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    Alex reacted to Kookaburracollector in Flea Bay bidding up of own goods   
    @Shinus73 is quite correct...be careful..but you are probably right in your assumption.
    I will save you some time here..don’t bother going to the trouble of reporting it to eBay..they really don’t care!
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    Alex reacted to Roy in Benefits of dating a bank teller   
    But can she make tea?
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    Alex reacted to DarkChameleon in Gold / silver money standard, will it ever happen?   
    Governments support the military so the military will support them...you don't want to promote a coo....democracy in its truest form is ok, but then so is communism and socialism, they all work on paper but abuses of power ruin them for everyone, who hates community?, who hates one person one vote?., who gates a country working to help itself?...only peopke who lack ethics, who lack empathy, who want to exploit their fellow man and who are narcissists at heart, giving a sliding respect to peopke based on their dna and ability to benefit themselves.
    We live in a laws created by the rich to benefit themselves world, no matter what country we live in, our political or economic structure is based on a pyramid of greed for money or power or influence, we try as the mice do, to live on the scraps without being caught in the traps of exploitation from healthcare costs, from becoming too much of a nuisance that we become surplus to requirements.
    I don't drink the coolaid, I just try to surf the sh*t storm that is greed, power and influence aka the human condition.
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    Alex reacted to LootGoblin in G'day Everybody   
    Hello world, 
    Videos from your members Backyard Bullion & Numistacker has awoken this loot goblin all the way in Australia.

    and now i am here. 


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    Alex reacted to Agpanda in funny   
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    Alex reacted to Sal in USA & Canadian Coins Thread   
    One of first coins I collected over 30 years ago.

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    Alex reacted to CutOfJib in USA & Canadian Coins Thread   
  8. Haha
    Alex reacted to MikeG1978 in Vintage Chunky 100 OZ JM monster block   
    That is something to look at stunning bar could use as a door stop when I win the lottery 🤣
    Actually it's too nice for that 
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    Alex reacted to StackSellRepeat in Vintage Chunky 100 OZ JM monster block   
    Vintage Chunky 100 OZ JM monster block from the 80’s still has its original outer card case.
    - £1600 posted SD
    payment through bank transfer please  

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    Alex reacted to Mcgrimes in Fractional Gold   
    Fractional Gold Clear out - Part 2! An additional coin and prices reflective of the ever increasing spot price.
    I’ve got the below to offer:
    2No 5g Gold Umicore Bars - £167 each - Sold 1No 1/10 Gold Maples - £111 each - Sold 5No 2.5g Gold Fine Bars (1 Unsealed, 4 In certi bars) - I contacted Sheffield Assay office to verify the markings - £84 each 2No 1g Valcambi Gold Bars - £36 each 1No 1/4 1985 Gold Maple Leaf - £275 - Sold Please add on top postage of your choice.
    Happy to accept offers, and will price match/beat others! (Much of it came from HGM and the prices should beat theirs!)
    Paypal F&F or bank transfer, but happy to use the invoice system for buyer/seller protection and would be happy to split the fees.
    Happy to use the BYB intermediary services if someone wants a bulk buy.
    I can take more pictures as required - shiny stuff is hard to capture.


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    Alex reacted to Pipers in Aurinum dont answer my mail.   
    IMO Aurinum are a bad dealer.  I have ordered twice from him a few years ago both times were a pain in the ass.  A couple of senior Forum were saying how good this Aurinum was so i put an order in, both times i got the wrong coins after a long delay.  He refused to answer my emails saying he could not speak English even though his site has an English  conversion. I used google translator in very basic language, he still did not get back in touch in the end about 2 months later i received the wrong coins again (cheaper) i tried to sort it out, i just gave up.
    Also he said he hadn't received my payment, I used currencyfair.  Currencyfair do not have to do anything they just send money but to be fair to them they traced the payment right to his account!  IMO this means he is either a lair or very disorganised, probably disorganised.  
    IMO some people get incentives to advertise certain dealers.  So be careful its your money.  
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    Alex reacted to Lindeman in Copper spots on Libertad gold   
    UPDATE !!  @sovereignsteve / everyone - I gave it a good dousing and wipe with silver polish, took a deep breath - and here are the results. Spots dissolved, gold intact, and a great start to Sunday morning ! Here is a before and after picture   
    Honestly I feel like the guy in the Fosters ad who phones in for advice and gets a solution; that is the joy of this Forum👍😊. 
    Whether I would do this on a proof Libertad is debatable , as you need to rub the polish on and off the coin ...but for bullion coins that I just want to keep nice - I will do it again.  
    Finally - whether this was copper or silver , I don’t know. Maybe these polishes work on both. 

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    Alex reacted to augur in Question for numismatics   
    There is a good chance that it will get a details grade "obverse scratched" or "obverse graffiti"
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    Alex reacted to HighlandTiger in Well I won't be selling any silver for a while   
    And a further thought, historically gold has usually held its value when compared to inflation, so as a storage of wealth it's a good asset.
    Silver on the other hand is all over the place and historically never held its value when compared to inflation. Apart from the well known times that the silver price was manipulated. Anyone buying silver coins/bullion is going to have to rely on another price manipulation to make their investment become good over time. Trying to beat the 2% inflation per year is not easy with silver.
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    Alex reacted to HighlandTiger in Well I won't be selling any silver for a while   
    Some good points above to ponder.
    My original thought was to sell the silver  coins/bullion/rounds to buy sovs, and to put some money into silver on Bullion vault and scrap sterling silver.
    The idea being that it's easy to liquidate the sovs, sterling silver and bullion vault, plus the spread on gold is about 5% and the silver would be around 2% for BV and 10% for the scrap at the most.
    Unfortunately I followed the advice of the "collectors" on here and bought into lunars, stock horses, Brits and the rest of the "stackers" bread and butter. I was new to the game and easily convinced. I see the same tactics here with slabbed and poured silver today.
    I don't care what anyone thinks, unless silver reaches £50 in the next 10 years, everyone currently holding any silver coins, slabs or bars, will lose money, when inflation is taken into account. The vat and the premiums kill holding silver long term.
    I should have stuck with my gut feelings with silver. I still think silver has its place in investment terms, but I need to buy and sell close to spot, and not have to contend with the vagaries of premiums and relying on collectors to buy.
    Luckily I've not mortgaged the house to buy silver, I can afford to sit on it, bide my time, and keep my fingers crossed that it goes to the moon as promised. If not my kids and grandkids can have it. 
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    Alex reacted to barney in A little help with my Saudi Gold Guinea   
    The Saudi Arabia Gold One Guinea Coins were only minted in 1950 and 1957, I think your coin is a modern reproduction of the coin and could still be 22-carat gold a bit like the jeweler's copies of sovereigns from the middle east some times with 22 stamped on them. The reason I think this is your coin looks to weakly struck and very soft detail with no obvious signs of wear. I hope you get to the bottom of the mystery and look forward to what you find out 
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    Alex reacted to NeutronJack in Today I Received.....   
    Mixed date silver Morgan Dollars (AU+) for the years 1888, 1890, 1896-1898, 1900-1902, 1904 and 1921 ...

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    Alex reacted to augur in Today I Received.....   
    Some addition to my 0.900 bullion bag

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    Alex reacted to mr1030 in Today I Received.....   
    My latest purchase arrived from Heads or Tales, the 30 oz Minotaur.

    I actually purchased this 55 oz Bastet XL a few months ago, but realized I never posted pics back when I received it.

    And a pic of the Bastet XL with the 45 oz Anubis XL.  100 oz of silver between the two. 

    I'm a big fan of the silver statues made by Heads or Tales.  I've purchased 7 or 8 of them so far.  They are pricey on a per oz silver basis, but if you can appreciate them for the artwork rather then the silver bullion value, they are fantastic, and I highly recommend them.
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    Alex reacted to barney in Silver or not?   
    800 Italian silver  the hallmark 485MI might be the marks for Faccioli of Milan
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    Alex reacted to PansPurse in help value silver dollars   
    Condition coutns for a lot, fortunately for you these are all graded which makes pricing easier.
    A good first pass is to go on eBay and search for,  say, "Morgan Dollar MS63" click on "sold items" and see what prices they are fetching.
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    Alex reacted to Tn21 in 2019 1 oz Britannia Silver Coin £14.20/coin   
    I made the same rookie mistake when I started. 
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    Alex reacted to ATL85 in 2019 1 oz Britannia Silver Coin £14.20/coin   
    Could always buy more to lower the over all cost. 😁😛🤭
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    Alex reacted to StackSellRepeat in Silver eagles classed as bullion   
    10 x silver eagles classed as bullion - £145 posted 2nd class signed.
    Payment through bank transfer please