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  1. greektony

    Anyone use metalmarket.eu?

    I am very tempted. Although some of the really cheap silver coins have a 14 day wait for delivery (maples, Britannia) however 1 oz 2019 Roo's for £12.92 (as I type) are available for dispatch today. If I pull the trigger I'll keep you all updated
  2. greektony

    Self-Slabbing Coins

    Thanks terakris. What diameter did you go for to fit the Queens Beasts? 38 or 39 mm? Also did you get the red box from the same store? I can't find it on their website on my phone 🤔
  3. greektony

    Self-Slabbing Coins

    Would these be suitable for 2oz Queens Beasts? Or is the casing not thick enough?
  4. greektony

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    seems like GS.be has lost me as a potential customer after reading through this thread. I'm sure there are lots of other people who now feel the same way.
  5. greektony

    Silver to Go (or where best to buy)

    Thanks sovereignsteve. I've only used STG previously. Not sure the extra faff with the European Mint is worth it to me for a small saving as I have not used TransferWise or CurrencyFair before. Also, the EM website is quite lacking. No ability to filter is a bit lazy IMO
  6. greektony

    Silver to Go (or where best to buy)

    Just been looking at the European Mint and they do seem cheap when prices are in Euros, however as soon as I change it to £ the exchange rate is almost 1:1!!!! What do people here do? I assume you all leave the invoice in Euros and pay whatever conversion rate your bank applies?
  7. greektony

    Today I bought.....

    Where did you purchase this beauty from?
  8. greektony

    Coin tubes

    This is similar to my situation. I can't find anywhere in the UK where you can get 1/10 or 1/4 Oz Britannia tubes 😒
  9. greektony

    Newbie buying fractional gold....

    Thanks for all the responses everyone. Lots of food for thought. Especially regarding sovereign's. Good myself a safe ordered so once that is installed my good stacking will commence 😎
  10. greektony

    Newbie buying fractional gold....

    I've never seen a britannia of any size or a sovereign in the flesh before but at least for now I prefer the idea of collecting and seeing pure gold. And i am a bit OCD so sovereigns would throw off my oz calculations....... I now just need to pull the trigger and stop procrastinating!
  11. You and me both. I try not too think too much about December 2017 and the 'to the moon' talk that was everywhere!
  12. greektony

    Newbie buying fractional gold....

    Thanks for all the replies everyone. Can anyone recommend coin invest or gold silver.be? I can't help but procrastinate about my first gold purchase! Also, anyone recommend some Britannia 1/10 or 1/4 Oz tubes?
  13. greektony

    Newbie buying fractional gold....

    Thanks helpinghands I have heard of Atkinson's but never been to their website. And what a treasure trove it is 😎
  14. greektony

    Newbie buying fractional gold....

    I have been lurking on the board for a long time now having bought my first silver back in 2014. Since then I have been on a hiatus and decided that I am now comfortable in getting into the metals game a little more seriously. I have 25oz of silver Krugerrands on order from silvertogo and am looking at buying a 1/10 oz or 1/4 oz gold Britannia. Going forward I will be looking at trying to achieve this every month (25oz silver, 1/10 or 1/4 oz gold). My question is maybe slightly stupid, but is the Royal Mint as good a place as anywhere in the UK to buy fractional gold? From looking over the last week it appears to be the only place online to consistently have the smaller fractions in stock - I suppose for obvious reasons Thanks in advance for any replies.
  15. Great spreadsheet. Thanks for the quick response :-)