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  1. This isn't true. The transition period will continue until the end of the year. It will all depend on how HMRC classify gold and silver post our regulatory departure from the EU.
  2. Hello all, I'm looking to buy Gold and Silver (Sterling) jewellery. I will pay more than any 'cash for gold' company (inc. HGM, Lois) , and will pay above spot for the right pieces. Wearable condition would be best, but I can work with damaged items too. Especially want heavy jewellery, with full hallmarks. Examples: 9ct Gold Charm bracelets 9ct Gold Curb Chains Sterling silver curb chains Sovereign rings Pendants If you have anything that's been sitting in the drawer for a few years, feel free to send me a message with what you've got. I'll also trade for bullion and bars if you prefer that to cash.
  3. Need a bit more detail here... gold / silver / platinum... 1oz or 1/10oz, or something else? Details, man! Details!
  4. You'll still have to pay the duty when bringing it back into the UK...
  5. I'm sure you'll have better luck parting it up and selling on here - if you want above 98% of spot.
  6. New account? No real pictures? No rush to sell but wants crazy money for it? Enviable ability to predict huge future increases in value? DING DING DING! The first attempted scammer of 2020?
  7. Junk crowns or higher grade stuff? I have some NGC-slabbed Vickies, AU58 and above
  8. Honestly, for me that's a spot-price piece - it isn't even hallmarked properly. I'd be looking to sell it on at roughly 20% about spot. It's gimmicky.
  9. Well, I knew this thread would bring out the loonies... Pray do tell, how is an AR-15 going to stop a government F35?
  10. For when you absolutely have to shoot everyone in the classroom...
  11. Businesses need cash, not hard to liquify metal which takes up storage space. Think it's a very hard sell, personally.
  12. I'll have a mooch around, I'm sure I've got some platinum Koalas and Polar Bears somewhere.