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  1. Does that only apply to UK? Because the RCM released the WWI and WWII aircraft series with the portraits of both Kings (George V and George VI) before Elizabeth II.
  2. Welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy it here.
  3. Interesting. Well I'll probably have to look for it on ebay.
  4. Wow! I got very late to the party. The premium on these is way high now. Is it completly sold out at mint?
  5. I think it is a nice coin, but I will not get it in gold. If they release one in silver I will definitely get one, maybe even two.
  6. @doogs I will look closely and if possible I will go with both. @4Nines7Hills Yeah I think you're right, if I decide to go through silver maybe an additional roll of ASEs would be great as well. At the same time I think I should get a cool gold piece and probably I will just through the gold option, maybe a queen's beast. I'll keep you guys updated. Thank you all for the suggestions.
  7. @Pampfan I live in California, I do have a roll on 2016 eagles, and I was thinking of getting a 2017 one, but I thought maybe to have more diversity. I do agree I'll have to look for the best deal.
  8. @danmc82 state tax does apply in certain states, but usually when you buy online they have their locations in non-tax states.
  9. Yeah gold is definitely still in the table. what would be better in your opinion a sovereign or 1/4 queen's beast? @shortstack68 I truly love silver, maybe I'll just go with Libertads, but I don't want to knock gold just yet.
  10. Hello guys, tax return season is coming up here in the states, I'm trying to purchase some silver. I don't know what to buy, maybe a mint tube of Libertads or Mapples or Britannias? What do you guys recommend? I wan to keep it under $600 US. Or would it be better to just buy a 1/4 oz of gold? Thank You.
  11. @Stu really cool, I had the luck of getting into stacking when it was $16.50 US, since then it hasn't gone over $21.00, so I've stacking a lot and getting some collectible coins. @KevinG and @Gilver thank you. @KevinG is the coin on your profile pic the Russian Silver ouncer?
  12. @mongo28 beautiful addition to the collection bro. I'll keep my eye open for one.
  13. Beautiful additions to my collection. @mongo28 that winged liberty looks amazing, where did you get it?
  14. Hello thank you all. How long have you guys been stacking for?
  15. Hello everyone my name is Carlos, I started stacking on my birthday which was 7 months ago. The reason why I started stacking was because I was on Youtube and saw a youtuber making a "silver button" out of real silver, he mentioned that what kind of silver he was going to use like some silver he retrieved from PCs, some from the mines and some he had for a while that were in bar form, this was interesting to me, I thought silver bars were really big (he had a couple 1 ouncers), I thought they had to be maybe a couple of kilos. I did some research and silver was not as pricey as I thought, I always thought silver had prices like jewelry some a couple hundred dollars. I went to the LCS and bought 3 one oz bars. That's where it all started. Anyways thank you so much for accepting me into the forum, I did create a topic yesterday, but I thought I could introduce myself and say how I started. P.S. Special thanks to Numistacker, I always see his videos and that's why I came