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  1. I really really dislike the pawn brokers on U.K. High streets. They sell full sovs in the window for circa £350 so I wondered how much they would buy some of mine for...... They would generously offer me circa £120 a sovereign depending on condition
  2. Bought a 1/2 sov from HGM on Friday. Will collect during week.
  3. Stacker primarily with core gold stack been made up from bullion sovs. some fractional gold has crept in if I liked the coin or the price was right..... same with silver I buy the cheapest bullion coins as a rule but somehow end up getting various coins I like the look of. Despite the milk spots I love silver coins with animals on so try to get a few in order I make from STG etc
  4. Over the weekend I bought the following from STG 25nr Noah Arks 1oz silver 1nr Cougar 1oz silver 1nr Lynx 1oz silver 1nr Snow Falcon 1.50oz silver 1nr Bison 1.25oz silver
  5. Today I picked up 3nr sovereigns from HGM. lucky dip bullion purchases 1911, 2000 and 2004.
  6. Hej, trevligt till träffas dig
  7. 20nr 1oz 2016 Noah Arks from goldsilver.be First time ordering from them. First precious metal purchase since 25th April 2015! It is good to be back
  8. Today I received a proof 1/4 2016 Sovereign from my girlfriend as my birthday present Surprising because she swore she hated my hobby.
  9. Bochum is full of bars, it's a good night out Germans call it the Bochum triangle.... People go for a few pints after work and go missing for a few days
  10. Thanks Picture of full stack will be posted at Christmas. Bits and bobs in different locations so will have the time to pull together at Christmas.
  11. Just checked my spreadsheet and I purchased my first PM one year ago tomorrow. ... totals are GOLD 14.86oz SILVER 128.10oz favourite bits are my silver Scottsdale 1kg Stacker and Somalian Ellies favourite gold are Victoria Young heads. thanks for all the help, advise and laughs that the forum has provided. It's a good little community here