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  1. Ojay45

    This MUST be a scam right?

    feedback has been added and they are happy with what they got it seems 😁
  2. Ojay45

    1874 Sovereign St George

    Thanks for your input sovtracker I try post a few more pictures soon,yeah the mintage is what I though made it stand out and why I though I ask about this coin and that it does not look bad and is quite clean I haven’t been collecting for long and still have a lot to learn. I couldn’t find if many have been graded myself thanks for that info if the next few Pictures I post seem alright I will go for it I think.
  3. Ojay45

    1874 Sovereign St George

    Thanks for that info sovsaver and yeah is my fav coin so far, next on my list is a shield then maybe back to silver for a bit 😆 yeah from what I found on the coin was low mintage and can be hard to find but like you say don’t seem to cost as much as you would think that shield you have most be a pretty coin, Thanks for your gradeing Steve I know most st georges would not be worth gradeing unless unc like you say.I will just hold on to it for now and see in the future if to grade or not thanks guys 👍
  4. Ojay45

    1874 Sovereign St George

    Is this coin worth being graded ? I think the condition is pretty decent and I did say would try get a few better pics just wondered what a pro though about it or is it just a bullion coin ?😄
  5. Ojay45

    Today I Received

    Yeah to get them that clear has taken a long time 😄,I will buy a lens to go on my phone and take a few more when I can.
  6. Ojay45

    Today I Received

    Got my first Melbourne young sovereign the other week are these sort of coins worth getting graded ?
  7. Ojay45

    Silver Hammered coins

    Very nice penny with great history to it, I may have to buy a decent one when have some spare money 😄
  8. Ojay45

    Silver Hammered coins

    Thanks for the info and I pass them down the line,seems a bargain for the history the coins are. Thats no problem cacc it has been interesting and reading on this site can learn so much on one Sunday, you and me both 😄
  9. Ojay45

    Silver Hammered coins

    Yeah thanks for the info,was quite surprise if from Germany,well I think the eBay listing was metal detector find and payed pretty much scrap didn’t think would be worth much in the state there in was about 10 grams i brought but I did lose one or two half’s.
  10. Ojay45

    Silver Hammered coins

    Hello years ago I got these on eBay and refound them and didn’t know if was just scrap or any decent I had a few others but are a lot worst didn’t pay much for them at the time.
  11. Ojay45

    Sovereign 1888

    Thanks for the quick replys and now know, looked them up a bit more now and is interesting to hear about there being a few types.
  12. Ojay45

    Sovereign 1888

    Hello I was looking on eBay sold and see these two recently sell for over 600 and wonder why? https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/SCARCE-1888-Gold-Sovereign-Queen-Victoria-EF/152811999261?_trksid=p2504926.m5232.l9681#vi__app-cvip-panel https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Full-Gold-Sovereign-1888-London-Scarce-Jubilee-Head/182888864564?_trksid=p2504926.m5232.l9681#vi__app-cvip-panel
  13. Ojay45

    Today I Received

    Got this a few weeks back 1874 sovereign my fav so far 😁
  14. Ojay45

    Today I Received

    My gold collection so far, was collecting silver but starting to change to gold.
  15. Ojay45

    2017 Niue Athenia Owl 1oz Silver $2 Stackable Coin

    Got a tube of theses just a stacking coin like most silver coins about 4 have marks out of the 20 wouldn't pay much of a premium on any silver coin with the risk of them spotting the mints gotta sort it out