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  1. Thanks for the stats, it's always nice to see "specific" numbers, etc...
  2. 1893 $10 Gold Liberty BU, although I'd say AU due to the dings.. Good price overall...
  3. If the 5oz bar is easy to come by then sell it, especially if it doesn't have a sentimental value...
  4. 1915 Sovereign BU, beautiful coin! Sovereigns are growing on me like the $5 Liberty's...
  5. 2018 Silver Swan (5) 2012 1/10oz Gold Eagle 1886-S $5 Gold Liberty BU Mail man was busy today
  6. Yup that's the cash price when I purchased, credit card or PayPal was $37.×× Turns out I was right with the price jump!
  7. Picked up 5 at $37 each via PayPal... This price is already $17 above the original price offering for the 2017 Swan... And the silver spot price is very similar... Wait and see.. I still couldn't pass this up as last year the priced jumped 3x the original price within the first 12 hours. It's a gamble none the less...
  8. 2018 Silver Swan PF70 & PF69 with Early Release designation and Flag label. (Also for sale)
  9. Just checked NGC Population report, only 158 PF70 and only 1 PF69... I have to laugh as I believe I'm the only PF69 at the moment. Lol But at least I have 2 PF70's...
  10. 1959 20 Peso restrike back from NGC, this coin is a beauty! Very happy with MS67! 1915 British Sovereign in nice condition as well, if say MS61-62 range... 2018 1/4oz Queens Beast Unicorn MS69 from NGC. Will get listed tonight on ebay...
  11. 2018 Silver Swan Proof coming back from NGC, 1 in PF69 and 2 in PF70! NGC has been good this round.