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  1. My misses is a front line nurse, dealing with patients with Covid-19, its a horrible situation to be dealing with & numerous times she has come home & cried asking me if she dies to make sure the 4yr old & 1yr old know that she loved them & not to forget her 😭 kind of wish she was not a nurse now. Shes only 28 but as we all know this can take anyone in its path.
  2. Here is 1 example on Ebay. The cerificate would have been sent to NGC to look at for a match on the coin.
  3. The certificate should have the picture of the coin on which they have to be able to match it with the said coin. If it doesn't match it will not be graded as Duoro Shipwreck coin
  4. Not sure if I am getting excited but reading the government website would you think I am included. I ticked the parts that are specifically for me & highlighted the part that it means 1 of the 2 options. My Self Employed wage was over my PAYE for 2018/2019 at roughly 55% SE & 45% PAYE. Section 1 implies that 2018/2019 can be used rather than the 2nd of average over 3 years.
  5. Wallace & Gromit Gold Proof 50p Asking £787 Posted.... Mint Price is £945 Payment by PPFF or Bank Transfer
  6. Snowman 2 Gold Proof 50p Asking £820 ono PM for a deal .... Mint Price is £945 Payment by PPFF or Bank Transfer Posage at your cost **** The mark on the back is on the capsule not the coin ****
  7. I agree Roy, I am a fool to be honest. Overspent on a house refurb so paying that back with the money I should have been saving. Work will pickup again in a few weeks/months hopefully & I can pickup where I left off. Better to be alive & claw it back than dead & unable to 😂
  8. Nope, not prepared at all. Never imagined I would be workless 🙈
  9. They were both NGC 70 graded coins mate not raw
  10. Do you ever use Ebay? 2015 1/4 sold for £130 3 weeks ago & 2016 1/4 sold for £127
  11. Yes where is the headless person but do you have a snake down those pants because its supposed to be cold & shrivveld right 😂
  12. I do have previous years but 1 was my 1st year which takes my average under my PAYE. Maybe best to call my accountant on Tuesday. I am unsure because it does say above..... either your 2018/2019 tax return OR the average for 2016/2017, 2017/2018 & 2018/2019
  13. Any accountants on here able to decipher this? Does this mean it has to be average of 3 years or can I use the 2018-2019 only which would make me eligible? So confusing
  14. So looking at current guidance, I am also going to get £0. I work PAYE & can't claim apparently going of the HMRC website as it says if you get money from Self Employment you can't claim. Then via Self Employment I get nothing as my average over 3yrs is lower than my PAYE. Something needs to be sorted surely as its so unfair. If not I will declare absolutely nothing this year through my business...
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