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  1. Got this sovereign box today from @Alun, love it and need another 39 sovereigns to fill it 😄
  2. Yeah I don’t mean to get it repair, from what I’ve read the parts of machine worn down and break off and can make the coins crack, but I’ve only collected sovereigns for about two years and wasn’t sure if this one just worth scrap or maybe a bit more I did email ngc and showed a picture and emailed backed saying for it to be a error they have to see it but wasn’t sure if it’s worth the money to send as wouldn’t know if it add value if graded why asked here 😄
  3. I have a 1979 sovereign with a crack through the number 9, would this be worth sending in to be graded ?
  4. Ojay45

    Being stung on eBay

    Yeah I didn’t realise get a back charged, yeah the last message he send said ps our feedback are the same and asked for aother coin with tracked so I’m protected lol just gunna have to take the hit like you say then I can respond to feedback was hopeing PayPal would of gotten back to me but looks doubtful before i refund and if it turns out he’s done this quite a lot do anyone think PayPal would refund me or very doubtful as I just refund it tonight
  5. Ojay45

    Being stung on eBay

    Yeah I put in jiffy padded envelope and there’s red tape that runs under the seal so I sellertape the sides, he saids it was sealed still so like I haven’t put anything in there or it being riped out in the machine it seems he won’t belive it could of been resealed or taken out He wanted me to send him aother coin but I’m just waiting for eBay to get back to me so know he ain’t done it to every Tom dick and Harry to Get free coins and give a refund makes me laugh he’s said send other one tracked so your covered lol
  6. Ojay45

    Being stung on eBay

    Yeah never knew that metal is not covered thanks for the info byb and that’s lucky to have all 3 come up and for them to say about it aswell, just gets me the fact that makes me look a fool sending a empty package and for him not to even say it may of been open or any trust in there must of been a coin in there even if someone stolen it.i said I was sorry it’s gone missing and never had this problem and he’s reply this what you think like blackmail: Ok will you replace the coin recorded delivery so you are protected then please confirm and I will give good feedback and cancell the case with PayPal and eBay. P.s look at my feedback you will find it is like yours.
  7. Ojay45

    Being stung on eBay

    It’s worrying to hear that even sending first class signed that they only gave you first class stamps, I’ve emailed PayPal and see what they say when they get back to me, just bad how people can get away with this.
  8. Ojay45

    Being stung on eBay

    Some good tips sixgun and if ever did sell again would have to video like your saying as these crooks will try anything to get free coins I just hope like fiveshot said he’s try it with other people on eBay in the past and PayPal see I’m not at fault. Yeah fiveshot would never think of doing that again 😅
  9. Ojay45

    Being stung on eBay

    thanks for the fast reply’s,I will dispute it through PayPal and EBay is not worth it really, i rather store in coins and etc then have money as not so good with it so when I’m in need I just sell if have to and some stuff lose money on and now get robbed 😅 keep you all up to date he said he’s getting on to eBay Royal Mail and PayPal. And when I said go through eBay meaning like a refund he said your not offering to send other coin or refund me like he wanted it there and then or coin send out,All I did fiveshotdan was put large first class on them and send from a post box in Tescos I send 7 packages that day and know all had items in. My fault to not send tracked I send a sov the other month first class never do that again. And very doubt I sell on eBay unless tracked but even then Id have to really need money to do it.
  10. Ojay45

    Being stung on eBay

    It was send first class large, he seems very adamit that it wasn’t tempted with and it was sealed the packages I use can be tear with a red tape that runs under the seal which I sellertape both sides so only real way to open is to tear it open.
  11. Hello people ain’t been on for awhile been quite busy, I’ve sold a few coins through eBay and today someone has emailed saying if I had send there coin out which I had on the 6th and basically saying they got a package which was empty and after sending picture know it was what I send and now he wants a refund or a other coin which All my items have arrived and 100% feedback after talking he saids it was in a plastic bag with a leaflet from the Royal Mail looks like a survey, and I’ve told him just to go through eBay to refund it as he seems very sure I’ve send him a empty package and it haven’t been tempted and hasn’t been open with which I know 100% I send a silver kurrgerand from a quick google ive seen a few forums saying people try it on and say it was empty hopeing to get refunded or aother coin or item anyone had this before ?
  12. Yeah I do wonder what will happen if anything at all 😄 I like to buy silver crowns aswell sometimes can get them pretty much scrap on eBay and they don’t spot but most at worn at scrap prices which I don’t mind, had a few decent deals but can sell fast the scrap stuff and I guess is a risk of fakes but I’m sure I haven’t had one yet I hope,yeah that’s a real good deal from a pawn shop, I use goldsilver.be got a order the other day which was all good just got some kruggerrands and was all nice, but some people use them and had problems which you probably know from reading on the forum.
  13. Hi I have brought 4 silver 1oz britiannias from hgm in the past they wasn’t scratched but each one was milked but what can you expect with silver can milk anytime even years later, but might be best to try mints that meant to not be as milky as others 😃 have you looked at the European coin shops as they charge a lot less then then coin shops here as little vat ordering them.
  14. Hey mate thanks for the reply more I looked at it the more it looks to me like the part of the middle of the T has melted to the top of the T somehow 😄
  15. Been looking over my sovereigns and I have two that are the same date I notice one the Ts seems a bit upped to the other one in the Victoria lettering and kinda flatter. Just a st George 1871