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  1. I know he got banned here but I have purchased many items off him in the past & never had any issues.
  2. If my misses asks it was $2000 but between us gents it was $5280 🙈
  3. Just purchased my most expensive coin to date skint now. Single finest over both NGC & PCGS
  4. I doubt these are going to make much for flipping considering they have not yet sold out. I could be wrong though
  5. All depends on what your going for, for example I paid £3.5k for a MS65 1838, £3k for an MS65 1818 so not cheap. I collect half's because I like them no other reason.
  6. bad always happens when you least want it I have always found. Rule number 1......never let a woman drive your car you know the score 😂 I see new bits appear of my misses car all the time & the answer I always get was....it wasn't me. God knows what she does but it never happens to me.
  7. Sell it on your mates Facebook group I sold 1 PF69 for less than £600 recently
  8. Not using cash machines anymore due to a recent annoying experience. Withdrew £500 & nothing came out. Was told 15 days whilst they investigate then after the 15 it was working days so waited. Still nothing as the bank did not respond to my banks request. 2 days later after my own bank said it was now upto them to either give me the money back or credit my account. Luckily after another day the £500 was back in my account. It has put me off big time.
  9. £3600 plus fees so over 4k https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/tennants-auctioneers/catalogue-id-srten10682/lot-9bb924f0-c855-4d46-9b90-ab0d00b1e776?bidplaced=
  10. I did, found out today but unfortunately after about 5 weeks of it happening I misplaced my flyer so no prize for me 😑
  11. A set sold yesterday for over £4000