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  1. Hi I will take them if still available, please pm 👍🏻
  2. Smuggling is one of the oldest trades going so would not surprise me if a healthy black market of gold/ silver smuggling to avoid heavy tax charges would increase post Brexit 🤔
  3. I wonder, how much gold the Bank of England and fed reserve really have 🤔 they have never revealed the actual amounts by my reckoning and yet China and Russia buying up more and more gold each year to push back on the dollar $€£
  4. Hey, I will take x2 if you have any left?
  5. Hey, would you take an offer of £180 posted?
  6. It seems to me that nothing has been confirmed in regards what happens post Brexit, especially the Irish solution (whatever that entails) could be advantageous having a precious metals business there with easy access across an open porous border with vat free coins one side of the pond 🤔
  7. Hi, I am interested in 2x2018 10oz Valiants, pm for pics and p&p to UK address if possible. Cheers
  8. Hey, I would like a full tube of 2016 maples. PM me p&p as and when convenient. Cheers
  9. Magritte

    Buying Silver

    I have made several orders from stg and their service is superb !
  10. Magritte

    Karma Rules

    Another reason why I think this forum is quite as some, good work !
  11. Well Danny, keep stacking !!!
  12. I must say Fluttershy it is interesting what you said about the Dutch. I see the Chinese, Russians and especially the Indians have been buying gold and silver in ever larger quantities and yet where have the gold reserves of the UK and USA gone ?
  13. Hi Matt, as a new member myself welcome, great attitude towards silver, this is a fantastic forum with lots of experience and great advice.