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  1. Havent you realised milk spots are truffle spores, that's where the moolah is!
  2. The current state in the U.K brings up a quicker possibility to convert precious metals to cash. Brexit is a time when during upheaval all kinds of money and goods will likely be in flux. Solid purchasing up to that point could be profitable. But then if it hits the fan , it will affect everything!. Not an end game, but certainly equivalent to a season finale.
  3. Moi

    Personal ratio

    Oz mostly I'd have thought.
  4. Moi

    Personal ratio

    Got some more gold coming and will probably add to it. That will make me around a 1%er☺ 100 to 1. Always seems more of a big deal picking gold up, even though silver is attractively priced.
  5. Novelty value at play sometimes. Boaty mc boat face 50 p is making around 100% return. Think they are 50 p specialists got Christmas ones and penguins that have a following. Though I heard that 2016 is the final.angel? Perhaps they have a new mint as the design seems different.
  6. Topcashback 4% on the bay today!.
  7. Moi


    Yes, currently inching towards generics on account of brexit ( don't think it, don't say it?) though for the life of me I can't fathom why precious metals arnt climbing strongly now. Making me somewhat more reticent and look to diversify into premium boosted coins. One more variable to keep an eye on though!.
  8. Moi


    Yep agreed. I'm thinking about numis semi numis too. If say a swan gets you 45 when spot circa 12 where's the thinking on premium width if spot hits say 25.
  9. Moi


    Hi. Am wondering if there is much experience of how premiums relate to spot. First hand is they hold up pretty well with lean spot, how about when spot rises any info how they keep pace. Id like to know.
  10. A rolling stones fan!. Like the colour scheme.
  11. It's not often you can get something that ticks the splurge, binge spending , inherently good quality, nice to have around, and a sporting chance to increase in value boxes. Silver fits. But, it's also magnetic one piece soon attracts more and very easy to get into a momentum. Personally I'm happy to stack for pleasure with business potential a great backstop.
  12. Spade guineas, are a good eachway bet too.
  13. I'll prolly pick up a few. Nice design.
  14. Moi

    Marvel Coins Anyone?

    They enamel really well. Just like a comic strip, oh yeah that's where they come from.