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  1. Will be going on Saturday, Anyone know where I can park in the area lr even get a tube in? I am coming from Leicester & have only ever been to London 3x in my 29yrs of existance
  2. Robert Burns Sold Abolition of Slave Trade remaining.
  3. Slave Abolition £600 Robert Burns £600 Plus Postage or £1200 for both including SD
  4. Ooooh now that I would buy a gold 50p or £2
  5. Jane Austen & Nay sold. Take the last 2 for £1210 posted? Anyone
  6. Send me the details without postage & I will give him a couple of £ when I see him to pick up. Added 0 minutes later... Send Ilovesilverireallydo his with postage
  7. I will take the other. Throw it in with his to save postage
  8. Felt lucky today Didn't buy any PM's but paid £100 off what I owed to my dad
  9. I remember being 11 nearly 12 at the time & mum picked me up saying something really bad had happened. Watched the tv after school all evening & its never left my mind since. We flew to Florida in November but we didn't want to give in to them so made the journey.