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  1. carenr85

    Queen's Beasts: What Would Happen?

    Does that only apply to UK? Because the RCM released the WWI and WWII aircraft series with the portraits of both Kings (George V and George VI) before Elizabeth II.
  2. carenr85

    New member but old stacker

    Welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy it here.
  3. carenr85

    2017 Australia 1 oz Silver Swan

    Interesting. Well I'll probably have to look for it on ebay.
  4. carenr85

    2017 Australia 1 oz Silver Swan

    Wow! I got very late to the party. The premium on these is way high now. Is it completly sold out at mint?
  5. carenr85

    2017 American liberty proof high relief

    I think it is a nice coin, but I will not get it in gold. If they release one in silver I will definitely get one, maybe even two.
  6. carenr85

    What should I buy?

    @doogs I will look closely and if possible I will go with both. @4Nines7Hills Yeah I think you're right, if I decide to go through silver maybe an additional roll of ASEs would be great as well. At the same time I think I should get a cool gold piece and probably I will just through the gold option, maybe a queen's beast. I'll keep you guys updated. Thank you all for the suggestions.
  7. carenr85

    What should I buy?

    @Pampfan I live in California, I do have a roll on 2016 eagles, and I was thinking of getting a 2017 one, but I thought maybe to have more diversity. I do agree I'll have to look for the best deal.
  8. carenr85

    What should I buy?

    @danmc82 state tax does apply in certain states, but usually when you buy online they have their locations in non-tax states.
  9. carenr85

    What should I buy?

    Yeah gold is definitely still in the table. what would be better in your opinion a sovereign or 1/4 queen's beast? @shortstack68 I truly love silver, maybe I'll just go with Libertads, but I don't want to knock gold just yet.
  10. carenr85

    What should I buy?

    Hello guys, tax return season is coming up here in the states, I'm trying to purchase some silver. I don't know what to buy, maybe a mint tube of Libertads or Mapples or Britannias? What do you guys recommend? I wan to keep it under $600 US. Or would it be better to just buy a 1/4 oz of gold? Thank You.
  11. carenr85

    Hello everyone!

    @Stu really cool, I had the luck of getting into stacking when it was $16.50 US, since then it hasn't gone over $21.00, so I've stacking a lot and getting some collectible coins. @KevinG and @Gilver thank you. @KevinG is the coin on your profile pic the Russian Silver ouncer?
  12. carenr85

    10oz Maple, opinions

    @shortstack68 looks quite nice, hopefully it gets out soon I will probably get it, but Dragon and Phoenix are great as well, good choice.
  13. carenr85

    10oz Maple, opinions

    I think its an awesome piece, where were you planning to buy it from @shortstack68?
  14. carenr85

    Today I bought.....

    @mongo28 beautiful addition to the collection bro. I'll keep my eye open for one.
  15. carenr85

    Today I bought.....

    Beautiful additions to my collection. @mongo28 that winged liberty looks amazing, where did you get it?