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  1. Coins and album received Monday. Thanks Morezone!
  2. I'll take 9x coins and the album please. 1/25 Cook Islands - Bottle-Nosed Dolphin 1/25 Cook Islands - Moby **** (red spot) 1/25 Malawi - Wild Life of Africa (red spot) 1/25 Malta - The Xprunara 1/25 Mongolia - Troops of Chinggis-Khan (Genghis Khan) (red spot) 1/25 Pitcairn Islands - HMS Bounty 1/25 Tokelau - Golden Hind Hefulu Tala 1/25 Republic Sierra Leone - Christopher Columbus 500th Anniversary 1/25 Bahamas - Flamingo how much all in including SD delivery?
  3. greektony

    Hi + Silver-to-Go

    I don't usually find STG the cheapest. Have a look on GoldSilver.be, probably will be even cheaper.... currently £407.00 on STG for 25 Maples, £389 on GS.be GS is still cheaper despite the more expensive shipping. Just means you ought to buy 2 tubes instead of 1!!!
  4. Been stacking 'proper' since October 2018. Nearly filled my Britannia silver monster box and have 4 runs of the QBs series, again all in silver Also have some random bits and pieces so at about 550 oz of silver, just over 2 oz of gold and 2x 1/10 platinum Britannia's. For every silver tube I buy I get 1 extra coin/round to add to my 'fondle' stack. I recommend all stackers do this although I'm sure most are already lol. I find this more 'interesting' than cryptos (which I have some of) purely because I can actually fondle these
  5. I'll take them all thanks PM incoming 🙂
  6. I'll take both. PM incoming😎
  7. I've procrastinated enough.... I'll take the last one morezone with SD
  8. can't guess why that design got the most votes ( . )( . ) lol
  9. Stories like this are why I have never bought any PMs from ebay and will never do so! Glad you got it all sorted in the end OP. Even if you are down a few quid
  10. What were they thinking in 2017?!?! I puked up in my mouth a little after glancing at it
  11. honestly I don't know. You are right that they don't appear on the forum too often for sale although I am buying them more as a curiosity at least to start with!
  12. Lol... I was just thinking of buying some too for the first time. Got a couple in my basket at goldsilver.be.... add them to your silver order!