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  1. Because there is not majority for no deal in parliament, and MPs will stop it happening. If May's deal is voted down then you should expect article 50 to be extended while there's an election or another referendum, and then we either don't leave or we will join EFTA. Only those things have a chance of getting through parliament. It is time Brexiteers faced up to that.
  2. The thing I take issue with is people trying to make me feel bad for not selling them here. I just did not (and still don't) feel comfortable about informally selling to individuals who I don't know. I'm by no means happy that I lost money, but I am relieved to have got out of gold with a relatively small loss. I could be completely wrong about the gold price/Brexit - but surely you can understand that I did not want to risk it? Money in a LISA saving for my first house is a much better use of the cash imo.
  3. No worries - I don't always learn from my mistakes so you might get another opportunity in a few years.
  4. It was actually supposed to be a store of wealth for 4-6 years and a hedge against the next crash, so maybe not that long-term compared to most of you. Calling it an investment is wrong, I shouldn't have said that - I'm not sure gold actually qualifies as a proper investment. I'm just glad I got out of it before I lost even more. And @silenceissilver with respect, I do not take financial advice from a guy filming a video in his car.
  5. Rubbish - nobody in their right mind would pay 200-300 over spot for those coins (and I would not trust anyone who offered). But even if you are right, I've made over £1k back already from just putting the cash into a LISA. Gotta love free govt money. So no, I don't regret it. I'm not sure why people are so keen that I should.... my only regret is buying the gold in the first place.
  6. LISA. As for people telling me I should have sold here, maybe, but I don't regret not doing so. Extra stress and delay for a few hundred quid is not worth it, for me anyway. @sixgun Yes, you are right re sterling, but it comes to the same thing - Brexit is going to be resolved one way or another (either we get a deal or we don't leave), and that can only have a negative impact on the price of gold.
  7. I did consider it but I don't know this forum that well and it seemed too big a risk. And tbh I just wanted rid of the coins ASAP.
  8. Nothing fancy. I sold to Atkinsons, you can check their prices on their website if you want. 3 x Britannia (2016, 2017) 1 x Queens Beast Lion 2 x Queens Beast Dragon 2 x Queens Beast Griffin Not buying gold again unless the price crashes <500. 😂
  9. I sold 8oz of gold today and I'm feeling pretty annoyed with myself. I've lost about £600. The gold was originally supposed to be a long-term investment but Brexit has me spooked. I decided to take a hit now rather than risk the price dropping back down to pre-2016 levels (for all the media talk, I think a no-deal scenario is extremely unlikely and once Brexit is finally over, the gold price will slowly come down... that's my guess anyway). I could easily be wrong but I feel it was a mistake to buy gold in such uncertain times. Still, live and learn!
  10. In the end, I decided to only buy 6 oz (2 Britannia, 2 Griffin and 2 Dragon) - the very high spot price is a worry, so I'm going to hold off from buying more for now. I'd rather regret not buying more than regret buying 10 in one go. I hope I've not made a mistake, but as long as it roughly holds its value, I will be pleased. It came to just over £6,447. -feels a bit nauseous-
  11. I have no idea.... if I had to guess, I'd say no. I don't want to rush into buying when spot is so high, I'm going to keep a close eye on it and see what happens. I could have got 7 in December when spot was around £900 but I stupidly didn't because I wanted to buy 10 in one go. The fool that I am.
  12. Not that interested in sovereigns, to be honest. But thanks for the reply!
  13. Hey. It's my intention to buy 10oz of gold. I'm still debating whether to buy now or wait to see what the spot price does. However, I'd like some opinions of what coins I should buy? I can't decide between a tube of 10 Britannia's, a tube of 10 Queen's Beasts Red Dragon, or a mixture of Britannia's and Queen's Beasts (Dragon, Griffin and Lion). I'm not a collector, I just want to hold some gold coins for personal reasons.
  14. Unlikely. Le Pen wins (although unlikely), the EU falls apart, cue European (world?) recession. Korea is a storm in a teacup.