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  1. can't guess why that design got the most votes ( . )( . ) lol
  2. Stories like this are why I have never bought any PMs from ebay and will never do so! Glad you got it all sorted in the end OP. Even if you are down a few quid
  3. What were they thinking in 2017?!?! I puked up in my mouth a little after glancing at it
  4. honestly I don't know. You are right that they don't appear on the forum too often for sale although I am buying them more as a curiosity at least to start with!
  5. Lol... I was just thinking of buying some too for the first time. Got a couple in my basket at goldsilver.be.... add them to your silver order!
  6. Like has been said, the £ conversion goldsilver.be use isn't terrible, unlike EuropeanMint which is almost 1:1!!! Still cheaper to pay via transferwise though. Savings can still account for an oz or 2 (of silver lol) depending on how much you are ordering! Goldsilver.be also allow you to put your order into storage. I am doing this at the moment, and have several smallish orders which I will ship upon my final order sometime within the next couple of weeks.
  7. I just ordered one but I'm now thinking it will be lonely as my only 1/10oz coin so I should really order a couple more!
  8. It would be worth a try if any of the admins actually granted you access to the group
  9. Received my 2 this morning. Very pleased with them both. Not sure what the etiquette is in revealing what I received!! lol
  10. Damn... I dawdled, fretted, procrastinated and lost out
  11. I may be interested but do can you provide a picture with your username and date? Only you look to be a new member and £620 is a bit of a punt lol