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  1. Micky9776

    Today I Received

    They have them on Atkinson’s mate, they also have the 10 oz and 1kg https://atkinsonsbullion.com/silver/silver-bars/5oz-silver-bars/9fine-mint-5oz-silver-bar
  2. Micky9776

    Nazi Silver

    I would say collect what you want, no matter what you do, you will always upset or offend someone these days, I don’t really care if someone does not agree with what I collect, I will do what makes me happy, not everyone else, ever since I was young I always had an interest in the world wars and had a nice collection of memorabilia, mostly medals as you can research the individual and try and find out his story and also quite a lot of ww2 German items, it turned out to be a good investment, I sold some items for double and sometimes treble the price I paid for them which helped buy some coins, I still have most of it and will keep them for another 30 years or so, that’s if it’s not illegal to sell German items by then 😂
  3. Thanks for the help everyone! We have went with the Halifax clarity card, so far so good, we booked a few excursions on it already and it gives a great rate, thanks again everyone!
  4. Awesome! Thanks for all the very helpful information! Really appreciate it 😃 I think I will also go with the Halifax clarity card Again thanks everyone!
  5. Hi all! Just Looking for some advice, I am traveling to New York soon and I want to take a good credit card with minimal fees etc, I am already taking quite a lot of US Dollars for food and excursions etc but want to take a credit card for impulse buys as we want a new iPad and there is a lot of designer shops out there so it might get expensive and don't want to take the extra dollars as we don't know how much extra we will need. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good low fee card? Or if anyone has any experience of doing the trip before? Thanks in advance
  6. Micky9776


    CBRN 😉
  7. Micky9776

    John A -- Give-Away -- OVER --

    Nice coins mate! Especially the 1887 shilling
  8. Micky9776

    Today I Received

    A 1909 full sovereign turned up today from a fellow forum member to add to the date run, only on the look out for a 1902 Edward sov now then it will be onto another date run 😂 Maybe the jubilee head or veiled head set, I also still need a SA and a Sydney minted sov...the list goes on and on 😂 The close up pic, I was just messing around with the camera and I don't think it came out that bad
  9. Micky9776

    Today I bought.....

    Just purchased a 1909 Edward full sovereign from one of the guys on the forum, only a 1902 left now and I have the full date run
  10. Micky9776

    February 2018 Premium Member Prize Draw

    Thanks! I hope it's 3 on the bounce 😂 fingers crossed for this months draw 😀
  11. I think it's a joke, they ban these 2 woman but will happily let known terrorists and extremists into the country... I don't know about yous but i would feel safer in my own country with these 2 woman walking the streets instead of people like the Iraqi born Parsons Green bomber and pedo grooming gangs on our streets 😡
  12. Micky9776

    Today I Received

    3 more full sovereigns added to the date run today, 1903 London, 1904 Melbourne and a 1905 Perth. It's my first Perth mint sov so I'm very happy with that, only a Sydney and SA to complete the mint set and I only need a 1902 and 1909 to complete the Edward set.
  13. Micky9776

    Today I Received

    Haha, Nah looking at his post I could tell he was ex army by the "seen" comment. Made me laugh, he will know what I mean 😉
  14. Micky9776

    Today I Received

    @LittleJohnSilver has anyone seen the damage!? 😂 Seen!