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  1. Oystonout

    Today I Received

    This sold out yet?
  2. Good news from the court today. Judge Marcus Smith ( top boy) has ordered the majority of Owen Oystons properties and shares including the ownership of Blackpool Football Club to be put up for auction to raise the £23M outstanding to Valerie Belokon. Judge MS has also threatened Owen Oyston with contempt of court and a custodial sentence should he fail again to pay outstanding court costs. (Still not paid last 2 x visits to court) Basically BFC Can now be sold from underneath Owen Oyston but the new owner must come before the courts so the judge can make sure there’s no Skulduggery going on and the sale is genuine etc Tick tock time is almost up Upthepool!
  3. Oystonout

    Any one used goldsilver.be ?

    Ha ha he’ll learn!
  4. 7 months on after the Oystons were ordered to pay Valerie Belokon £31.2M (Paid only £10M so far) we are back in high court today. Deadlines imposed by the courts to pay outstanding monies have been missed and this sorry affair has dragged on And on. Today the judge is expected to put up all of Owen Oystons assets and properties for auction in a bid to realise monies which has been unable to do himself. Dare I say it but we are getting ever closer to this whole saga being drawn to an end https://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/news/crime/judge-to-put-oyston-assets-up-for-auction-today-1-9215304
  5. Oystonout

    Was buying this Gold coin a HUGE mistake?

    Nice coin I have the 1/4oz proof
  6. Oystonout

    Today I Received

    2oz Lunar 2 Monkey - Been after one for a while and great price also
  7. Oystonout

    World Cup Fantasy League

    @kimchi Aye get the photos out
  8. Yeh had Iran to finish last in group as part of my bets
  9. You would think that Salah could have come on last 20 mins at least. At that point Egypt were still well in the game. It would have given the team and Egypt fans a big lift. Hard now for Egypt to qualify. If Salah starts next game then he must be fit enough so surely could have come on today Agree they kept on going. Plus Suarez can’t play that bad again surely!
  10. Even without Salah Egypt are miles better than S Arabia
  11. Russia 5 - S Arabia 0 Well all I can say is how the hell did Italy and the Netherlands not qualify after watching S Arabia - absolute gash. Cant really judge how good Russia were there coz S Arabia were so poor. All I know is that Suarez and Co and Egypt with the pace they have will run rings round the Arabs. S Arabia to lose all 3 group games 4/5 with skybet!
  12. Oystonout

    World Cup Fantasy League

    Completely forgot about this.
  13. Don’t fancy Russia at all. Worst ranked team ever to host a World Cup. Russia not to qualify from the group 9/4