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  1. montesf1030

    Today I Received

    Pick up at at LCS two 2001 Mexican Libertads
  2. montesf1030

    When did you start stacking metals?

    In October of 2016 !!! With the JM Bullion 10oz started pack !!!! Now over 3000 ounces later !!!!! And a bit of gold !!! I am hook
  3. montesf1030

    Today I Received

    Mail delivery a few days ago from a fellow Instagram stacker !!! My 1st Swiss Gold 20 Franc piece
  4. montesf1030

    Starting to stack silver coins. What should I look at getting?

    I live in the USA but preferred to stack Mexican Libertads, Austrian Philharmonics and Australian Kangaroos....
  5. montesf1030

    Today I Received

    Sunday pick ups at the LCS
  6. montesf1030

    Today I Received

    Small mail delivery from JM Bullion ... Love the 2 new releases from the Egyptian Relics series ... Very nice 2 oz rounds
  7. montesf1030

    Today I Received

    pick up a 1/4 Gold Britannia... sweet
  8. montesf1030

    Bitcoin vs Silver/Precious Metals

    I have slow down my PM pick up and invested in Crypto ... But I still picking up silver and gold ... Just been more selective and looking for good deals
  9. montesf1030

    Liberty Coin On ebay Credible?

    Did my 1st purchase this past week ... Pick up the the random year 1/4 Gold Britannia they had in sale ... They ship the next day ... Got a 2013 piece in great shape ... Packaging was excellent... Very please
  10. montesf1030

    Today I Received

    Earlier this week I received a small order from Apmex Earlier this week I received a small order from Apmex
  11. montesf1030

    What do you stack and why ?

    Love silver Bullion of all kind ... Got Government issue silver, generic and Love Poured Silver!!!
  12. montesf1030

    Today I Received

    Received on Friday a nice 7 oz poured silver bar ... Love it
  13. montesf1030

    Today I bought.....

    Very nice
  14. montesf1030

    Today I Received

    Some nice 1 oz poured silver rounds from MK Barz ... Some nice 1 oz poured silver rounds from MK Barz ...
  15. montesf1030

    New 'Trident' series from the Scottsdale Mint

    Very nice round !!! Might have to pick one up