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  1. It would be worth a try if any of the admins actually granted you access to the group
  2. Received my 2 this morning. Very pleased with them both. Not sure what the etiquette is in revealing what I received!! lol
  3. Damn... I dawdled, fretted, procrastinated and lost out
  4. I may be interested but do can you provide a picture with your username and date? Only you look to be a new member and £620 is a bit of a punt lol
  5. Serious legend!!! I shall be using this a lot in the future! Love the layout. Simple with no guff. Great job
  6. any chance of adding a 1/4oz Britannia?
  7. website now appears to be up.... Although am I being paranoid to feel somewhat relieved that I haven''t ordered from them? The whole verification process as another poster mentioned seems completely unnecessary. I don't have to prove who I am with any other dealer I have ordered from. And also, i (maybe incorrectly) believe that any orders through the Royal Mint are logged by the government somewhere. At least from GS.be and the like it feels like it is maybe not so likely? Also these websites allow me to order to my work address. Something the RM will not. So at least I am not completely making it obvious where my stash is to the government of the day if they decide to 'steal' it back. Maybe I've need to take off the tin foil hat now
  8. oh well.... if it isn't sorted by tomorrow then off elsewhere I shall go. It's almost like they don't want my money. Although who would when you have all that gold! lol
  9. I think this must be a sign from the Gold / Silver gods.... second time I have decided to bite the bullet and buy a 1/4oz gold britannia from https://www.royalmintbullion.com/ and have been unable to do so. Firstly it took nearly 2 weeks for the Royal Mint website to verify my account, despite repeated chasing. And then once my account was activated, my bank declined the transfer of money into my royal mint account. At this point i was somewhat pee'd off so ended up buying from BullionbyPost. Earlier in the week i noticed they had some 2019 Britannias for about a tenner cheaper than anywhere else. Stupidly i procastinated and decided to wait until the weekend and order whilst having a whisky. Now I am seeing a runtime error when i try to open their site. Is anyone else getting this? At least I have a 1/4 bottle of whisky to myself for comfort!
  10. or do what i do, and for every tube i buy, i buy 1 extra for fondling😎
  11. greektony

    Silver storage

    I bought these for my silver Queens beasts and 1/4oz gold Queens beasts. They have loads of different sizes Order summary Model T Air-Tite Tubes × 2 1 $3.00 Ring Type Air-Tite Model T - 22mm Black × 20 1 ($0.85 Per Capsule) $17.00 Model X Air-Tite Tubes × 3 1 $5.25 Ring Type Air-Tite Model X6D - 38mm Black × 30 1 ($1.10 Per Capsule) $33.00 Subtotal $58.25 Shipping $22.33 Total $80.58 USD
  12. greektony

    Silver storage

    I ordered some air tite capsules and associated tubes from jpscorner in the US, just waiting on them to arrive. You may struggle to find a seller in the UK, as I did, so resorted to shipping them in across the Atlantic https://www.jpscorner.com/collections/air-tite-products