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  1. dancavendish

    **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint

    Will they price match Bird of Paradise? I have seen this question but not answer. Do you know, or can check with them pleas.
  2. dancavendish

    **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint

    Do they know when silver krugerrands will be available?
  3. dancavendish

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    My arrived to. Thanks Mr and Mrs BYB.
  4. is the stock horse with coa?
  5. dancavendish

    G'day (yet another Aussie...)

    Hello and welcome
  6. dancavendish


    Hi My pack from them arrived to. Nicely packed. Will use them again.
  7. dancavendish


    Yes I did and payment confirmation in place. Now waiting for arrival.
  8. dancavendish

    for sale 1oz 2018 Chiwoo

    Any 2016 Chiwoo?
  9. dancavendish

    Coin Photography - Lighting?

    You need one of ring lights for macro pictures. https://www.fastforwardtime.co.uk/aputure-hc100-on-camera-led-ring-video-light This is original by canon for about £400.00, but you can by something like this https://www.fastforwardtime.co.uk/aputure-hc100-on-camera-led-ring-video-light Probably is not as good as canon but cost only £35.00 Just remember to choose with light option not just flush. On light is much easier to set up camera.
  10. dancavendish

    withdrawn Looking for 2016 CHIWOO

    Just checking again ?
  11. dancavendish

    Perth Mint Tiger & Dragon 1oz

    They have the Dragon & Tiger 1oz silver coin https://www.coininvest.com/en/silver-coins/dragon-and-phoenix/1-oz-dragon-and-tiger-silver-coin-2018/
  12. dancavendish


    Thanks guys. Nothing personal to swAgger, I'm sorry if was taken this way.
  13. dancavendish


    Just one thing is interesting in all this. The dealer get to forum right when the conversation started, wright two posts and get quiet. I have made order but still thinking about pay to them. I know swAgger confirming order received but? Is an always the but.
  14. dancavendish

    withdrawn Looking for 2016 CHIWOO

    Hi all. I'm looking for 3X CHIWOO from 2016. Anyone have spare?
  15. dancavendish

    London coin fair June 2nd

    Unlikely I have daughter archery competition, so I be there.