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  1. Does this coin look ''OK''? What about the slab?!!? I would love to add/complete my 1887 uncirculated silver set with a 1887 gold sovereign.
  2. I received a drilled and acid tested gold buffalo(which was supposed to be new/unc) a year or two ago from a reputable dealer.I will never forget that,it caused me great anxiety,was the last coin on stock.I`m an avid USA coin collector.
  3. Put a screenshot here which shows your paypal payment.
  4. Can a moderator ban/delete this "frankel'' fake account trying to create distrust,please?
  5. 5 x 2016 and 16 x 2017 kooks still available.
  6. No,not yet,been checking all day and night.Did you use paypal available balance or bank account ?I heard It can take a few days if money were sent from a bank account. But please don`t worry,I`ll keep you updated.
  7. £38(1 x 2016 kook + 1 x 2017 kook) + £2.5 (postage 1st class signed for(or your choice of postage)) = £40.5
  8. last call before I place an order with gs.be £340 postage included
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Silver-bullion-bar-500g/123961347658?hash=item1cdcac0e4a:g:AhEAAOSw8fddvdMF