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  1. Clens92

    1 oz silver perth mint lunar goat help needed?

    It's the same as other years, but that doesn't mean that you 'got scammed'. Sounds like the capsules might not be original... but you bought the coin, not the capsule.
  2. Clens92

    wanted Victoria Crowns

  3. Clens92

    wanted Victoria Crowns

    Slightly late to the party on this one... I'd take offers on any or all of them.
  4. Pictures will help you sell these...
  5. No worries - you’re the one wanting to buy so let me know your offer, otherwise it’s just silly.
  6. I’d be willing to part with any / all of these - if you fancy any, send an offer and we can talk. Thanks
  7. Clens92

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    They're trying to push their jewellery page, which has even more obscene premiums than a normal jewellery shop! I pestered them for 3 years about buying jewellery from them, and was always told it would be "a fixed percent over spot"... so much for that! I think they might be struggling on the retail sales side though, and focussing more on selling larger bars to trade.
  8. Clens92

    Please help identify

    Not silver. As others have said, electro-plated base metal.
  9. Clens92

    Bullion Dealer Finds - Sleepers

    Some do, some definitely don't. I've had one in the last year, bought at Spot + 3% and after grading it's now worth in excess of £5,000.
  10. Clens92

    cheap auction?

    Obviously fake.
  11. If you believe that AI and automation will truly take over the majority of jobs, then you would likely support then notion of Universal Basic Income. It's a viable idea.
  12. Clens92

    Royal Mint return policy?

  13. Clens92

    Royal Mint return policy?

    Are you Alex in disguise? You've bought 10kg of gold from your crypto gains... that's over £300,000. Why are you moaning about such inconsequential nicks when you've clearly bought for gold content and not condition?
  14. I'm not sure where you're getting 1M from. If you're new-ish to investing, take a look at Compound Interest. Investing $1000 a month for the next 22 years would only yield $1m if you achieved over 10.5% growth every single year, without fail. That is highly unlikely, in itself. Investopedia has some really great guides on this, maybe check them out?
  15. Clens92

    15 greatest gold heists of all time

    This was entertaining - thanks Off to buy an old gunboat and sit off the coast of Guyana for a couple of months...