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  1. Strokes222

    for sale 1927 SA Sovereign, 225£

    Hello everyone I'm selling my 1927 SA Sovereign. The coin is in very good shape ! 230£ 225£
  2. Strokes222

    New to the forum!

    Welcome ! Seems like a very nice collection !
  3. Strokes222

    First Sovereign

    Sovereigns can be found around 245-260 quite easily here if you are not looking for a specific or special year
  4. Strokes222

    First Sovereign

    Yeah, it is very close to spot, I've been lucky ! And there are other opportunities with local collectors/sellers, such as a 1958 or this 1914 sov, at the same price:
  5. Strokes222

    First Sovereign

    I may have the opportunity to grab a 1958 Sov for roughly the same price and I think I'll go for it
  6. Strokes222

    First Sovereign

    Now I know for sure it is a real one, I'll grab one or two more for sure in the coming weeks if prices are okay
  7. Strokes222

    First Sovereign

    He actually has some more if I understood correctly, I'll check them soon But I wanted to be sure this one was not a fake before buying more !
  8. Strokes222

    First Sovereign

    The idea of buying an empty tube is becoming more and more logical to me now
  9. Strokes222

    First Sovereign

    Yes it is, 1927, South Africa if I'm not wrong
  10. Strokes222

    400oz full stack pic

    Btw, just by seeing this stack, my jaw dropped
  11. Strokes222

    400oz full stack pic

    It depends on what you want ! Stocks are fairly high but their volatility is huge as well. If you have the ability to have a well-diversified portfolio that's okay, but very difficult to achieve in reality
  12. Strokes222

    First Sovereign

    Just bought a 1927 Sovereign for £215/€248 to a local collector. The coin is not in too bad shape and I am very pleased with it. I'm sure I'm going to buy more ! Was that a sound buy?
  13. Strokes222

    First Sovereign

    I think I'll follow your advice
  14. Strokes222

    First Sovereign

    Thanks for your inputs ! I'll check gold.de as well as the forum to find my first sov !