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  1. Micky9776

    Giveaway Numistacker Rare Sample Slab Giveaway

    72 for me please 😃 Thanks Numi!
  2. It’s all yours @Moocher will pm you
  3. Bump 1 oz silver Moose, cougar and bison now Sold
  4. Thank you @mikeiones32! I have sent a PM
  5. @mikeiones32 more pics for you. As you can see there is spots on all coins, the worst I would say is the cougar, best being the moose. On the second picture the cougar looks like it’s a giant milk spot 😂 but in person and different light it doesn’t look that noticeable.
  6. Micky9776

    Post-Brexit trips to Belgium

    I’m also interested in this. Some of my girlfriends family live in Belgium and also Holland. We will be there at least once a year so will I will have to look into ways I could bring some back closer to the time or if/when/what ever happens that is lol.
  7. @mikeiones32 All have milk spots I’m afraid 😟 I don’t think I have ever seen a RCM coin with out them 😂 what I will do tho as some are worse than others, I will get a few close up photos and up load them for you later 👍 1/2 oz maple Sold 2 oz Lunar set Sold
  8. A few more pics as requested and I have dropped a few prices
  9. Hi all Having a bit of a clear out, getting rid of some silver to make way for other bits. I have checked the prices for the lunars on Goldsilber and made mine cheaper 2011 2 oz lunar Rabbit - SOLD 2012 2 oz lunar Dragon - SOLD 2013 2 oz lunar Snake - SOLD 2015 2 oz lunar Goat - SOLD 2017 2 oz lunar Rooster - SOLD 2011 1/2 oz maple leaf forever with box and COA - SOLD 1999-2000 1 oz maple firework privy - £18 2014 1 oz maple - £15 2011 1 oz timber wolf - £24 2011 1 oz Grizzly bear - £22 2012 1 oz moose - SOLD 2012 1 oz Cougar - SOLD 2013 1 oz Bison - SOLD 2014 1 oz kook with horse privy - £18 If you want any more pics or any other info please just ask 😃
  10. Micky9776

    eBay is it worth it?

    Yea it was already added to the order as soon as I posted it, he signed for it at 1039 then opened a dispute at 1200 the same day, no contact with myself just straight to ebay! He only has 8 feedback from Poland, goes by the name of Adam or kamil! I still have the receipt for postage and as I don’t sell a lot of items, I record with my phone the whole packing process, I use a lot of black tape on my parcels (as I get it for free) so it would be hard to tamper with, i then weight the item at the end to show the exact weight. The receipt also shows what the weight of the parcel is so it clearly shows I haven’t swapped stuff round etc.
  11. Micky9776

    eBay is it worth it?

    I’m thinking about not using eBay as a seller anymore, I’ve had a few buyers try their luck recently, firstly someone purchased my item then 10 mins later cancelled and wanted a refund saying they just meant to watch the item! Just had someone open a case saying they have not received the item after about 25 days only to look on the Royal Mail website that shows they have just collected and signed for it that morning from their post office, he is now saying he didn’t sign for it and it was a fake signature and wants a full refund! This is still on going and I don’t want to be £35 out of pocket!
  12. Micky9776

    You'll be a man, my son

    Tough one but I think QBs for me too
  13. Hi all, looking to buy x 20 - 25 1 oz silver bullion Brits if anyone has any to sell? thanks
  14. Hi im trying to re purchase the premium member package as I used to be a member but not anymore, it won’t let me upgrade, im trying to purchase it but it just comes up with “you are only allowed to purchase one of this product, and you have already done so” am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance micky
  15. Micky9776

    wanted Bullion 1902 Edward full sov

    Hi all! im after a 1902 Edward full sovereign, not fused about condition. It is to complete my date run of the Edward head sovereigns. just post or pm me if you have one 😃