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  1. ChrisF


    Problem is Marvel don't own the rights to some of their big name characters. Some years ago Marvel hit hard times and sold the rights to some major characters to other companies. Characters they don't own the rights to include Xmen, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Silver Surfer, Deadpool, Wolverine etc. That being said they technically don't own Spiderman but have been granted limited license on behalf of Sony to use and develop him.
  2. ChrisF

    Rwanda coins - keep in pvc or out in capsule?

    Agreed, for my own collection the coin goes into an anti-tarnish capsule my spares are left in the original packaging.
  3. ChrisF

    Queen's Beasts series. Has the capsule changed?

    My proof Dragon of Wales came in a pushfit. I hope suspect the proof bull will be the same
  4. Fugly never mind ugly. The coin is not nice at all, I can understand if you want it because its the first coin but I cant see this coin having legs in the long run unless they start sticking Rod Hulls arm up its arse. Id buy that one.
  5. ChrisF


    Sadly, I have to agree Six, until someone comes along with matching prices and better customer service I'll still be using gsbe. Ive not had any problems as of yet but as 90% of my purchasing is for weight im not too concerned. They know they are the cheapest and can do what they want. Their margins are that low on orders losing one of two customers is neither here nor there to them.
  6. Ugly as sin, I wont be buying this one...
  7. ChrisF

    Hypothetical Question - Where do I sell my silver?

    Ah! Bit of a treck for me to get there from the UK
  8. ChrisF

    Hypothetical Question - Where do I sell my silver?

    @JohnAnsink Which dealer is that John?
  9. ChrisF

    Queens Beast Unicorn Stock - Royal Mint Bullion

    Sorry, I didn't make myself clear. I didn't mean that it came with no cap. I meant it had a cap but it was not the screw type All my previous proofs have came with a screw cap but both Dragons came with a compression fit cap rather than the screw type. Dunno if anyone else has this?
  10. ChrisF

    Queens Beast Unicorn Stock - Royal Mint Bullion

    I bought direct from royal mint and my Unicorn did not come in a screw cap. I sent it back because of a defect of the milky variety and and got another coin back without a screw cap. Are they using 2 types of cap?
  11. ChrisF

    Perth mint lunar series ii

    2018 yes, but there are 12 animals so it started in 2007. The year of the Pig is the last one i believe. OK, appears I was working off the year of release rather than the date on the coin the sorry....
  12. ChrisF

    Perth mint lunar series ii

    I think next year is the last in the set for series 2.
  13. ChrisF

    Air-Tite Coin Capsules, where can I buy them?

    Thanks all, I managed to get some caps thanks to Silverstan for pointing me in the right direction.
  14. ChrisF

    2018 China Panda design

    Am I the only person who thinks this looks like it was drawn by a 15 year old kid? Don't get me wrong, I like the pandas but its pretty poor in my eyes.
  15. Hi, At the title suggests, can anyone tell me where I can purchase official Air-Tite coin capsules (without the foam rings) in the UK? I was suggested coin gallery but they only sell lighthouse caps with foam rings. Any ideas?