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  1. Junk crowns or higher grade stuff? I have some NGC-slabbed Vickies, AU58 and above
  2. Honestly, for me that's a spot-price piece - it isn't even hallmarked properly. I'd be looking to sell it on at roughly 20% about spot. It's gimmicky.
  3. Well, I knew this thread would bring out the loonies... Pray do tell, how is an AR-15 going to stop a government F35?
  4. For when you absolutely have to shoot everyone in the classroom...
  5. Businesses need cash, not hard to liquify metal which takes up storage space. Think it's a very hard sell, personally.
  6. I'll have a mooch around, I'm sure I've got some platinum Koalas and Polar Bears somewhere.
  7. The way that certain people hyped these, it's almost as if they were on a commission... Absolute failure of a coin issue.
  8. Clens92

    Gold 1869

    Well, if you want any other shieldbacks, I've got 2 or 3 in comparable or better condition that I'd let go for a fair bit less. Tom
  9. Maybe not too helpful, but I think the really basic look is actually very effective. It has everything you need, no fuss, no BS. I'm sure you could run some Ads to help monetise it, too - or use referral links to earn some cash off it?
  10. Clens92

    Gold 1869

    What are you paying for shieldbacks from the Mint? I'm sure you could find them a lot cheaper on here!
  11. They were bought from Atkinsons and have only left their pouches for these photos. Great condition, all three.
  12. I'd be at £1100 for those particular three coins; Lion isn't sold below 400 (when it's available) and the other two are both north of 350 right now.