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  1. shawy2510

    Today I bought.....

    Just ordered a 2005 Half Sovereign NGC PF70
  2. shawy2510

    Today I Received

    As a matter of interest. What did you pay for the 2005 1/2 Sov?
  3. shawy2510

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Nice Pandas I hope my WWF 50p can get a 69 or 70 after conservation, I didn't notice any marks just finger prints so heres to hoping.
  4. shawy2510

    Value of 5oz Queens Beast Lion Proof

    Just had a trigger finger in an auction for a 5oz Proof Lion & wondered what these are actually worth or are selling for
  5. shawy2510

    Tapatalk not working?

    Thanks Chris,
  6. shawy2510

    Tapatalk not working?

    Anyone able to get hold of Chris to sort this out? Its annoying having to use the main site & not using Tapatalk. I would hope that my membership fees would help cover these problems.
  7. shawy2510

    for sale Gold

    Pm'd you about payment mate.
  8. shawy2510

    for sale Gold

    50p each too expensive for me 😂
  9. shawy2510

    completed 2x Half Sovereigns

    Can I have both please
  10. shawy2510


    I have seen them before & have always wanted to buy but as its US I have chickened out. I would like a nugget from somewhere near the Gold Rush program is filmed.
  11. Couldn't really find anything I wanted so got a 1902 Half Sov for £112.50 delivered.
  12. Just had an email from Ebay with new rules & the maximum points is 300 for any item. Only time you get bonus if its x6 x8 etc. Dear Andrew, Change of Terms and Conditions with Nectar at eBay From 22nd June 2018, there will be a change to our terms and conditions. You will still be able to collect 1 Nectar point for every £1 you spend on eBay, however the maximum number of points you will now be able to collect on any single eligible item is 300 points. Example illustration 1: Item Value £25 £100 £300 £400 Base Points 25 100 300 300 What does this mean for you? This change does not impact the value of your existing or future points. For example, you will still be able to convert 500 points into a £2.50 voucher on eBay.co.uk. You will still collect bonus points when taking advantage of promotional offers. For example, if you spend £400 on one eligible item using a 6X offer, you will collect a maximum of 300 X6 bonus points totalling 1,800. Example illustration 2: Item Value £25 £100 £300 £400 Base Points 25 100 300 300 Bonus Points 6X Offer 6 points per £1 6 points per £1 6 points per £1 6 points per £1 Total Points Collected 150 600 1,800 1,800
  13. shawy2510

    Tapatalk not working?

    Any mods able to help with this as Chris has not answered my PM
  14. shawy2510

    1995 and 1998 one twenieth panda gold coins

    Nobody, I was going to buy them to resell on Ebay & make some money
  15. shawy2510

    1995 and 1998 one twenieth panda gold coins

    If we only knew we were bidding against each other. Could have gone 50/50 on a cheap price