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  1. I have this proof which has prints on & a couple hairlines which are quite hard to see. Selling just over Hattons normal halfs which are £142.42 at the time of posting Price for this proof is £3 more at £145 plus post Payment either Bank Transfer or Paypal Friends
  2. Flippers are unable to flip them because there is not a big secondary market demand anymore. Hype has died down so people are not buying 6-10 to sell on now.
  3. There is no I mark. Its a 1913 London Sovereign
  4. Bump, some found but looking for some more
  5. Long shot but looking for spot priced gold coins 1/20oz upto Sovereign. Let me know if you have anything available
  6. No queue for me so maybe not so much demand
  7. Nice gift from Numistacker. Much appreciated & nice to meet you all. My only issue Numi is my coin needs conservation 😂
  8. Safety deposit box & pay for insurance?