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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Currently collecting the silver Britannia series, silver proof Queen's Beasts, and dabbling in some Commonwealth Country coinage when I see something I like.

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  1. NewMSmatist15

    Overwhelmed by Modern Silver in Series, and Series, and Series....

    Great point... wonder why it is a "silver" specific phenomenon. Price point maybe 🤔
  2. I wonder about copper rounds myself. Do they oxidize and turn green? Do people buy copper bars and rounds frequently? I'm so used to assuming people want to buy and sell silver and gold due to inflation or investment. However, I'm not sure how copper fits into that or if it is more an industrial metal that you're betting on creeping up in value. I also, as an aside, can't think of a single modern coin that is made from copper or bronze near the 90% mark. The US nickel is 75% copper and 25% nickel the very common modern "cupro-nickel" coin composition, but I don't know of any that are bronze or entirely copper.
  3. NewMSmatist15

    Overwhelmed by Modern Silver in Series, and Series, and Series....

    I should note, at the moment I only collect the Britannia and Proof Silver Queen's Beast series. I just really like some of the other series and haven't delved into any of them. I'm more confused about which series are popular and therefore have a healthy secondary market than frustrated with having options.
  4. For a good portion of the summer I stopped buying any coins, gold or silver, proof or bullion, because I felt a bit overwhelmed by all the series that are available. There's the Chinese Panda series, the Chinese Lunar series, the Britannia Series (my personal favorite, but not much love from a lot of collectors nowadays), the Great Britain Lunar series, the Perth Lunar series, the Canadian Lunar series, the Rwandan Lunar series (these are quite lovely, but I didn't set aside cash for them or buy any 😥), the Canada Predator series, the Kangaroos, the Kookaburras, the Saltwater Crocodiles, the Birds of Paradise, the Emus, and the Sharks. The Queen's Beasts, the Lion Dollars, and the Bisons. Not to mention the Ukrainian Archangels, the Isle of Man Nobles, the Niue hawksbills, superheroes, and star wars coins. Colorized coins, incuse coins, concave coins, egg shaped coins, coins that are square, coins that have scalloped edges, and privy marks on everything! Just tossing a discussion out to the Forum in general. Does anyone else feel overwhelmed by all of these? Are there forum members that have culled down their collections and eliminated collecting certain series? If so, which series are you avoiding or stopping?
  5. NewMSmatist15

    NGC Registry set

    Did you start this collection with the intention of having a registry set or did that fall into place? I have a Britannia registry set myself and I go back and forth on whether it is worth it to try and have other registry sets.
  6. NewMSmatist15

    Stacking Strategy: What has been your biggest mistake?

    I think you are both right. @Scuzzle I think your strategy hinges on ( and does well!) when the price of silver fluctuates compared to the equity markets. However, a strategy like @lmwstamps where you buy the premium coins is much more a "collectible" bet. I've had poor success with some seemingly collectible coins and poor success with bullion but for different reasons. Likewise I've had winners on both sides. For me, American Silver Eagles in bullion are a winner, almost always, in terms of their ease for liquidation and ability to cover spot prices if held long enough. I can't say I've had a segment in the premium coins that is a winner, but when I switched from buying anything I thought would be collectible and appreciate to what I enjoy collecting, I had much better success. I think enjoying what you collect helps you understand that coin series/coin type in a way that allows you to buy and sell for a profit. Just my two cents...
  7. Does anyone collect the Euro coins? Mint sets? Pull them from circulation to collect all the countries representing the EU in say 1 euro? I'm curious because I love the look and feel of the Euro coin and some of the designs are quite nice, like the Latvian ones and the lower denomination French Euro cents, but I don't often see or hear about people collecting them. Thanks!
  8. NewMSmatist15

    2018 proof britannia

    I don't mind the profile, also this face looks more like a real person than some of the other Greco-Roman inspired classic designs. She even looks like an ethnically British woman IMHO. I like the design quite a bit compared to the past few years' designs.
  9. What do the forum members think of the UK coin sets that come out every year? I've seen two sets available in recent years - one is the "definitive" set which has all commemorative designs on coins made from base metal and intended for circulation and the other an "annual" coin set which is more like a date set with high quality strikes of coins meant for circulation. I haven't been buying the sets, but I do love the designs of most of the bimetallic 2 pound coins! Related question, which one of the below would you rather have an MS 65 DPL or an MS 67 without the DPL designation?
  10. NewMSmatist15

    Welcome :)

    Glad to see this! Posts to follow once I'm done celebrating America's birthday...
  11. NewMSmatist15

    New Sections for the Forum

    Love it, I've seen there is a premium members club and a bitcoin/crypto currency club, but didn't know that could be an option for this.
  12. NewMSmatist15

    2008 Silver Britannia

    @Bullionaire the 2003 is one of my favorite designs! I have one in MS 68 I "cross-graded" from an old ANACS holder. Hard to see in photos, but from this angle your 2003 looks nice. That 2007 looks much better than the one I had. At the very least you have some nice bullion semi-numismatics. With regards to your comment about the look of slabbed coins I tend to agree. Some coins I think look really nice in an NGC holder, but I get the dislike. My argument would be it is almost the same as putting a coin in a capsule and there is little doubt and disagreement over the authenticity or quality when in an NGC or PCGS holder. I like knowing I have one of the finest known 2001 Britannias and that it is protected. Just preference.
  13. NewMSmatist15

    2008 Silver Britannia

    @Bullionaire I bought a similar coin off eBay (a 2007) also in this same hard cardboard packaging. It was roughly $81 USD with shipping. I decided to get it graded since I have a registry set and am a collector of Britannia coins. My 2007 looked good in the packet and had some tarnish on the side, but no visible marks to me without taking it outside the plastic holder. Grading cost me another $31 USD roughly and it came back an MS 67 DPL. I definitely did not add value to this coin grading it and while I didn't sell it, I don't think I'd make money off this coin either. I doubt I'd break even unless I wait some time. I would recommend if you got a good deal on it and like it, keep it. If you think it might grade 68 or higher you could def sell it for a profit, otherwise it may break even or cost you money. Less than MS 67 you still have a better chance than me of breaking even, but why risk it? If you don't like it and would rather a better example, I bet you could sell it as is and make some money as well. I strongly suggest not cleaning this coin as these coins have numismatic value even though they were sold originally as bullion. The design changed almost annually (depends on the year) and the mintages were limited enough that it makes available, but collectible. Leave it as is, sell it, or grade it. But DO NOT clean it.
  14. NewMSmatist15

    2008 Silver Britannia

    NGC states on there site it uses 5x magnification, PCGS states "High Magnification" and "no detectable imperfections" for a 70
  15. NewMSmatist15

    Frank Frazetta silver barbarian

    https://www.apmex.com/product/103692/1-oz-silver-proof-round-frank-frazetta-the-barbarian It's a silver round not a coin, but it's on APMEX