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  1. I have always found the GS website to absolute trash. Sorting takes forever, search doesn't work very well and I'm sure there are other issues I'm missing out on as well.
  2. Very quick delivery and coins as described. Thanks again StackSellRepeat
  3. If there are any left I'll take 2 and 3 capsules (as I have 1 lion already uncapsuled) or 2 capsules is good if 3 is a problem.
  4. I'm asking as it world be nice to have a selection of different coins but they have to fit in britannia tubes so they will fit nicely in the brittania monster box
  5. Simple question, I am trying to complete my first 1oz Britannia monster box and was wondering are there other coins whereby 25 coins world fit in a Britannia tube? It looks like maybe 1oz Maples or Kruggerands would. My ocd means all tubes have to be from britannias, and for 25 per tube thanks
  6. Looks like I won't have time for a trip to gold silver it is a bit out the way from where we are staying. I'm hopeful I can find a local shop though. I'll let you guys know if I'm successful for future visitors
  7. Should have asked this earlier in the week rather than whilst waiting in the airport!
  8. I'm going to be in Brussels till Tuesday, can anyone recommend a coin shop,? Primarily for silver bullion. Thanks
  9. greektony

    Ebay sellers

    Thats why you should buy your silver direct from Europe...... www.EuropeanMint.com & www.GoldSilver.be
  10. I am not yet as serious a stacker as many of you here, but I try to always buy my silver in tubes (Britannia's mainly) and always buy 1 extra for every tube I buy. These 'spares' then go in my money pouch for fondling/fidgeting with. My gf thinks I'm pretty sad which seems to be a common theme here lol. Although she was asking if I could buy some gold for here to have a look at. I don't think the silver stuff is shiny (or expensive) enough for her lol
  11. Thanks all for your replies. 1/4 oz are the better deal just that much more each so not so easy to get 1 every month. Despite the username I am in the UK so any non EU (for now) suggestions are not worth it due to shipping costs and potential import duties? I suppose I need to find a site that sells capsules for 1/4 or 1/10 oz coins but with an overall diameter of a larger coin so i can easily find a tube. I will keep digging and let anyone know if I find anything. Also, with Brexit looming (urgh!) part of me feels i need to try and finish my monster box of silver britannia's as much as I can before presumably silver becomes a non investment opportunity due to the VAT situation (other than buying tubes on this site I suppose).
  12. I finally think I am going to pull the trigger on my first gold purchase. I have about 250 oz silver and think I need to at least try and approach a gold/silver ratio somewhat similar to the current $ gold/silver ratio. I have been too-ing and fro-ing between 1/10 britannia's or full sovereigns for the last couple of months. As much as i like the history of the sovereign I think I prefer the idea of starting my collection with 24ct gold at least as a first buy. My intent is over time to fill a tube with these Britannias which leads to my questions.. - can anyone recommend somewhere which sells tubes for 1/10 oz britannias? I can't seem to find anywhere with stock - as they are 24ct even if they will live there lives with me in a tube is it worth putting them in a capsule first for protection? if so can recommend a capsule AND a tube which would then fit them? Is it possible to buy a capsule which is the same size as a silver 1 oz britannia and then use the silver tube as storage as they seem easier to come by? Hopefully by the time anyone responds i haven't flipped back to sovereigns lol!!
  13. I am very tempted. Although some of the really cheap silver coins have a 14 day wait for delivery (maples, Britannia) however 1 oz 2019 Roo's for £12.92 (as I type) are available for dispatch today. If I pull the trigger I'll keep you all updated
  14. Thanks terakris. What diameter did you go for to fit the Queens Beasts? 38 or 39 mm? Also did you get the red box from the same store? I can't find it on their website on my phone 🤔