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  1. As the title says. £335 including SD postage. Maybe swap for something, something gold and sovereign size, plus a little bit of silver? Can post pics if each coin close up if needed.
  2. Safety deposit box's are not all they are cracked up to be. Many banks are uninsured if they are broken onto and box's opened. I'm covered just as much with my home insurance and don't have two pay £X each month.
  3. One thing to think about is space. and a 10 oz coin takes up quite a bit. As others have mentioned price is the most important factor, so sticking just to Brits may not always be best bet.
  4. Right peeps here you go 2015 Gibson Les Paul Jr with Gibson hard case. I have replaced the G-Force tuners with Grovers, yet they are included if you wish to put them back on. £550 or swap for sovereigns and cash either way.
  5. I have. I think many of the heavy relic are based on known players guitars like SRV Strat and rode hard and hung out wet. Agreed some are done far too much. On the other hand having a complete reissue of a 56 Strat makes no sense. All the advantages of a nice new guitar by with all the cons of the 50's, like having to take off the neck to adjust it and a three way switch
  6. At one time I did had a Fender Custom Shop '60's Tele heavy relic, I brought not because of how it looked, but how it played.
  7. Still bloody £4 a pint, still you are what you drink and I'm a bitter man!
  8. Could well be right, yet have a look on eBay, going for £22 plus £13 postage
  9. Am I right in thinking that toning is more of an American passion? Yes, I can see that some coins can look 'better', yet the prices for toned coins are out of proportion to non toned. The price for a 1 oz ASE, what, $20(?) toned $30+ for the same year. Is there a rhyme or reason? Type about this for a bit🙂
  10. I don't drink at home, and a tad too early for the pub, plus it's far too pricey round my way in the first place
  11. Got the right number of fingers and toes, the sun it out, shops are open, almost like nothing has changed. Edit, don't yet know if beer has gone up
  12. Last chance £292 plus postage of your choice
  13. Martini-Henry V's Trapdoor Springfield rate of fire? Martini wins?
  14. Two 2019 half Sov's £310 including SD postage
  15. Yep, 1141-1148, had a bit of trouble with a lad called Steve. But with any civil war, the winner...