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  1. Hmm. I might have to get some George V proofs!
  2. Yep. I can read it now you point it out! Thank you mr bean.
  3. Hello, I was hoping The Gold Forum could assist me. I recently purchased this rather nice 1911 full sovereign and it came in this very fragile paper flip-wallet kinda holder. It has 'Royal Mint' on the front and some handwriting. Does anybody know when this packaging was issued and if the writing is significant? Thank you very much.
  4. Interesting. The coin has gone out as a gift now but thank yo for the responses!
  5. I agree older sovereigns looked so much nice. The matt background really showed of the lustre of a coin.
  6. They are somewhat different fonts yes. The edge milling seems to be accurate. As Shinus73 says silver eagles can vary somewhat in their style. The ping test also checks out. Dont have any scales on me atm.. very very good fake if it is so. I personally believe that its a genuine eagle with a peculiar finish. Though I will note that the lettering on the 2009 seems weaker.
  7. Hello, the reverse of my 2009 silver eagle has a highly reflective finish. This finish is displayed through the entire field and i am adamant its not been polished or altered. Can anyone propose a theory on why the reverse of this coin is particularly 'shiny'? (The phenomenon is difficult to capture with a phone bit it is quite significant in hand). Thank you
  8. Hey, I would suggest 1/10 Krugerrand personally, I like their small size and that they come in 22ct, particularly like the early 1980's ones.
  9. Its important to note you can get these scales in their original boxes sometimes, so might be worth waiting for such a listing to come up. Might also be interested in looking up guinea scales, some of these even weigh guineas and sovereigns, as well their half denominations.