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  1. Yes thanks to you. I bought the first 3 in 1/10 size and have since purchased the 2019. Surely this cant be out yet it’s too soon. Only got this years a few months ago Lovely series thanks again
  2. Agree. I’ve got all 3 so far but was thinking that the complete set of 8 would look great in a nice box. There’s a member on here that custom designs boxes isn’t there? Think he’s called Alan
  3. I had a 10oz lunar 2 Ox for sale a bit back for around £200 ish...... not a whiff of interest lol
  4. Just an observation but I can’t help but feel that the lunar series doesn’t seem to hold the same appeal as it once did. Such quality coins from one of the best mints in the world aren’t selling as easily as they once did. I’ve even noticed rarer 2oz and 10oz designs that are well priced are harder to shift and tend to only sell at knock down prices. The Lunar series 3 is due end of this year I wonder how it will be received going forward?
  5. Lovely coins and detail for 1/10 Oz. I have the tiger good luck with sale
  6. Judging by the lack of activity on eBay this coin doesn’t seem to be attracting the usual mad scramble of buyers and sellers that have seen previous. Strange considering lower mintages. Maybe everyone’s “all coined out”
  7. What have you ordered by the way? Cheers
  8. Yes log on before midnight, settle down and let the fun commence. First time I did it it was fun and bit exciting. Fast forward to 01.30 and then you think “what the hell am I doing here, I’m going to bed!
  9. I stayed up for the last one. Was a proper farce. 13000 in the queue and then crashed lol
  10. Lovely! Am I right in saying the sovereign is much rarer than the double sov?
  11. I bought a 1/2 gram recently too from Ash. It’s super tiny but it was the 2018 design which is my favourite
  12. 2019 1/10oz gold Somali elephant. 4th year design. Absolutely stunning design for this size of coin