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  1. Send us a photo and live stream the opening just to be safe
  2. I used to buy from silvergold bull and only ever paid vat at 20%
  3. I've seen numerous people saying that the government should of stepped in and helped out those people need to closely look at what business capital is then maybe reassess. Very few major airlines lease their entire fleet along side that they had next to zero property holding with all if not nearly alll their shops rented. For the age of this company this is astounding in effect they were running the company as a broker their assets/capital probably amounted to a few computers and a coffee machine in each shop. The people at the top running this really need this disgusting failure plastering all over their cv's so people can see the f@*k up they have made sadly with the massive bonuses they paid themselves over the year they will never need said cv's ever again as they are set for life.
  4. I'll take that one @MickD dm me pleasewith details and thanks @kneehow2018
  5. Looking for a 100g silver bar Scottsdale ideally but open and maybe an odd 1oz roo
  6. Is this vat on silver? Even if pre owned
  7. Can you get a clearer picture of the milking please I can see it on one
  8. This happens all day long the best are 50% of scrap value with free postage so your giving the coin away great idea and I guess it may work on a few poeple
  9. Looks good only thing I'd change is to .999
  10. Defiantly worth a gamble with libs in hope they rise but safe option is bullion sovs surely?