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  1. You were right I belive cleaning up reveals flecks of nicklenickel
  2. Thanks for your reply it's very coppery to the extent it's green unfortunately it is dated 1982 on the reverse
  3. Not the best photo will add a better one in day light tomo but found a 1982 COPPER 20p in my change defo copper even though looks silverfish in photo
  4. Today in my change I recived a copper 1982 20 pence piece I've read a little on chards about a 1984 @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer But struggling to find anything about a 1982 mule anyone seen one? I have photos but not great going to take better ones and post them
  5. Silverhunter

    Red spot?

    Yep red spot exists on silver I was shocked as well when I saw it on one of my maple leaf coins I knew about the red on gold but not silver.
  6. I have defiantly seen some listings that are using eBay to "clean" money
  7. When you find it be sure to let us know where you got it don't be greedy
  8. Yep vat added I just get the feeling it's preowned in the grand scheme of things it's nothing but an anyoance but I've got to the age where these things bother me more and more
  9. I was bought a single 1oz silver Brit best value coin last week as a gift from b b p thing is a vaguely remember the 2017 Brit going out of stock the coin arrived with a dink and scratch not really a problem as it's to go in a tube as bullion the thing that is niggling me though I get the impression this is secondary market and as such should of been vat free? And it wasn't anyone had this feeling before?
  10. Yes silver has the vat put on put on the bill but they have a massive selection that some of the European dealers carry at times delivery is very quick though
  11. Silvergold bull are brilliant they use FedEx and ups to ship to U.K. Never had a destination fee and free shipping if over a certain amount
  12. Yep defo Barclays old logo they changed it slightly a while back as it looked a bit nazi ish
  13. I doubt it but I hope you contacted the local trading standards these assholes need stopping they can ruin a new collector if they find out they had a dirty stack.
  14. Perhaps we should have a dedicated thread #theproblemswithgb.be or #imchuffedigotmygs.beorder regardless this has been a great thread to read and just shows the support some people are prepared to offer people in a sticky situation
  15. If you don't need to know more don't read the post then and jog on instead of trolling what other people might find interesting to read.