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  1. Is this vat on silver? Even if pre owned
  2. Can you get a clearer picture of the milking please I can see it on one
  3. This happens all day long the best are 50% of scrap value with free postage so your giving the coin away great idea and I guess it may work on a few poeple
  4. Looks good only thing I'd change is to .999
  5. Defiantly worth a gamble with libs in hope they rise but safe option is bullion sovs surely?
  6. These are very very good and a very good price I've tried to go on website and it's down at the mo FYI
  7. You were right I belive cleaning up reveals flecks of nicklenickel
  8. Thanks for your reply it's very coppery to the extent it's green unfortunately it is dated 1982 on the reverse
  9. Not the best photo will add a better one in day light tomo but found a 1982 COPPER 20p in my change defo copper even though looks silverfish in photo
  10. Today in my change I recived a copper 1982 20 pence piece I've read a little on chards about a 1984 @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer But struggling to find anything about a 1982 mule anyone seen one? I have photos but not great going to take better ones and post them
  11. Silverhunter

    Red spot?

    Yep red spot exists on silver I was shocked as well when I saw it on one of my maple leaf coins I knew about the red on gold but not silver.