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  1. Somewhat cheeky to advertise them as something when you're not sure yourself. Are you wanting to sell, or are you after someone to do the hard work for you and provide you with all the information you need to price them up?
  2. I see no proof that these are Thomas Hemming pieces. There is no hallmark, for one. I see a little possibility that it may be sold by another silversmith, turn of the 20th century, with the candlesticks being German imports - but again, struggle to find too much evidence for this. I'm genuinely interested as they're delightful but would like more proof please.
  3. Well that's quite the first post. The Secret Service has far more to worry about than a few fake coins.
  4. It's also perfectly possible to eat in a good Tokyo restaurant for a completely comparable price to the UK... even easier in somewhere like Sasebo!
  5. How to ruin your reputation in one thread... are you drunk or high this time, Roy?
  6. It's a fair price - maybe a couple of hundred high but nothing outrageous. Everybody wants wearable jewellery at scrap prices, it's the same as buying a proof sovereign - work, time and money has gone into making it.
  7. Not always with the buyer. I have won most of my disputes as a seller, because the evidence I provide is irrefutable. Don't buy on the basis that you'll win a dispute; if they're a good seller then eBay will back them.
  8. Maintenance costs: Security - £1000 of silver is easily nicked. Coin capsules Depreciation if tarnished etc Every class of investment has pros and cons.
  9. You should be able to claim the VAT back, albeit I'll warn you that HMRC drag their feet and demand all kinds of proof. You won't get the handling fee back.
  10. How much are you offering for each coin please?
  11. Claiming to be the only bullion dealer in the UK to have rigorous testing procedures? Yeah, alright... pull the other one.
  12. Long and rather self-righteous investigation confirms nothing new. XRF is not perfect; the only perfect method is a destructive test. How are Chards trying to make a story out of this?
  13. Looking to sell my 1oz Gold Queens Beast Lion of England. The coin pictured is the exact coin you will receive, and it’ll come in a protective flip. £1425 net to me - happy for BACS / PayPal. Plenty of feedback available; just ask if you’d like more reassurance. Postage by Royal Mail Special Delivery is included! I do have a second if anyone is interested (it has an edge ding so haven’t advertised as of yet).
  14. It depends what you are trying to buy, and for what price? BU coins? Sterling plateware and antiques? Everything has a different price point. Your definition of a fair profit for the seller might be a fair way under their definition, too.