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  1. I have to agree. The nugget design is good though
  2. I’ve heard the value of some of the non compliant vehicles have dropped massively. Petrols need to be Euro 4 and diesels Euro 6 to avoid charges. Listened to one guy on LBC radio who had bought a fleet of second hand vans on HP 18 months ago and he reckons the daily charge (largely unavoidable) plus the devaluation of his vans (assets) could put him out of business
  3. Hello all 8th April this daily charge of £12.50 kicks in. It’s applied 24 hrs per day 7 days per week in Zone 1 in London Bit naughty this ain’t it?
  4. @sovereignsteve @daz @kimchi Oyston has been officially ousted!
  5. Thanks mate. I have tried to change it. Not sure if I can or if it’s possible lol
  6. Some of the players had never played in front of a crowd that vociferous before. The average attendance of Blackpool games over the last 4 years had been between 2 and 3000 Even 2 years ago when we got promoted from League 2 at the play off final at Wembley we only took 6000 fans. Our previous two play off finals we took 28000 L1 and 35000 Championship
  7. Well what a day... A sell out at Bloomfield rd with over 15000 home fans packed into the stadium. Our biggest attendance (home fans) for 40 years. A bad pitch due to years of under investment by you know who and a stubborn Southend defence meant today’s game certainly wasn’t a classic but we still had a great day. A 95th minute equaliser thanks to an own goal resulted in a 2-2 draw but to be fair today’s game was never really about the result. Was great to be back and the atmosphere was amazing with non stop singing throughout. Some pics for you anyway Blackpool are back! 8EE3BDC7-4D3D-4A2E-A337-B6A2E6CA58D7.MOV
  8. @RoughDogThank you for your post and sorry to hear about your period of Ill health I had to read your post several times. Partly because it’s 5am but also because I missed it’s true meaning first couple of times Cheers and all the best
  9. Oystonousted


    Thank you sir Yes @motorbikez has it right with the approx values. The earlier years are more common (series started in 1993) and some of the later ones fetch a bit more. Some people prefer them in carded form wrapped in a protective platic sleeve and others are happy to collect in capsules only so they can display and store in a case. Lovely coins
  10. Cheers @kimchi. I’m up for this but as been said before. Apmex or LPM we’ll be hit with custom charges coming into U.K. won’t we? LPM currently saying “coming soon”. I did a dummy order for 10 x 1oz coins to calculate shipping and it works out at £24 via FedEx. Anyone know whether it’s possible to get LPM to write something like “Gift” on the package? Cheers
  11. Update Owen Oyston has been removed from the board and a new board has been installed by the Court receiver. 9th of March Blackpool v Southend will be the game that we can finally return to support our club. Over 4 and a half years of boycotting is now coming to an end.
  12. Anyone? If no takers I’ll be removing from sale and putting on eBay
  13. Lol can just imagine her smashing her whip down on the desk and cursing our lot!