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  1. I tend to put them & Coin Portfolio Management straight into the shredder & use for packaging material. I appreciate the free packaging as saves me buying foam etc
  2. Looks fake & like mentioned the NGC sticker is not centred like the original.
  3. Not for me as I got rid of all my modern half sovs now to focus on older ones. Thanks for the tag though
  4. I saw a video on Youtube this morning & RM purchased the exact coin in 2014. I think it was for around £41,000
  5. Great result for my Normandy 50p Can't help but feel sorry for whoever owns the EU Council 50ps at 66 & 68
  6. These 2 arrived today to add to my collection
  7. I will take it if your offering at the price still. I was asleep when you posted it
  8. Yeah not missed any all rubbish like 10-20% but selected sellers which is useless
  9. Don't call the wolf out of the woods, they are probably double checking orders from others now making sure they have not already had 3
  10. I wouldn't want it & would be sending back