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  1. I’m also interested in this. Some of my girlfriends family live in Belgium and also Holland. We will be there at least once a year so will I will have to look into ways I could bring some back closer to the time or if/when/what ever happens that is lol.
  2. Yea it was already added to the order as soon as I posted it, he signed for it at 1039 then opened a dispute at 1200 the same day, no contact with myself just straight to ebay! He only has 8 feedback from Poland, goes by the name of Adam or kamil! I still have the receipt for postage and as I don’t sell a lot of items, I record with my phone the whole packing process, I use a lot of black tape on my parcels (as I get it for free) so it would be hard to tamper with, i then weight the item at the end to show the exact weight. The receipt also shows what the weight of the parcel is so it clearly shows I haven’t swapped stuff round etc.
  3. I’m thinking about not using eBay as a seller anymore, I’ve had a few buyers try their luck recently, firstly someone purchased my item then 10 mins later cancelled and wanted a refund saying they just meant to watch the item! Just had someone open a case saying they have not received the item after about 25 days only to look on the Royal Mail website that shows they have just collected and signed for it that morning from their post office, he is now saying he didn’t sign for it and it was a fake signature and wants a full refund! This is still on going and I don’t want to be £35 out of pocket!
  4. Tough one but I think QBs for me too
  5. Hi im trying to re purchase the premium member package as I used to be a member but not anymore, it won’t let me upgrade, im trying to purchase it but it just comes up with “you are only allowed to purchase one of this product, and you have already done so” am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance micky
  6. I’m not to sure, I’ve never used it 😂 I was going to use it in a survival situation to hold water but I’m sure I could give the other a try 😂 as for the knife, you’ve got to protect yourself somehow or you don’t know when you will need to butter up some bread so it’s always worth carrying 😂
  7. Yea that’s quite a good idea to have limitations in the listing to try and counter potential scams
  8. @Goldhooked exactly 😂 Some people just don’t care and will say anything to get out of it and like @DaveWheat89 has already mentioned they would not leave a card and then sign it themselves. If I have sold a high value item what I normally do is video record the whole wrapping up of the item and then weight it so it shows I have included the item in the parcel just to cover myself in “nothing was in my parcel” scenario. She will definitely be going on my block list 😂 if anyone wants her eBay name just pm me @AppleZippoandMetronome Yea I got an email in regards to the £1 credit so I’m happy with that. There will always be scammers in every aspect of life but hopefully you managed to make some good money before you had to stop! i would of liked more of your posts but I have ran out of likes for today 😂
  9. Yea I know what you mean, and they are stupid to try stuff like this, and like you said they wouldn’t dream about shoplifting. This is why I don’t really like eBay to sell my items, too many time wasters. I sold a 1 oz silver coin last week, they paid for it then 5 mins later asked to cancel the order as they ment to press watch the item instead of buy it now! So I lost my £1 seller fee on that item, then this happens on the next item I sold lol
  10. My thoughts exactly @Goldhooked just another person trying it on, I bet it must get really annoying for your business if this keeps happening!
  11. Thanks for all the help guys! Really appreciate it! So I get a few messages from her this morning, one saying she has not signed for it, then another saying that no one was in and no one could of signed for it and that it was left in her gas box outside and she was going to ask her neighbors if they had seen anything. Then another message saying she spoke to her neighbor and they seen the postman put 2 parcels in her gas box so her neighbor collected them out of the gas box for safe keeping! She then also sent me the photo of the red card that was put through the letter box (bad photo and can’t see any date times etc!) So why didn’t the neighbor go let her know that she had taken them later that day or when she had seen the owner? I think it’s a bit fishy! It again the postman wouldn’t leave a special delivery item outside as it could lose him his job as already said on here. But I’m just glad the lost bar has turned up and she says she loves it. I have told her I am going to make a complaint to the bath delivery office and find out why this has been done, I will also send a pic of the red card to them. Again thank you so much all for your help! This is why I love this place so much, everyone is so helpful and full of knowledge! P.s her gas box wasn’t a metaphor 😂
  12. @SILVERFINGER my thoughts exactly. I have sent her a message asking for a photo of the card that was left and asked her for as much info as possible as I am going to contact Royal Mail and if all fails I will contact the police..let’s see what she comes back with. Thanks everyone!!
  13. I also think it’s a scam, like @mr-dead has said, if it was red carded they would of signed it back to their depot and not just signed it them self’s and leave it outside. Again thanks for all the help guys!