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  1. Its a shame you don't carry the 1/4oz gold proof. Its selling like hot cake on RM's site... Anyway, all the best with your sales!
  2. I mean to proof collectors like me who is already 6 coins into a 10 coin series (the QB series btw), I guess I am too deep in the water to not continue buying it. If I don't buy it now directly from RM, eventually I would still buy it from the secondary market. If RM jacked up the price by 50 quid today eventually the secondary market will jack up by 50 as well. Simple, no one wants to make a loss especially its in the secondary market. Given that gold spot price has increased by about 18% so an adjustment of 10% from RM is ok~ish even if its not ideal. Hey no one likes hike in prices but unfortunately this is how capitalism market works and we chose to board this ship!
  3. Getting into the QB gold proofs @motorbikez?
  4. Great price to own these coins I guess? This post will be taken down if no one pick it up soon.
  5. As mention in my previous sales, I have 6 silver proofs available from the dealer. With the mintage of 1,000 I would expect the price would do pretty well down the road. Would sell it at the price he offers me which is £73 each + cost of postage of your choice.
  6. Would like to let this beautiful (and controversial) coin go at £620 + cost of postage of your choice. Comes with original packaging and CoA.
  7. Well the gold proofs are no longer available.... Merging the other Peter Rabbit thread with this.
  8. Well totally missed out as well. PM me if anyone has spare quarter gold proofs.
  9. HyHy

    1937 Proof Grade Opinions

    The Five Sovereign looks absolutely amazing and really deep cameo for the full sovereign. Looking promising!
  10. Haha for me having Pandas, gold & silver proofs QB, Rwanda lunars and some proofs/numismatic here and there does need a lot of liquidity to maintain year after year.... BTW are you back in HK?
  11. Was thinking to offload everything after 2008 and focus on those key dates. Having too many series running at the same time and this shows how hard mints tried to milk stackers nowadays...
  12. HyHy


    Welcome aboard @Ablist. Great to see the number of US members keep on growing!
  13. HyHy

    Trial of the Pyx

    Okay this sounded interesting:
  14. HyHy

    Trial of the Pyx

    Anyone mind clarifying what on earth is this: https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/trial-of-the-pyx/ To me it looked like the RM has just carded all those unsold/returned coins and market it as another product (without the original packaging I assume) some pictures are as below:
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong the 3 key dates for Chinese silver panda are: i) 1995 Small Date, Small Twig ii) 1999 Large Date, Serif 1 iii) 2000 Mirrored Ring
  16. Yes please as I have looked into previous results and it wasn't there. It was submitted back in early August. Thanks @Numistacker
  17. @Numistacker tried messaging you regarding grading matter. Thanks.
  18. Well some pigs just landed from Germany...
  19. Finally keep my PF70 collection updated [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16]
  20. Well what a beauty but a shame I'm no longer following this series.
  21. Hello there, I am interested with this role Probably my chance to contribute to the forum?
  22. Anyone interested in taking up my slot? I have 6 up for sale for £85 each plus postage of your choice and risk in the UK.