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  1. HyHy

    for sale 1937 Half Sovereign

    Guys I understand that each one of you has your own opinions but shall we keep all discussion in a civilised and educated manner? Avoid any sort of nationality stereotyping and swearing. If this continue, I would really consider blocking or even removing this topic. Thank you.
  2. HyHy

    completed 1oz gold bars

    Hi Ironman, As mentioned it would help your sale if the actual photo of the item is posted here. Thanks.
  3. HyHy

    1937 Proof Grade Opinions

    The Five Sovereign looks absolutely amazing and really deep cameo for the full sovereign. Looking promising!
  4. HyHy

    completed 2018 Full Gold Sovereign

    Well RM obviously would be the optimal option as long as stock is still available (which is not) and the posting does include delivery as well .
  5. HyHy

    Chinese Silver Pandas

    Haha for me having Pandas, gold & silver proofs QB, Rwanda lunars and some proofs/numismatic here and there does need a lot of liquidity to maintain year after year.... BTW are you back in HK?
  6. HyHy

    completed 2018 Full Gold Sovereign

    You can find those on eBay with not much of a premium like the one below going for £480 including delivery compared to £445 on RM https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2018-22ct-Gold-Proof-Sovereign-Coin-Box-COA-Royal-Mint/223076733416?hash=item33f068d1e8:g:8iYAAOSwYSBbWd64:rk:3:pf:0
  7. Trying to get into Christmas with a bigger stash of cash in hand. Selling this for £1,000 + cost of postage of your choice. Comes with RM's box and CoA
  8. HyHy

    Chinese Silver Pandas

    Was thinking to offload everything after 2008 and focus on those key dates. Having too many series running at the same time and this shows how hard mints tried to milk stackers nowadays...
  9. HyHy


    Welcome aboard @Ablist. Great to see the number of US members keep on growing!
  10. I'm sure there is no reason for people to return the item as long as the capsule is not opened and coin is not handled previously. Anyway good luck with your sales .
  11. HyHy

    Trial of the Pyx

    Okay this sounded interesting:
  12. HyHy

    Trial of the Pyx

    Anyone mind clarifying what on earth is this: https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/trial-of-the-pyx/ To me it looked like the RM has just carded all those unsold/returned coins and market it as another product (without the original packaging I assume) some pictures are as below:
  13. HyHy

    Chinese Silver Pandas

    Correct me if I'm wrong the 3 key dates for Chinese silver panda are: i) 1995 Small Date, Small Twig ii) 1999 Large Date, Serif 1 iii) 2000 Mirrored Ring
  14. Yeah looking to just consolidating my stack.