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  1. Hello, Looking to buy 1 x silver onza mexican libertad in good condition,any year from 1982 until 1985 Max price willing to pay £17.5 + postage on my expense UK only Thank you!
  2. Ebay(europe).I always found better price and condition than reputable dealers. 😁 Just bought an $5 indian head from France,MS62 or 63(not graded but I know how to grade) with 350£
  3. Very beautiful.I collect pre 33 american silver and gold coins.I love morgans and peace dollars.I find the $5 indian head to be the most beautiful pre 33 gold coin,amazing details,true art. Enjoy ☺️
  4. I love the Brexit charade.House prices going down,now I can afford one 😍
  5. Alex

    closed Silver Mix

    Any one onza libertads available?
  6. In 2007, Bulgaria and Romania became EU members.
  7. Could you please explain how did you send pounds to them?!?! Did you use transferwise or something else?
  8. Alex

    European mint

    They dont bother to replay. Ups,sorry,I thought its about goldsilver.be
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1959-G-Britain-1-Sov-Gold-Coin-graded-by-NGC-MS-64/113569379047?hash=item1a714332e7:g:6YkAAOSwzExcQRAD:rk:13:pf:0 Have a look at this one,its an NGC MS64 and cheaper than that ANACS MS 60. I would say its a bargain https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/2828630-002/64/ better photos
  10. it`s saint george and the dragon i`m not an expert in sovereigns but what date?pcgs?ngc?
  11. Hi, The finest details of the knight and dragon are on the 1957/1958/1959 full sovereigns.Just compare with any other years and you will see what I`m talking about.
  12. 260,205 with special delivery included
  13. Alex


    Well,they left my 800 pounds worth parcel in the garbage bin outside