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  1. I’ve always been fascinated with how the US has never audited its gold reserves at Fort Knox 🤔 I suppose it’s not in a country’s interest to declare its stash to the world 😁
  2. I remember reading something about this, apparently Deutchbank wanted to increase financial confidence but I remember something about Germany repatriating their gold early back in 2017. But I agree any country lending its gold out on a physical iou is 🤪🤪
  3. Yeah I heard that, I also heard that Germany wanted its gold back but the US told them it could not be released in one go but in increments 🤔
  4. Magritte

    Silver purchase

    Hi mate if you go to the buy/ sell forum and post a wanted/ wish list for your preferred pm you will get someone contacting you. 😁👍🏻
  5. Whilst bullion coins are just that, what’s stopping them being ‘collectible’ just about anything can be collectible from coins to bottle tops and said prices are a-tuned to availability and demand. If it can be collected then it is collectible. If a coin bullion or otherwise is discontinued then RM should unequivocally publish the production numbers, shame on their part that they do not understand a core part of their market ‘collectors’.
  6. Smuggling is one of the oldest trades going so would not surprise me if a healthy black market of gold/ silver smuggling to avoid heavy tax charges would increase post Brexit 🤔
  7. I wonder, how much gold the Bank of England and fed reserve really have 🤔 they have never revealed the actual amounts by my reckoning and yet China and Russia buying up more and more gold each year to push back on the dollar $€£
  8. It seems to me that nothing has been confirmed in regards what happens post Brexit, especially the Irish solution (whatever that entails) could be advantageous having a precious metals business there with easy access across an open porous border with vat free coins one side of the pond 🤔
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