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  1. @NRSovereignNice mate. Not seen many graded where did you pick that up from please?
  2. Thanks for the post. These are some of my favourite coins. Unfortunately my collection is only the 1/10 gold which began in 2016 and I have all except the 2020 latest one. The diameter of the 1/10 is 20mm which is bigger than all other 1/10 gold coins eg Britannia and Perth mint (Think 16mm) and the designs are stunning in detail. Personally I love the 2018 design the most with the full face of the elephant. (Pic below) PS Hard to find now from UK sellers. Atkinson’s regularly had a few in stock but seem to have dried up. Goldsilverbe and Auragentum have some though Cheers
  3. @daca thanks for the link A random year 1oz platinum Brit is €919, that’s only 7% over spot! Sure when these coins first started coming out the premium was way higher
  4. @kimchi Let me know your thoughts buddy when arrives cheers
  5. Apmex price works out at £588 using $1.3 to £1. Thats £50 cheaper than bullion by post. Got to be some one cheaper in UK?
  6. Many thanks for the link. Looks great in hand for a 1/10
  7. @kimchi Have you got all 3 x yrs Kooks with panda privy? There is 2017,18 and 19. Is that correct mate?
  8. @kimchi Yes mate for £130 it’s on a par price wise with a bog standard 1/10 Britannia. Can’t see many downsides really
  9. Hey @kimchi was waiting for you to chip in regarding this coin lol. Fancy it myself to be fair. If the silver version is anything to go by then the quality/strike will be far better than bullion. Almost “proof” like you could say. There have been other gold kooks in the past. Not many and think most have been smaller than 1/10oz in size Either way I’m interested so if you get wind of a Poss group but pls keep me posted Cheers buddy
  10. I’ve been to both Krakow and Wroclaw and can vouch for the latter being less touristy but quite interesting history wise.
  11. @SilverStan can you help @kimchi please
  12. @h103efa Wow what a brilliant surprise. Thank you for the stunning Dutch lion dollar but also for the card and little assortment of circulated coins. Gone above and beyond there really have. Many thanks once again @h103efa
  13. Wow absolutely buzzing! What a nice present to wake up to Thanks