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  1. If you can get abit knocked off its well worth it
  2. Morning bump & pay only spot for these
  3. Bump, 2002 1/2 Sovs remaining
  4. I think you need another. MS63 to be exact..... I have1 for sale 😂
  5. Upgrade on my 1817 1/2 Sovereign arrived today
  6. Got this beauty up for grabs as I have now upgraded Looking for £1320 but any serious offers welcomed either here or PM Special Delivery included in the final price. Paypal Friends or Bank Transfer accepted. Thanks
  7. Shes a real beauty, lustre is amazing
  8. Another new masterpiece for my collection
  9. Hi all, All are 9ct with hallmarks Both at spot on payment Payment by Paypal or Bank Transfer Postage to be added
  10. Bump, the price quoted is spot for the Half Sovs