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  1. Silverhunter

    I so want to buy this...

    I get the feeling this would be a lot better in a 5 oz version if you can afford it and would enjoy it go for it if your thinking that's a little expensive for what is but still want a pm fix get a 2 oz beast and a 1/2 sov for the same cash
  2. Silverhunter

    for sale Hand poured silver for sale

    These are really nice well done I hope they sell well
  3. Silverhunter

    Gold Bullion Clearance

    Was just about to log on and have a look but you've save me the hassle
  4. Silverhunter

    completed 100g Bar - does not get much better than this!

    It's better to have a reputation as supplying above spec rather than the opposite so if there is any doubt that they are possibly underweight redo to keep your standards above expectations the extra 1/2 g per bar is worth a reputation. More importantly what are the tolerances on any weights and measures laws you might need to apply to your products.
  5. Silverhunter

    Any one used goldsilver.be ?

    Once never again
  6. Silverhunter

    Today I made.....

    @dixiesilvergirl Must be a flower day my wife made these roses what's the metal copper?
  7. Silverhunter

    What would you buy

    The lib is the best looking for me think I would go the eagle out of the 2 just on looks.
  8. Silverhunter

    Today I Received

    It's a nice buy
  9. Silverhunter

    Today I Received

    What's the weight on this might save for one as I am an avid poker player it would be my card cover
  10. Silverhunter

    for sale 100g silver bar sealed

  11. Silverhunter

    24h le mans

    He was in the same class at school as my wife's cousin in Stevenage I think they were friends. But he's such a moaner when things are not going his way undoubtedly he is the best In qualifying at present but if you compare his race wins he is not the brightest star.
  12. Silverhunter

    24h le mans

    I never really liked him until his second stint at mclaren in fact I disliked him but warmed up to him last few years he has had bad luck team wise. I know for sure I will never like Hamilton
  13. Silverhunter

    24h le mans

    Go go alonso
  14. Silverhunter

    for sale 100g silver bar sealed

    Sold pending p
  15. Silverhunter

    Turning fat into Silver

    It's is a very addictive hobby for a lot of people may be you should reward yourself for a no weight gain month say 1/4 lb then on a weight loss month go bigger to your budget good luck