker chips on the table and declared...”All in, your move, we’ve had enough of this sh*t!" Boris the B*stard also declared loudly "I've brought a ball too, and I like to throw it at faces...a lot” The EU had two choices. 1. Believe that Boris the B*stard would play his cards “no matter what”, whilst continuing to give them the middle finger, or: 2. Believe that Boris the B*stard would suddenly see sense, sacrifice democracy, drop his pants and hand the EU a jar of Vaseline. However, knowing Boris was a bit of a b*stard, they knew that this option was probably not realistic. The game ended like this: The EU, at the11’th hour, under candlelight in their castle top tower (which, I must admit, had very strange windows), surrounded by dwarfs, elves and trolls, negotiated a “new great for everyone” deal, whereby both players could leave the table without having to play the final hand. The EU got to leave the table stating “We won the game and gave the UK a new deal” and the UK got to leave the table stating “We won the game and were given a great deal by the EU.” And they all lived happily ever after (apart from May, who resides in Hell), the end.