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  1. People read and listen to the opinions of 1 or 2 members registered here with youtube accounts when a new coin appears and do exactly what people do in crypto, follow like sheep, no one here can't say they don't want to make a fast buck on the first release of coin, or try and hype it, or else no one would be buying multiples of the coin that has just been released, greed is alive and well in all quarters, not just in crypto. Live and let live, all investments can drop like a stone and sink without a trace, crypto is just at lightning pace, both up and down
  2. I believe payment goes through another party at time of payment, this could be converted in FIAT within seconds, but thats just my theory, you'd have to ask dealers or online merchants how it all works
  3. shortstack68

    1887 Victoria Double Florin - Proof or Not

    Most proofs will have thick rims compared to currency coins of the same denomination, proof like comes from being early struck from new dies. Here is my 1887 currency Florin but has proof like qualities, at a guess i'd also say yours isn't a proof, also not sure what is meant by "frozen queen" perhaps you mean frosted queen?
  4. You could maybe ask @BackyardBullion to do another interview with these guys as they seem to take BTC along with quite a few more European dealers. I've never heard of bullion dealers taking payment in bubbles or Tulips, so they obviously know something you don't
  5. I’m not talking about stealing, although it can amount to that if the crisis of 2008 were to happen again. Brussels has already said that banks won’t be liable to pay your money back should they go pear shaped, that’s the reason people are stacking metals and the reason people buy crypto so that exchanges in payment doesn’t have to go through a middle man (aka a Bank) it can go direct to the seller/buyer without the bank getting involved.
  6. Lol........Isn't it always doom and gloom when people don't understand something
  7. I also remember @mr-dead i think it was bought 9x 1000g bars with profit from crypto, if i remember correctly most of us were drooling at what we saw, not sure though i heard anyone mention tax at this point The attached chart is a portfolio that was started with 7k........Paying a few quid tax on that free money with free money shouldn't be a worry
  8. If i were to make a large profit from digital currency then it would be in my interest to pay the tax on it. So for example, if i started with 1k and was up around 50k then i honestly wouldn't be worried about paying tax from what is already free money..........You pay your taxes on what you earn from your job and the pay tax on that at the bank, at the petrol pump, on your cigs and virtually everything you buy....... to quote John Cleese in a banker sketch:
  9. Incorrect, the transaction is a code, not a name, that is why it’s called a decentralised currency. Satoshi could have 1000 BTC but so do the Winkelvoss twins, they were the guys who sued Zuckenburg for stealing their Facebook idea and invested 11 million of that settlement into BTC which is now worth 1 billion Lets also not forget that Bitcoin is now being traded in the mainstream as futures, so if anyone thinks it’s going to disappear shortly needs to read a little more. The CMOE has been trading in bitcoin since December
  10. Why shouldn’t banks give you your money back, aren’t banks supposed to protect your money? If I deposit 1k i’d expect 1k back unless we’re saying banks cannot be trusted to protect our hard earned money.
  11. The reason that bitcoin and others exist is to remain anonymous and also so the banks don't get to rip people off like they did do in 2008. Cutting out the banks is a poke in the eye to their Ponzi schemes. If you remember about 2 months ago, a Brussels directive stated that banks don't have to give you any money back should the terrible hit the fan, do they know something we don't? You buy metals to keep the banks hands off your money, no different in the digital world, except, the greater the risk, the greater the reward, just ask the owner of this forum which direction he's took Oh, and do please bear in mind how many banks the Rothchilds own, including the BoE, tell me thats not a Ponzi scheme, i think the last i heard it was around 120 banks worldwide
  12. shortstack68

    Heritage Auctions - Bidding from the UK?

    Heritage ship worldwide, at your cost of course, don't forget the import fees, i believe they use UPS. A $4000 coin cost me an extra €220 in import duty
  13. shortstack68

    My Chards Experience

    My post was about a given grade and not customer service, my opinion is that it was misleading for the buyer but Lizzie is sorting the buyer’ problem, so that to me is good customer service and maybe a learning curve that Chards May take on board in their descriptive texts
  14. shortstack68

    My Chards Experience

    @ChardLizzie in fairness to the OP if a coin states UNC (Uncirculated) then that's what i'd be looking for as a coin collector, collectors do go by grade, but you have stated the "finish" is UNC which i don't really get either, UNC would be a grade of a coin and not the type of finish, for example, a Matt coin would be the finish and not the grade, Matt proof isn't a grade either, just the type of strike, a Matt proof with a UNC grade is what collectors would be looking at So in essence, where it states "finish UNC" on your website looks a little misleading for a coin collector but not a bullion buyer, maybe just stating it's bullion would just be easier