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  1. shawy2510

    HGM sov

    Purchased from them before, got 9 of them last week & all are pretty decent tbh not all smashed up like you would expect.
  2. shawy2510

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Only asking mate, I thought it was sent with Heritage hence why I asked if your consignment had any news. Its a friends coin & he asked how it was going. I will wait for you to post results in future.
  3. shawy2510

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Any news on the Heritage consignment Russell?
  4. shawy2510


    Im in watching it daily atm with my daughter as she loves it.
  5. Nothing here also, Chris you there
  6. shawy2510

    Today I Received.....

    Will be nice to see a run of PF70's I am slowly doing this also but older Halfs are attracting me more.
  7. shawy2510

    wanted Rare graded Half Sovs Wanted

    Thanks for the reply but I have all of those in PF70
  8. shawy2510

    wanted Rare graded Half Sovs Wanted

    I have a 1937 in a PF67CAM & ideally if I was to go for a 1911 I would want a 65 or 66 grade. Thanks for letting me know though
  9. shawy2510

    wanted Rare graded Half Sovs Wanted

    Looking for some rarer Half Sov's preferably already graded. Let me know what you have via PM or replying to this thread. Andy
  10. shawy2510

    UK Gun Ownership

    Personally I wouldn't want to carry a gun due to what they can do, I would rather take a beating than get these into society. Guns generally kill whereas a punch just usually hurts
  11. shawy2510

    completed WWF GOLD PROOF 50p

    Always remember I will buy it back for 50% less
  12. shawy2510

    completed WWF GOLD PROOF 50p

    Shawy delivers 😂
  13. shawy2510

    expression of interest Gold Sovereigns 2019 Pre-Order

    I would be interested in the Half Sov
  14. shawy2510

    for sale Half Sovs

    Just random years but anything particular you after I can have a look?
  15. shawy2510

    for sale Half Sovs

    I have 8 Half sovs to sell to fund a new heating system £117 each or £116 each if you buy 4 postage extra of your choice. payment by BT or PPFF