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  1. Clens92

    for sale Graded Sovereigns - MS70 DPL / PF70 UC

    Thank you for committing to buy and then refusing to pay because your ‘friend’ offered you something else. Really useful member of the forum... it really beggars belief.
  2. Clens92

    Huge Gold Chain

    Welcome to the Forum, @BuffaloGold Lovely chunky chain there. Not my style but I'd buy those all day long given the chance.
  3. Clens92

    US Coins - UK dealer

    I may have a coin which would interest your friend. Not a bricks-and-mortar dealer but I have a solid reputation and can provide numerous referees etc. The coin is in the UK; and can be delivered / collected in London or elsewhere on the south coast.
  4. Clens92

    closed sorted

    Baffling. If you can't control your cashflow, that's your problem, not the sellers. £40 for cancelling seems reasonable; I wouldn't have entertained the refund at all - you bought it, you own it.
  5. Clens92

    Gillete advert

    Honestly, it's not a bad advert. Nothing within it is that controversial - don't be bullies, don't harass people etc - but it's just not anything to do with a razor company. Why they chose to air it is baffling, it looks more like a political campaign video. Just sell razors, it's not difficult.
  6. Clens92

    200th Pistrucci Sovereign Current Price

    I think you need to say what your budget is, and which coin you want. The vagueness is only going to cause confusion, especially given the very similar designs.
  7. Clens92

    200th Pistrucci Sovereign Current Price

    £700 - £800 for a boxed example. Up to £1100 for a PF / MS70 at the moment.
  8. Clens92

    about goldsilver.be

    100% this is a troll posting. Nobody actually talks like that... I believe someone on the forum is having a laugh at our expense! 🤣
  9. Clens92

    Today I Received.....

    A couple of small gold Pandas - 1996 and 1997 5Y. Some red spotting on both, but I've read that red spots don't tend to affect grading? Either way, both in OMP and off to NGC for a fingers-crossed moment. Also a very rare platinum panda which shall remain under wraps for now.
  10. Clens92

    Thinking of selling stack

    The fundamentals of the UK economy haven't changed since 23 June 2016... £1050/oz in the next few weeks is by no means unachievable. Brexit will be dragged out to the last minute and gold will rise on market jitters.
  11. Clens92

    The 4oz Queens Beast Falcon...

    They sent you double the coins you paid for?! That sounds like a win! As a possible solution, you could try submerging them in warm water? Just a tip though, sweat will transfer through latex gloves and can still affect the surface of the coins. White cotton gloves are really the way to go.
  12. Clens92

    Antique Pirate Plaque for Forum Appraisal

    Literally the second google result on searching for the text on the reverse... https://www.jstor.org/stable/pdf/197325.pdf
  13. Graded Sovereigns for sale. 2015 PF70 Ultra Cameo - £450 2017 MS70 DPL Strike on the Day - £900 each. Payment via the usual terms, BACS preferred, PayPal fine if fees are covered. Original boxes and COAs available for £20 each (discounted for more than one, this covers the increased postage costs). Free Special Delivery in the UK.
  14. No. There are guides on both the PCGS and NGC websites to explain what they will and won't grade. The grade itself is often indicative though.
  15. Clens92

    Stacking till the Floor Boards Crack

    Welcome mate, I'm down in Devon too. Not many of us down here!